• September 30, 2023

The best zombie apocalypse games [ТОП-10]

Do you want to feel fear, miss the adrenaline rush, want to fight bloodthirsty monsters? We have prepared a rating of the best zombie apocalypse games that will excite your nerves and give you a lot of impressions.

TOP 10 games about the zombie apocalypse

“Dawn of the Dead” is one of the best films on the zombie apocalypse of the XXI century, which firmly consolidated the tendency for the existence of rebellious corpses in a world that causes wild fear and horror. It is therefore not surprising that many developers with a special place in the gaming industry create legendary masterpieces. And in the center of their attention are three important words – survival, voltage and exciting nightmare

To compile today’s rating, we have selected 10 of the most memorable, exciting and engaging zombie games that can drag on with comfortable gameplay and an exciting storyline for several tens of hours.

Resident Evil Series

Resident Evil Series

Resident evil one of the most popular series, which has captured connoisseurs of gaming art since the beginning of 1996. It was the first part of the immortal masterpiece that gave rise to a variety of films, comics and books about people constantly fighting against the living dead to save humanity and their own lives.

Many people note the special atmosphere and complexity of this series, which is not surprising. The developers of the project from year to year are trying to complicate the gameplay with various puzzles and new mechanics to keep the audience in suspense.

The edge of the Resident Evil Village series has become one of the best games of 2021. Received high marks from critics and players.

The Evil Within 1, 2

The Evil Within

The Evil Within Is an exhilarating third-person horror game filled with ruthless monsters, endless violence, endless chaos and insane secrets. Revealing the mysterious secrets of an eerie place is necessary for the sake of salvation, but is this process so quick and easy?

The plot focuses on the survival of detective Sebastian Castellanos, who is trying to find a way out of the Mayak psychiatric hospital, where he encountered the main antagonist of the mad plot, Ruvik. Kills, flight, stealth, lack of first aid kits and ammunition – just a small part of what each player will have to face.

Left 4 Dead series


Left 4 dead – addictive multiplayer game that allows you to plunge into a cruel and bloody world with friends for a few free hours. The atmosphere of horror, darkness and despair will captivate anyone, and no sociable jokes and fun will save you from an aggravating nightmare.

Those who played with friends over the network can remember the moments when everyone fell silent, listening to the cry of the witch.

Each new game in this series is capable of surprising with unique solutions, sudden attacks and unexpected skirmishes with the main antagonists of the game – zombies. Thanks to the work of artificial intelligence, completing a variety of missions can turn into a real challenge, requiring cohesion and cooperative thinking (depending on the chosen difficulty).

The Last of Us 1, 2

The last of us

The last of us – a heartwarming story that reveals the relationship between the empathetic, but careful and restrained Joel and the fearless curious girl Ellie. From time to time, the consummate pair captures the hearts and feelings of many players.

The game takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, captured by once living people, whose minds are enslaved by a mutated ergot fungus. They do not see, but they hear perfectly, therefore they are able to attack the survivor in a secluded corner at the most unexpected moment.

The Walking Dead Series

The walking dead

The Walking Dead: The Game – no less sentimental game that tells the story of the life of a pretty, bright and intelligent girl Clementine, who learned to survive in a new harsh world thanks to the instructions of the protagonist of the first part, Lee Everett.

This series is wonderful interactive cinema, the plot twists and turns of which can change directions depending on the decision of the player. That is why each new passage can surprise, impress and give rise to the question in the mind: “What will happen if you choose this option?”

Dying Light 1, 2

Dying light

The human atrocious essence is able to manifest itself even in a world filled with bloodthirsty creatures that feed on a living dress. Dying Light is a game through which the player can try on the role of an undercover agent and take a detached look at the exorbitant brutality of society.

The main feature of the project can be called the elements crafting and parkour, which impressed many critics when the game was released. Crazy jumps, breathtaking views from high-rise buildings and an exciting quest chain will make you return to the metropolis of Harran from time to time.

Days gone

Days gone

At one time, a bold project from Sony was expected with great caution, since it wore slogan “Life after The Last of Us”… Many feared failure from a large company, but in vain, because Days Gone brought life to an ominous and “lifeless” genre.

There are two things in this game that are able to impress and bewitch – a sentimental story devoid of typical clichés, and a story. The latter, by the way, can lure you for a long time, because you will never get bored of accelerating across vast expanses and crushing zombies with powerful wheels.



DayZ – today this online game not so much about survival in the world of the zombie apocalypse, but about endless wars between players. However, this feature cannot be called a “minus”; rather, it is a significant “plus” that keeps the teams close-knit every real day.

It’s easy to get into the world of DayZ. Perhaps this process can be called one of the fastest, since the struggle for life, crazy wars and a wide social spectrum entails many campaigns from time to time.

Dead Rising Series

Dead rising

Dead rising Is an adventure thriller that, back in 2006, penetrated the hearts of many fans of post-apocalyptic worlds. Why? The answer is extremely simple: this game is a great opportunity to relax while killing countless zombies after a hard day at work or school. This is one of the craziest action titles that allows the player to wreak havoc with fun.

Perhaps this is the only game that stands out from the rest – its atmosphere is not depressing, but rather even a little fun because of the many fun ways to deal with zombies.

The Dead Rising series has never been story-driven, although it certainly is! The openness of the world, an extensive tree for pumping skills, a well-coordinated crafting system and much more are what takes players away from completing the main story for the sake of pleasure and other positive emotions.

7 days to die

7 days to die

7 days to die – there is no story more beautiful in the world than the story of zombies and multiplayer mode. Not foldable, but true. Surprisingly, at the moment, the project from The Fun Pimps can be called one of the longest lived online works on the subject of a zombie apocalypse.

The main feature of 7 Days to Die is the so-called “bloody moon”, in which a huge horde of the dead strives to settle players, wanting to destroy all life in the built open world. And each time there are only more of them.

There are no significant and insignificant places in this rating, since each game reviewed deserves special attention. Here anyone can find tense moments, exciting events, funny skirmishes and an uncontrollable sea of ​​emotions. The main thing is to want to learn about everything in a slightly deeper and larger scale.

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