• September 29, 2022

The best games with a winter atmosphere [топ-10]

Top 10 games with a winter atmosphere

Fans of snow and cold may not go out in the cold, just turn on the game with a real winter atmosphere, penetrating the player to the very bones. This collection contains the best games with the atmosphere of a real winter, which in some places will enchant, in other places make you do everything possible for the sake of survival, and sometimes freeze to the very bones.

In addition to the winter atmosphere, all the games on the list have interesting gameplay and an exciting storyline.

Monster Hunter World: Iceborn

A massive addition to the popular Monster Hunter: World game about monster hunters who exterminate monsters to protect people.

Monster Hunter World Iceborn

According to the story, a flock of wyverns suddenly flew away polar continent, obeying a mysterious call. A team of explorers follows them and swims to the snowy lands where eternal winter. Awakened here ancient evil, and the Hunters have to fight a powerful enemy.

The add-on opens up a new snow-covered location of enormous proportions, available for free exploration. Added many new monsters living in the polar climate. The constant cold affects the main character, forcing him to periodically walk on the hot springsto restore stamina before the fight. Eternal snowfall creates a feeling of real winter, and enemies are hiding in every snowdrift, preparing to attack the player.

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds

Addition to the game in the genre of RPG about the post-apocalyptic world and the young hunter Aloy, fighting against mechanical monsters.

Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds

The plot begins in the distant future after a global catastrophe. On the territory of America, the surviving people live in tribes and get food by hunting and gathering. Eloy – A young girl expelled from her tribe. Under the guidance of her mentor Rasta, she becomes a skilled hunter and embarks on a long journey to discover the secret of her origin.

The vast open world is inhabited by warring tribes and mechanical beasts hostile to humans. The add-on provides access to large snowy locationwhere winter weather prevails. New storyline will reveal secrets mysterious Silence, an important character in the original game. The icy lands will show new monsters living in the eternal snows in the deadly frost.

Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla

Continuation of the popular Assassin’s Creed series of games about the confrontation between the ancient society of the Assassins and the Knights Templar.Assassin's Creed: Valhalla

The plot takes place in 873 on the territory of Ancient Scandinavia. Severe Viking Eivor leads his tribe and captures new lands, fighting against other Vikings and English rulers. Helping the Invisibles fight the ancient Order, he will visit other worlds and end up in Valhalla itself.

In the game, huge locations of the ancient Scandinaviawhere cold and snowy winters always reign. The Vikings not only roam the snow-capped mountains, but also cross the icy seas, fight the British and even visit the shores North America.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Continuation of the series of games about Lara Croft – a brave researcher of ancient burials, traveling around the world.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

According to the plot, the main character goes to Siberia looking for the mythical city of Kitezh. According to legend, it contains the secret of immortality and healing of any wounds, which Lara needs to heal her dying friend. Together with her faithful partner Mayava, she will fight wild animals and the mysterious Order of Trinity, also looking for the secrets of eternal youth.

The gameplay takes place on the territory of snowy Siberia. The graphics perfectly convey the winter atmosphere, and snow blizzards can quickly kill Lara from hypothermia. The main enemy in the game is cold, much more dangerous than polar bears and secret agents. It is necessary to monitor the condition of Lara’s clothes, which get wet from the water and make her vulnerable to the piercing frost.

The Banner Saga Trilogy

A role-playing game about Vikings and giants traversing the snowy expanses of Ancient Scandinavia together.

The Banner Saga Trilogy

The plot takes place in a fantasy world where the Scandinavian lands were captured by dredges – cruel monsters in magical armor. Vikings and varl giants band together to survive and protect themselves from the dredges. Two caravans led by brave heroes go on a long journey through Scandinavia, trying to find a safe place to live.

Cartoon graphics are combined with the brutality of the gameplay, when ordinary people begin to die of hunger and cold right on the campaign. Snowstorms and strong snowstorms can destroy all the inhabitants in the camp, and sudden dredge attacks finally finish off the detachments of heroes.

You need to constantly extract resources and provide yourself with food in order to complete the storyline and save your people from extinction.

Metro: Exodus

Continuation of the well-known Metro 2033 series of games about survival in the Moscow metro after a global nuclear war.

Metro: Exodus

The plot starts at 2035 after the successful resolution of the crisis with the Blacks. Artem with his wife Anna and a group of comrades sets off on a long journey through ruined Russia in search of a safe place to live. The main characters will visit post-apocalyptic Novosibirsk, meet the terrible inhabitants of the taiga and see Lake Baikal.

The action of the third game is transferred from the Moscow metro to the surface in other regions of Russia. The player will visit large snow-covered locations, feel nuclear winter atmosphere and meet new monsters altered by radiation.


A strategy about a tribe of brave Vikings from Ancient Scandinavia, who discovered a new continent, Northgard.


According to the story, the ruler of the Vikings was killed by the insidious mercenary Hagen. Rig’s heir sets off to explore the newly discovered lands of Northgard, teeming with valuable resources and magical beasts. Together with his assistant Brand, he is preparing to conquer new territories for himself and avenge the death of his father.

The action takes place in the snowy lands of Norway, where it always snows. The player will have to build and develop a settlement in the middle of a winter forest, train soldiers and fight enemies. You can get support Scandinavian gods and magical skills related to frost and winter. Snowstorms lead to food shortages, forcing the Vikings to fight for survival.

Dead Redemption 2

A popular western-style game from Rockstar that tells about the adventures of the bandit Arthur Morgan and his comrades.Dead Redemption 2

The story takes place in the late 19th century in the United States. Main character – Arthur Morganin a gang of violent criminals. After a conflict with the federal authorities, they hide in the American outback, fleeing from assassins.

The player has access to a large open world for free exploration, populated by hundreds of NPCs. Snow-covered expanses of winter America convey the special atmosphere of the past era and society of the XIX century. You can wander around the locations, communicate with NPCs and take side quests.


The most popular RPG game of the last decade about the adventures of Dovahkiin in the fairy-tale world of Tamriel.skyrim winter

The plot starts at Imperial Province of Skyrim – a huge snowy location. The great dragon Alduin awakens from his long sleep and regains his strength to destroy the world. Opposes him Dovakin – A powerful hero capable of using Dragon Shouts. He will have to gain incredible strength, fight against the strongest enemies and decide the fate of the entire continent.

The action takes place in a giant location an area of ​​37 square kilometers. Winter weather always reigns over a vast territory, and eternal snow falls in the mountains. The player is free to explore the large open world, upgrade their character and enjoy the magnificent scenery of Skyrim. Mods are released regularly to improve the graphics of the game and add new content.

Especially worth trying out the mod Frostfall, which uses a sophisticated system to keep track of your location, weather, time of day, what clothes you’re wearing, and more to make Skyrim a true survival test.

The Long Dark

A first-person survival simulator with a large open world for free exploration and resource hunting.The Long Dark winter

According to the plot, the main character is in the wild on the deserted coast of Canada after the plane crash. Around only impenetrable forests, permafrost and severe frosts, penetrating to the very bones. The player will have to extract resources for survival, look for insulated shelters and fight off wild animals.

The action takes place in a snowy part of Canada, where endless winter. There are no monsters or other people here, only wild nature and deadly cold. At night, snowstorms occur that can quickly kill the player from hypothermia. In the process of exploring the area, you need to monitor the condition of clothing that deteriorates from dirt and injuries.

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