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The complete guide to Mass Effect Legendary Edition bugs and issues

The Mass Effect Legendary Edition release is not smooth. Combining all three parts of the game into one led to many errors and crashes for users on the PC. Most of the complaints point to: crashes when saving, errors when starting, G-Sync not working, lags in the menu and in the game itself. There are some other problems, we will talk about everything that is known today about the problems of Mass Effect Legendary Edition in this article.

How do I fix crashes in Mass Effect Legendary Edition?

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is just a re-release of Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 in one package. Naturally, the developers have improved the visual design of the game, slightly modified the gameplay and made other useful, but not critical, changes. The creators of the project did a good job on the game, but still left a lot of problems with setting up, launching, errors like 0xc0000005 or “Try relaunching your game to continue linking accounts”, etc.

There was a problem while saving – what should I do?

Mass Effect Legendary Edition PC users often report that they cannot save game progress, especially in the first part of the trilogy. They see the message: “There was a problem saving the game. Game session data was not saved. Please try again later. “

How to fix the problem:

  • We issue administrator rights. We recommend that you find the exe-file of the game (through the “Properties” of the game in Steam and “Browse local files”), open the properties of the file and on the tab “Compatibility” check the box next to “Run this program as administrator”.
  • Disable OneDrive backups (or other cloud storage). If data is currently being synced to the cloud, saving may be interrupted or not occur at all.
  • Turn off the security system… Open “Options” with the Win + I combination and go to the “Update and Security” section. On the “Windows Defender” tab, select the “Virus and threat protection” panel. Next, open the “Options …” and deactivate the “Controlled access to folders”.
  • We check that the path to the exe-file of the game no folders with Russian symbols… If one of the directories along the way is called “Games” or something else in Russian, just rename it to “Games”, etc.

Controlled folder access

Insufficient memory Mass Effect Legendary Edition

It’s not about permanent memory on a hard disk or SSD, but about RAM. To run the game, even with minimal graphics settings, you need 8 GB of RAM. Moreover, its maximum amount should be free. If there is so much RAM, then just close all other processes on the computer and start the game. It should work.

G-Sync does not work

For some reason, G-Sync often refuses to work with Mass Effect Legendary Edition. To get the utility to start, you need to:

  1. Open “Nvidia Control Panel”.
  2. Go to “Manage 3D Settings”.
  3. In the “Global settings” block, activate vertical sync by setting it to “On”.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition bugs and problems guide

Error during installation of Mass Effect Legendary Edition

Some gamers get the message “Game installation error, please reinstall”. First of all, you need to check the requirements of the game. The most important points – it only supports Windows 10 x64, which means Windows 7 or any 32-bit OS will not work. You also need a minimum of 8GB of RAM and a GTX 760 graphics card that is comparable or better.

How can I fix the error during installation:

  • Delete cache… Open the Steam folder, and then – depotcache and delete all its contents. In the case of Origin, press Win + R and enter% ProgramData% Electronic Arts EA Services. Anything inside should be removed. At the end, we restart the game clients.
  • Delete game files… Insert% ProgramData% Electronic Arts Origin into the “Run” line and delete everything except the LocalContent directory. Then we repeat the action, but for% appdata% and the Origin folder inside.
  • Rename account… It has been noticed that if there are special characters or numbers in the Windows username, this can cause problems. It is better to remove all unnecessary, and set the nickname using only the English alphabet.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition bugs and problems guide

Errors 0xc0000005 and 0xc0000001

It is known that both errors are often the result of damaged Windows system files. In ME Legendary Edition, they show up in crash videos with codes 0xc0000005 and 0xc0000001. Another potential reason is the blocking of individual game files by the antivirus system.

How to fix:

  • Start Scan Windows… To do this, insert into the command line sfc / scannow and we are waiting for the completion of the procedure.
  • Create an exception… Open “Options” (Win + I), go to “Update and Security”, and then – “Windows Defender”. In the “Exceptions” block, click “Add an exception”. We do the same with a third-party antivirus, if it is present in the system.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition bugs and problems guide

Errors 0xc000007b and 8111000b in ME Legendary Edition

Either reinstalling the video driver or reinstalling the game itself should help. Often the point is simply an unsuccessfully exposed config during installation.

Learn more about how to fix error 0xc000007b.

ME Legendary Edition crashes, crashes, not responding, or closes itself

Almost all possible problems when launching games take place in ME Legendary Edition. The game may go into the “Not Responding” state, completely freezing, or simply not reacting to the start button in any way, displaying some kind of error, throwing it out on one of the splash screens, etc.

What to do in case of problems launching ME Legendary Edition:

  • Run the game in windowed mode… In it, the game often works correctly. Since you cannot enter the settings, we need to open the Mass Effect Properties on Steam and on the main page click on Set Launch Options. Insert “-windowed” into the line.
  • We check does your processor support AVX… We can do this in the technical specifications. If not, then only a CPU upgrade can help.
  • Invalid username… You should rename the account nickname to one that does not contain numbers or non-standard characters. For stable operation, only English letters must be present.
  • Adding the game to the “White List” (exceptions) or just disable anti-virus protection.
  • Install Microsoft Visual C ++ for its bitness Windows (x64 or x86).

Mass Effect Legendary Edition bugs and problems guide

Restart the game to continue linking accounts

The error “Try relaunching your game to continue linking accounts” occurs because the game cannot link the Origin account with the Steam account

How to fix the problem:

  • Leaving Origin and completely close the program, then launch Steam and only then enter Origin. You should now be able to link accounts.
  • Delete Origin and launch the game through Steam… Allow Mass Effect to install Origin and then close them. Launch Steam, enter the game and link it to Origin.

ME Legendary Edition crashes

There are often complaints that the game crashes, both immediately and closer to the entrance to the game lobby. Here’s how we can fix it:

  • Disable third-party programs, especially the Steam and Origin in-game overlays. We can do this in the settings.
  • We change the settings of the “Controller”. To do this, open the “Properties” of the game and go to the “Controller” tab. Turn off all the items that were active.
  • Checking the temperature of the video card… If the game stops working, it could be overheating.

Freezes in the menu or lags inside the game

Performance issues are the most common and are common in all games with high system requirements. If they are not satisfied, freezes, delays and a strong drop in fps appear. However, even a powerful PC is not a guarantee that the game will not lag.

Ways to solve performance problems:

  • Turn off overlays on Steam and Origin.
  • We remove all active controller options in Steam (instructions in the last section).
  • We update the video driver.
  • Switch to the discrete graphics card in the graphics adapter control panel. Windows can mistakenly use integrated graphics for this, which cannot handle such complex calculations.
  • We set the “Maximum performance” mode in the “Nvidia Control Panel”.
  • Changing the graphics settings. A noticeable increase can be provided by: disabling “Dynamic shadows”, disabling “Anti-aliasing” and “Diffuse darkening”.

Maximum performance

These are all the major Mass Effect Legendary Edition PC issues that we are aware of. We’ve covered various bugs, crashes, lags, save issues, and more. If your problem is out of this range, write in the comments.

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