• October 1, 2022

The best house ideas in Minecraft

Running out of fantasy for building a shelter in Minecraft? Then look at the suggested examples in our article and, perhaps, they will help you create your dream home. However, for this it is worth allocating a little free time, game resources and a drop of love, because building a cozy lair for yourself in Minecraft is not an easy task.

Top 8 Cool Homes in Minecraft: Best Ideas for Your Next Build

While the game is time-consuming to construct buildings, nothing beats the feeling of looking out the window from your cozy hut or admiring the views from your own hilltop hideaway. Our Minecraft house ideas will save you the hassle of designing from scratch.

Regardless of whether you are a construction professional or are new to such a large-scale business, we have included in our top various types of buildings in Minecraft, including wooden huts, beach houses, country cottages and even medieval huts. Each building featured here comes with a handy video tutorial, which will help you understand all the subtleties of their creation.

Medieval house

Minecraft - medieval house

Medieval houses in Minecraft can be of various shapes and sizes. Perhaps you want a sturdy stone castle, with Gothic cobblestone elements, eerie fireplaces and a hidden den. Or you may be looking for a simple rustic oak dwelling surrounded by treetops or in a verdant rural retreat.

Our favorite was the combination of the castle’s grand stonework and the simple country house style. She convenient and easy to assemble, which means you will save time that can be spent, for example, on exploration or adventure.

Tree house

Minecraft - tree house

Such dwellings in Minecraft are definitely not for people suffering from dizziness, but a tree house is great way to hide from creepersthat go out at night. This will save time for constant repairs after colliding with them at the very doors of your shelter. In addition, a beautiful view of the surroundings opens from the top of a large tree.

You there are two options: Build your new home on top of a growing tree or build everything from scratch. The correct location and the layout of the base itself are important for survival in Minecraft. We decided that a quiet, foliage dwelling decorated with rose bushes with a graceful trap door was a great place to start. Only don’t forget about the stairsotherwise you cannot go home.

Wooden house

Minecraft - wooden house

Your wooden house can be anything, you are limited only by the frames of your imagination. In Minecraft it will be possible to do and luxury mansion with wood paneling, and cozy log cabinlocated on the outskirts of the village. Let your imagination run wild while you have the resources.

The wooden structure is extremely versatile, its easy to assemble and can be created according to any design plan. If you later want to expand the house to make more rooms, this is also pretty easy to do. Plus, this cute wooden hut has a veranda where you can relax and unwind before heading out on your adventure.

Modern house

Minecraft - modern house

If a village cloister isn’t your style, there are tons of designs available modern houses in Minecraft. The materials required for this are a little more difficult to find. For the perfect style, you will have to collect stone, slabs and clay, from which you can make a fashionable apartment with large glass windows and a balcony.

Thus, for the planning and construction of modern houses it takes more time, so you will need to devote yourself completely to this business and prepare everything in advance. For example, we love the modern building design shown in the video, with floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows and a stunning hedge garden, winding lake or private pool.

Beach house

Minecraft - Beach House

Perhaps your first spawn point is somewhere near the coast and you need something more appropriate for the area. Whether you’re fancying a beach house as a shabby hut by a small pond, or a quiet three-story mansion with a swimming pool, everything can be done in Minecraft.

Our choice is modest, easy to build villa. It cleverly uses trap doors as decorations, but requires quite a few quartz blocks to craft them. There is small pool, in which you can swim at the end of the day after a hard adventure.

Japanese House

Minecraft - Japanese house

If you are looking for a tranquil home created with vibrant and traditional colors, take a look at Japanese House in Minecraft. It is made of cobblestone, acacia wood blocks and sandstone. You can plant flowering plants around and decorate the area with pink wool.

If you have the materials on hand, you can build such a house in no time. When you’re done with him, try to create a garden with ornate bridges over a pond filled with fish (you can bring them in a bucket).


Minecraft - villa

If you want to relax by the pool with a cool drink in hand, you will need own villa in Minecraft, and luckily with this video tutorial it only takes about 45 minutes to build.

The design of such a house is not the most difficult, but you can fill it with decorative elements to your taste and add uniqueness to it. In addition, supplement the structure of any of the farms proposed in our other article, you get your own rustic villa

Suburban house

Minecraft - suburban house

If you are looking for something simple and practical, then this country house you might like it. It has all the typical elements: two floors, a garage, an entrance. A cozy nest for the true adventurer who loves to return home.

Despite all its modesty, it is still a beautiful structure of concrete, stone and quartz. You can also make the rooms a little larger, but keep in mind that you have to adjust the scale and everything else to make them look nice and cozy.

House drawings in Minecraft

If you want to create any other home from scratch, then blueprints Minecraft buildings will help with this. There are many diagrams available on the Internet that will guide you step by step from A to Z in the construction of any home, as well as show all the materials necessary for this.

We hope that our proposed Minecraft house ideas will be a good start for those looking for inspiration for their hideout.

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