• October 1, 2022

The best bombs in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Recipes for crafting

You can significantly increase your efficiency in battle and add cool special effects using bombs. Especially for you, we have made a short overview of the three best bombs available in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Instructions for creating them are also provided.

Top 3 best bombs in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

If you do not take into account the training copies, as well as the exclusive pheromone on consoles, which cannot even be thrown, then the Gerald in the 3rd part of The Witcher has 8 bombs available. Of course, each of them has its own characteristics and advantages, as well as specific purposes of application. In previous articles, we looked at 10 of the most underrated items in the game and 10 imbalanced things that can make Geralt invincible. We will consider top three, which provide an overall beneficial effect that is superior to other types.

Dragon dream

Dragon dream

Perhaps this is one of the best solutions for dealing with enemies vulnerable to fire. However, for effective use Dream dragon will have to show increased dexterity. Undermining is carried out in two stages:

  1. Throwing and waiting for the displacement of internal gases.
  2. Arson using the Igni sign or other means.

In this case, the player himself manages to leave the affected area.

If you do not move a sufficient distance, receiving 300-400 damage is inevitable.

At an excellent level, this bomb is a real beast when used properly. Fire damage can set the target on fire, and all who die from Dream dragon additionally explode, hitting nearby enemies. Kits for crafting bombs of each level are presented in the table.

Regular Saltpeter x1, Phosphorus x2
Improved Phosphorus x1, Allspice Root x1, Mistletoe x1, Step x1, Black Powder x1, Optima mater x1, Normal Dragon’s Dream x1
Excellent Phosphorus x2, Allspice Root x 2, Step x2, Alchemist Powder x1, Optima mater x2, Ether x1, Enhanced Dragon’s Dream x1

Dancing Star

Dancing Star

Another effective way to set enemies on fire. Along with less damaging power, relatively excellent Dream dragon this bomb does not require remote activation. Incendiaries are normal and improved versions.

The perfect Dancing Star ignites the entire blast radius, dealing 300 damage.

Combination with gases from Dream dragon can become deadly and at the same time bewitching the eyes of a novice pyromaniac. Recipes for each version Of the dancing star are given in the table.

Regular Dancing Star Saltpeter x1, Sulfur x2
Improved Dancing Star Sulfur x1, Shibal Mushrooms x1, Hellebore Petals x1, Nostrix x1, Black Powder x1, Phosphorus x1, Common Dancing Star x1
Excellent Dancing Star Sulfur x2, Shibal Mushrooms x2, Alchemist Powder x1, Nostrix x2, Phosphorus x2, Nigredo x1, Upgraded Dancing Star x1



With such an unremarkable name, this bomb comes first, as its damage is universal – a combination of physical and silver.

From the basic to the master version, it grows from 350 to 900 units.

Perhaps this is the perfect option to smash a nest of monsters to pieces. For long fights Buckshot not entirely suitable, tk. in the quick access slot, the Herald can only have two of these bombs. The recipes for each version are presented in the table.

Regular Buckshot Calcium equum x2, Saltpeter x2
Improved Buckshot Immeasurable x1, Raven Eye x1, Dandelion x1, Calcium equum x1, Black Powder x1, Normal Buck x1
Excellent Buckshot Sulfur x2, Bezmer x2, Alchemy Gunpowder x1, Calcium equum x2, Hop Cones x2, Nigredo x1, Upgraded Canister x1

Calcium equum the game also has a second name – “Horse Lime”. You can get information about this ingredient from the following books:

  • Small encyclopedia of minerals
  • Great encyclopedia of minerals


Bombs are a great help in serious battles, as well as an element of the Witcher’s weaponry, ideal for starting a battle. Their damage is not high enough compared to the main weapon, depending on the characteristics of the Herald himself, but the fireworks and other visual effects of the explosion are simply unforgettable.

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