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The Complete Guide to Known Valheim Crashes

Valheim is quite stable on PC, but due to its popularity and huge amount of content, it has some in-game and technical problems. These include crashes when starting the game, UnityPlayer.dll (0xc0000005) access violation, FPS blocking, vertical sync issue, no sound, lags, and more. We have analyzed everything that users of the computer version of Valheim complain about and are ready to provide a list of effective solutions.

How to fix Valheim errors?

Now we will consider all those failures that most often appear on the Internet.

The game version is incompatible

We have a separate article on this topic – the incompatibility of Valheim versions. For a detailed guide, follow the link provided.

Valheim won’t start or crashes right away

The problem is common to all PC games, including Valheim. In general, the ways to eliminate it are similar, this is how they look:

  • Disable Vulkan API… This can be done in the game settings, it happens that the matter is in some kind of incorrect operation of the service.
  • Check game files… Valheim scan for the integrity of game files is carried out in the properties of the game.
  • Reinstall the game… It is only important, after uninstalling, to also remove the Valheim folder and then reinstall it. Even during installation, it is better to disable everything that may interfere, such as antivirus software.

Access Violation “UnityPlayer.dll Caused Access Violation (0xc0000005)”

The code 0xc0000005 occurs among a number of users when they try to start the game. Actually, at this message, the entire launch process is interrupted.

Valheim bug fix

How to fix the problem:

  • Editing a file… Through the “Properties” on the “Local files” tab, we can find the “Browse” button, which opens the location of the game files. Open Valheim.props with notepad and remove the “#” character with a space. We save the file.
  • Disable antivirus
  • Run a system scan with the command sfc /scannow. It needs to be inserted into the Windows command line.

Black, white or color screen

Graphics breakdowns are found in all popular games. Here’s what can help with these problems:

  • Updating Microsoft Visual C ++, DirectX and .Net Framework.
  • Switching to windowed mode… The easiest way is to press Alt + Enter.
  • Turn off recording programs video from the screen.

No sound in Valheim

There is a fairly extensive list of the culprits of the problem and you will have to brute force to establish the cause that really provokes the failure.

What can help:

  • Turn off Windows Sonic headphone… This is a solution from a user who had the problem and managed to fix it.
  • Close Sonic Sound Studio… Also, the action can be applied to other software that adjusts the sound settings.
  • Reset firewall settings… It happens that a firewall or antivirus restricts an application’s access to some devices, such as speakers or headphones. Resetting the parameters should help.
  • Roll back updates Windows… It is known that Windows has problematic upgrades, which for some users provoke sound breakdowns.

Can’t find Valheim server, it is not displayed

There are 2 types of problems: the server is not displayed at all, or it is visible, but only for some users. The reason is that the game browser does not work completely correctly. It is worth trying to restart Valheim and check that the visibility of the server is enabled in its settings. If this does not help, we advise you to do the following:

  • Go to the “Favorites” section click “Add server” and manually specify the IP for the connection. It is also important to specify the correct port.
  • Open ports in firewall Windows and router. On those ports that are used by the game, there should be no redirects and blocking.

No friends visible in Valheim

If friends are not displayed, you should:

  • Change the download region.
  • Clear the game cache.

Problems syncing with online servers

If you are having trouble connecting to a multi-user server, perhaps the server is unavailable error, we recommend that you try the following:

  • Remove Killer Network… This software is often preinstalled, especially on MSI computers and laptops.
  • Turn off antivirus and firewall when starting the game or adding it to the list of exceptions.
  • Stop syncing with Steam cloud… It often works, with various connection problems.
  • Take advantage of a more stable serverwhich is closer. When connecting to American servers, the ping increases dramatically and other problems may appear. Russian and European servers work much more stable.

Very often, desynchronization is a consequence of the fact that a user with low bandwidth or high ping has connected to the server. The game expects that all files will be received and processed by each player, if this does not happen, all users on the server begin to lag. There are two ways out: get connected to the network or spend more time separately.

Valheim error 0xc000007b

It is worth reinstalling the NVIDIA drivers or, in extreme cases, at least updating them.

Valheim lags, slows down or twitches

Several simple actions can help in this case:

  • Enabling Performance Priority Mode“In the NVIDIA Control Panel under the Software Preferences tab.
  • Close all extraneous programs
  • Reduce graphics quality
  • Disable anti-aliasing, and the “Vertical sync pulse” is set to the “Ultra” position. These settings can be found in the NVIDIA Control Panel.

Game crashes or DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG error

We have already talked about why the computer overheats because of Valheim and how to fix it with our own hands. It is the excessive temperature rise of the GPU that is the main cause of the problems.

Valheim bug fix

Keyboard, mouse, or Xbox controller not working

If the game does not respond to the keyboard or mouse, you should disconnect the gamepad, it blocks accidental clicks on other devices. Provided that clicks on the gamepad are not processed, you should remove it from the “Device Manager” and reconnect. If that doesn’t work, it’s worth trying to manually run the Xbox Controller setup using Steam.

Peacekeeping problems

There are 2 main reasons for the problem: a ban on editing catalogs and technical errors in the game. To reduce their number, it is worth leaving Valheim correctly – through the main menu.

How to fix the problem:

  • Restore old save… In the C: Users username AppData LocalLow IronGate Valheim folder (you need to replace username with your Windows username). We are looking for files with the .old extension and delete their endings just indicated. We agree with the proposal to overwrite the broken file. Thus, they cease to be old and become workers. Yes, you lose some of your progress, but not all of it.
  • Deactivate programsthat interfere with saving files. These can be antiviruses, temporary file cleaning utilities or their blockers.
  • Sign out of your account Steam on the second computer… Using multiple devices with the same account can cause save problems.
  • Remove Russian letters from the pathby which Valheim is installed. It also helps fix error 0xc0000142.

For the future – make backup copies of your save files, as no one is immune from this problem. It may be that the game only saves part of the information, while your building disappears. A backup would have come in handy.

The world file is corrupted

Judging by the feedback from users, the whole point is that the game is closed forcibly through the “Task Manager”, Alt + F4, or the computer shuts down abruptly. The only solution is to use the old save (see instructions above).

The character is stuck in the game and can’t get out

If the hero is stuck in a certain place in the world so that he cannot get out, it is worth trying to load the previous save. This solution often works. Another option is to look in your inventory for a pickaxe or ask to bring her friend. With its help, you can get out of the trap.

Problems with chests: cannot open, there are no items or they are rolled back

We have a guide on how to fix Valheim chest issues, check it out for help.

How to remove the FPS cap in Valheim?

Some users complain that the game has blocked the maximum FPS at 30 fps when vertical sync is activated. It is very easy to fix the problem, just set the parameter for “Vertical sync pulse” to the “Fast” state through the “NVIDIA Control Panel”.

In fact, there are many more minor bugs: problems with drawing water, missing slots in chests, other critical crashes. However, it is simply unrealistic to cover all of them. Moreover, for some failures, we simply do not have a unique solution. One of the methods above may work, but you will have to look for a working way by trial. If you have any valuable information, share it in the comments so that the article will be even more useful for the next readers.

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