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the best global mods with a new storyline☢️

It’s time to select several global STALKER modifications and go through them in anticipation of the second part of the game.

STALKER 10 best mods with a new story

Three parts of the iconic STALKER were released from 2007 to 2009. File structure and game code allow the possibility of active modding, which is what the gaming community is doing. For more than 12 years since the release of the last game in the series, many worthy mods have been created that partially or completely replace the plot and gameplay, adding new mechanics to the gameplay. Further in the article is presented 10 best projects with a new storyline for different versions of STALKER

Lost alpha


This is a unique project developed from 2014 to 2018. Added to the game during this time:

  • 28 unique locations;
  • completely changed plot and gameplay;
  • full-fledged free-to-play after completing quest lines and much more.

The content and technical component includes developments not only from Shadows of Chernobyl, but also from the next two parts of the series.

The realism of what is happening will allow you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the Zone, getting to know its inhabitants.

Despite the fact that several initial locations and actions completely coincide with the original PM, very soon you will meet new characters and quests. Moreover, each of the sections of the Zone needs examine as closely as possiblesince the next NPC can stand in a completely unexpected place.



This story opens up to the players Zone “before the beginning of time”… The pioneers of the territories beyond the Chernobyl thorn are just beginning the path to their own glory or death. On the way to the fourth power unit and Pripyat there are still no established principles and rules.

The player in the role of a photographer-reporter will go to 15 unique locations, where he will meet characters familiar from the original plot, but in the role of the same newcomers to the Zone explorers. The basis of the storyline will be report creation, for the sake of which the Photographer went to the Zone.

Mod features:

  • the original functionality for the series of photographing landscapes, objects and phenomena of the Zone;
  • sequential opening of locations;
  • expanded database of side quests;
  • extensive audio content;
  • various gameplay innovations like the filled-in base of mutants in the PDA (the names familiar to the universe will be given by the Photographer himself);
  • new scripts, etc.

Path in the Haze (Spectrum Project)

The path in the haze STALKER

In this mod, the player will take on the role of the stalker Sawan, who, with his already experienced comrade Borland, will penetrate the Cordon to explore the Zone. The path familiar to many newcomers will be interrupted when the comrade is captured by the military, and the mysterious Spectrum research group stands in the way of the protagonist. The player will have to learn the Zone from scratch and prevent the “terrible” that new enemies want to do.

New story is not that greatas the plot of F.O.T.O.G.R.A.F, but at the same time it has its own unique features:

  • a completely new storyline;
  • original animations and models;
  • new locations and reworked old ones;
  • the main enemy is the Spectrum group.

In fact, this is a small story in the world of the Zone, which every lover of the STALKER series should get to know

Secret paths 2

STALKER Secret Trails 2

The project presents players with an alternative history of the Shooter, who before the events of the second part of “Clear Sky” will look for his brother – the Captain. The first NPC will be the mysterious Forester, who will actually become the savior and guide of the protagonist to the Zone.

Despite the fact that on the way the player will meet the quests familiar to the original version, the story is perceived with maximum interest. A unique feature of the game are numerous puzzles and secrets, having found which you can feel as comfortable as possible during the long trips around the Zone.

Among the innovations of the game:

  • radically changed menu, game skin and other graphic part;
  • new characters and monsters;
  • three ending options;
  • unique locations;
  • changed location of familiar quest items, etc.

OGSR mod


If we compare this modification with Secret Trails 2, then here they began to move away from the main plot along a parallel path, cutting down the usual quests and expanding their base due to their own unique tasks.

With a huge plot, this project has:

  • full-fledged 64-bit engine;
  • optimization of gameplay features and graphics;
  • a huge set of unique quests;
  • redesigned monsters and anomalies.

The wind of time

STALKER Wind of Change

The developers of this mod, despite the fantastic plot of the original game, hit time travel history… In 2048, thanks to the development of a time machine, the stalker was sent to Chernobyl in 2014, when a powerful release occurred, which caused the Zone to absorb even larger territories.

In fact, on the basis of the Shadows of Chernobyl was created a story that continues the original trilogy… In addition to the new plot, it is characterized by the following features:

  • the gameplay features of the original Shadows of Chernobyl have returned to the gameplay;
  • the atmosphere of the Zone is filled with horror and mysticism;
  • special soundtrack for everything that happens near Chernobyl.

Valley of rustles

STALKER Valley of rustles

The main events of this plot are associated with the location of the same name – Valley of the Shorokhov… The main character Max will have to go here in search of the missing squad of stalkers, whom the Chernobyl merchant sent for the Heart of Oasis artifact. Along the way, you can meet other unique locations, anomalies, monsters, quests and characters. All that has to be done for the benefit of a single goal is the disclosure of the secrets of the Valley of the Rustles.

Spatial anomaly

STALKER Spatial anomaly

Another unique story about the adventures of a mercenary named the Beast. The stalker, who fell under the ejection, not of his own free will ended up in an anomalous formation outside the usual Zone. On his way will meet other prisoners of this “rabbit hole”. The beast will have to help everyone, and then find a way out, unraveling the secrets of the anomaly.

Key features of the Spatial Anomaly:

  • a unique plot that does not intersect in any way with the usual Call of Pripyat;
  • new locations, characters, groups;
  • own diary of the main character, etc.



This project expands the gameplay globally by adding multiple storylines… You can freely explore level after level or go through numerous tasks, revealing the secrets of the Zone. Within the framework of new separate story branches, the main character will:

  • find a legend stalker who returned to the Zone;
  • fight a sinister group that wants to take control of the Zone;
  • conduct unique research on the anomalies of the Zone, etc.

Also, the game has unique graphic components, its own disguise system, special mechanics of interaction with NPCs and many other innovations.

Oblivion Lost Remake

STALKER Oblivion Lost Remake

These are the Shadows of Chernobyl in the form from which the fans of the Zone will reduce old school. The game was created according to the developers’ notes from 2002-2003… In fact, all the mechanics and gameplay features are built into the gameplay, which, for one reason or another, were abandoned by the time the full version of the first STALKER was released.

Among the unique features of the current version of the mod:

  • classic build locations;
  • restoration of all cut content elements;
  • custom protagonist;
  • four endings;
  • the ability to upgrade weapons;
  • communication through PDA;
  • transport management;
  • high-quality global map, etc.

This is just a small part of the projects developed by ordinary players and people who are not indifferent to the STALKER universe. subscribe to the channel pending the next part and leave the names of your favorite modifications in the comments.

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