• September 24, 2023

The best revenge games [Топ-5]

These titles are literally created to awaken feelings in the player, or rather the desire for revenge, which the charismatic main characters can literally “infect” if they are imbued with their fate.

Top 5 sweet revenge games that won't leave anyone indifferent

When making a storyline for a game, developers are always trying to create a player’s attachment to the character. The heroes of this article are not just dummies, but characters with their own problems, motives and deep history. Each play image has its own motivation: some have a thirst for profit, some have a thirst for power, but the most effective way to induce action is the desire for revenge… This is especially effective in cases where the villains decided to put their hand on the most sacred – family and friends. We present to your attention a selection of five games in which the main character went along the path “An eye for an eye a tooth for a tooth”to punish offenders.

We have tried to present information about the games as delicately as possible, avoiding serious spoilers. But the topic of the article forces you to open part of the plot.

Max payne

Max payne

Throughout his life, a person pays his debt to the country, bravely protecting it and ensuring the peace of mind of citizens, and in return receives a very unpleasant gift from fate. Returning home from his difficult job, Max Payne discovers that his a tiny child and beloved wife fell victim to bandits under the influence of an unknown drug. Deciding to avenge his family, the policeman begins to conduct an investigation, digging deeper, but he did not even imagine the seriousness of what was happening.

Thinking that the roots of the problem lie in an ordinary gangster group, Payne tries to solve the crime, during which loses his partner, and the blame for the murder falls on Max himself… Now absolutely everyone turned against him: both former comrades in the department, and the Italian mafiosi, who sold all these substances. Fighting alone against the mafia, the state and corporations, Max intends to punish those responsible and restore justice.

God Of War Series

God of war

Kratos is a demigod who lives among the same as himself. The warrior is incredibly strong and brave, for which he was appointed a servant of Ares himself (the god of war). The demigod bravely carried out all the orders, following the orders of his master exactly until he was unnecessary.

The main character could not even think that the pious Olympic god would be able to act so meanly and betray his comrade.

First, Kratos was abandoned by Ares, substituting and tricking into killing his own family, and then, setting everything up so that it was Kratos who became guilty, obliged him to seek redemption from other gods, pleasing them. Having learned the truth, the Spartan warrior decided break the vicious circle by destroying Olympus and all its inhabitants… The demigod is on the warpath, punishing the greatest Gods who are guilty of the death of his family and betrayal.

Assasins creed 2

Assasins creed ii

The main character of Assasins Creed 2 was an ordinary young man of 17 years old Ezio Auditore, who in the future was destined to deliver an important message to his descendants and help fulfill the prophecy. Due to a dastardly conspiracy against his family, his father and brothers were executed for defamation, and his mother and sister became fugitives. From now on his personal vendetta begins, which will help him improve his assassin skills.

Ezio will stop at nothing until he takes revenge on the man who betrayed his father and learns the names of the main conspirators. The young assassin will have to conquer Florence, Venice, and Renaissance Rome, where fate will push him into confrontation for the possession of particles of Eden with the Pope himself (whose post was taken by one of the conspirators against his family).

The last of us 2


Throughout the first part, bravely defending his named daughter, Joel did not want anyone. All this, he believed, was done for the good, but this did not prevent the punishment from overtaking him. Saving Ellie, Joel killed the doctor Cicad, giving birth to Abby, the daughter of this very doctor, a thirst for revenge… And when fate brought Joel and Abby together, the latter, without a moment’s thought, severely punished her father’s killer. From this moment on, Ellie’s main goal is to restore justice, namely the death of the damned Abby.

Now the heroine is obsessed with this thought, and the girl’s life turns into an endless act of violence, which is later replaced by a cycle of forgiveness and mercy. During one of the last battles, when it seems that everything is a foregone conclusion, Abby took pity on Ellie and let her go, hoping that the girls would never meet again, but everything went differently. Many months later, when life began to calm down, the heroine still realized that can’t live without avenging his father… Ellie began her search again, guided by a desire for revenge.

Watch dogs

Watch dogs

Aiden Pearce, an excellent hacker and criminal, committing another crime, probably could not even imagine what it would all turn into: the people whom Pierce crossed were going to punish him, but, having made a mistake, they killed the little niece of the hacker. Irishman who decided to avenge an innocent child, takes a thorny path of investigation and murder, replenishing your dossier.

Trying to untangle digital networks and find the culprit, Aiden faces a huge number of serious people, each of whom is guilty in his own way. “Iraq” Wide, who wants to become the king of the streets, sees a threat in Aiden, Damien dreams of punishing Pierce for “leaving the game too early”, all this is closely intertwined, but in the end the main character finds the one who was the executor of the order. The mercenary, on whose hands the blood of a child, is now completely depends on the player’s choice: execute or pardon

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