• November 29, 2023

The best branch of tanks for pumping in August in WoT

The most relevant and interesting in terms of gameplay and performance characteristics. Choosing the best branch to roll out this month.

action into battle in August

Greetings, tankers! Welcome to the Wotpack and an overview of the Fight! As always, we will take a look at three promotional branches, their main advantages and disadvantages. This month the winner in the forum voting among light tanks:

And two more branches were chosen by the developers:

  • Soviet TT with ST-II;
  • Japanese ST with STB-1.

Third place

At the moment, American light tanks are not very relevant among classmates. Large dimensions make it an easy target in case of active illumination and do not allow using maximum concealment with passive + initially poor stealth coefficient.XM551 Sheridan

Therefore, in terms of the effectiveness of intelligence, they are inferior to the French and Soviet LT. The advantages are:

  • good armor penetration at level 10 + funky T49 on land mines (but it’s better to pass it with a stock gun);
  • comfortable UVN;
  • high viewing radius.

Also, under this branch, you can get a premium T92 LT tank for free if you complete the referral program. And this year, as a reward, the veterans will be given a level 6 LT М24Е2 Super Chaffee, so now you can train a crew for it (note that there are 5 tankers, and Sheridan has 4).

Second place

The new branch of double-barreled guns received an interesting premium tank Object 703-II, a good pumpable “eight” IS-2-II, a very imbue IS-3-II at level 9, if you roll it on gold and is completely irrelevant in the current random ST-II.

The top branch just came out, but it already feels morally outdated and tangible disadvantages:

  • vulnerable areas in the frontal projection (mechanical drive hatch, large kombuchenka, NLD can even break through 8 levels);
  • weak dynamics and poor maneuverability, anyone can spin it + easily focus the art.
  • low turret traverse speed, on the one hand, provides good stabilization, but again, it is too vulnerable 1 on 1 if it is overgrown and bypassed;
  • special projectile – cumulative with low armor penetration (while the previous vehicles had a sabot).

The main feature of the branch in paired guns, which allow you to give a doublet a lot of damage and are a bit like a reloading system, which gives an advantage over drum tanks. The branch is interesting, I recommend trying at least the IS-2-II, and if you like it, then pump out the “nine”. In addition, discounts and BZ are partially distributed for tanks in the IS-4 branch, which after the up is played more pleasantly.

First place

Japanese samurai are now a tidbit not only for extras, but also for ordinary players. After the up last year, the branch has changed significantly, and STB-1 literally imbues in even hands:

  • high rate of fire, fast aiming and the greatest damage per minute, allow not to lower tanks from the rink without fully pumped repair;
  • excellent dynamics and maneuverability contribute to the occupation of key positions;
  • equipped hydropneumatic suspension, which significantly improves the air pressure, which allows you to effectively play from the terrain + ricochet shape of the tower and good visibility.


Considering that the branch was recently rebalanced, no one will nerf it anymore and you can safely download it. It is to the Japanese STs that I recommend now to take a closer look, especially you can simplify pumping by pouring 22,000 experience (if you have not yet met the conditions for DR Wargaming).

And don’t forget that on August 4, patch 1.10 will be released, which will add a new branch of Polish medium tanks to the game. You can read a review of it on our website.

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