• February 20, 2024

The best weapons in Apex Legends

Respawn’s Apex Legends game was recently launched, and it has already become one of the most watched and watched on Twitch and other streaming services. It is an F2P battle royale. Why did the game quickly become popular? It is well-developed and thought out, and also significantly differs from the same Fortnite and similar games. For these parameters, Apex Legends can deservedly be considered one of the best in its niche.

Now most players are just starting to get acquainted with the game, this entails frequent questions. The most popular ones are those related to equipment and weapons. This review touches on the topic of the best weapons. If there is a choice between several types of weapons, it is better to take those that are present in the overview below.

Best Apex Legends weapon

Important! The names of the weapons are still in English. In a localized game, the names may be different.

Assault rifles

3 best weapons:

  • Hemlok Burst AR – shoots a burst of 3 rounds and has a minimum recoil;
  • VK-47 Flatline – is characterized by high accuracy of aimed fire and stability of shooting. As soon as the opportunity presents itself, you need to take this rifle;
  • R-301 Carbine – a good cannon for shooting at medium and long distances.

Sniper rifles

2 top rifles:

  • G7 Scout Is a semi-automatic rifle that holds 6 ammunition in the magazine. Differs in high-quality optics and powerful enough;
  • Kraber .50-Cal – the most powerful weapon, one hit is enough to lay the opponent down. There are several types of installed optics.


You need to try to find:

  • Wingman – a revolver with a low rate of fire, but decent damage and firing accuracy;
  • Mozambique – a hybrid between a conventional pistol and a Winchester, releasing a mass of fragments. One of the most effective weapons at close range.


Having one of the following shotguns, significantly increases the likelihood of survival when colliding with an enemy near:

  • EVA-8 – automatic winchester, characterized by stability of fire and rate of fire. Ideal weapon for shooting in small spaces;
  • Mastiff – causes very strong damage, but creates not weak recoil. Note: the fraction flies horizontally. This weapon is quite rare.

Submachine guns

What weapons should you pay attention to:

  • Prowler Burst PDW – has only 5 charges in the magazine and releases them in quick but short bursts. Deals significant damage. Of the shortcomings – it is difficult to get there;
  • Alternator SMG – strongly resembles a pistol, shoots slowly, but is characterized by high accuracy and minimal recoil.

Small machine guns

Best machine guns:

  • Devotion Is a weapon for experienced gamers, as it is not easy to handle. Shoots energy blasters. It is characterized by fast shooting, the pace gradually increases, but accuracy is lost;
  • M600 – automatic machine gun with good damage, fast magazine change. Used for aimed fire.

This is purely our opinion, which does not pretend to be a complete truth, however, practice shows that these types of weapons are the most effective. All other things being equal, it is worth choosing a weapon from the list.

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