• March 4, 2024

The easiest way to get Research Points in Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 has many interesting paths to develop your character, but they are not easy to find. This guide will show you the easiest way to collect more Research Points.

The easiest way to get Research Points is in Watch Dogs 2.

Watch Dogs 2 takes players on an adventure in which they will have to explore all the nooks and crannies of San Francisco. Finding all the collectibles is just one of the goals of the game, but it can seem daunting. This article will show you the best way to collect exploration points to aid your adventure.

What are research points and why are they needed?

Experience or XP in Watch Dogs 2 is called “Research points” (Research Points). As in any RPG, they are necessary in order to pump your character. You can get experience almost as you like thanks to the open world of the game: both for completing the main plot, and for additional tasks. In addition, experience is awarded for collecting collection items.

Why does Markus, the main character of the game, need research points? He is quite agile and agile from the start, can briskly cross San Francisco due to his piloting abilities and even park on rooftops. He can also steal vehicles to move: cars, motorcycles, boats, buses and much more. He has a huge selection of firearms in his arsenal. Watch Dogs 2 manipulation technique

However, this is not the whole point of the game. Marcus can not run from anyone and not kill anyone. His skills allow him to manipulate techniquesuch as street lamps to cause collisions, shelters and secret passages for yourself.

All this is possible due to his special skills, which are spent on pumping Research Points:

  • Ghost.
  • Aggressor.
  • Trickster.

Choosing his own path of development, the player will need a lot of experience to create the ideal character. And you need to accumulate it quickly.

There is also a new feature in the game that reflects current trends – collecting “followers” or subscribers. Marcus should develop your social networksto build up DedSec’s powers and expand your skill tree.

The more followers a character has, the more skills he can unlock through his experience.

The easiest ways to get research points

The easiest way to get Research Points is in Watch Dogs 2.

The main method of leveling a character in Watch Dogs 2 is to complete the quest completely. For tasks, the character receives the most experience. However, the passage takes a long time, and sometimes it is not at all possible to solve the quest without additional experience. In the process of passing missions, subscribers will accumulate. After reaching a certain number of followers, the character will receive additional experience.

Effective recruitment path Research Points is a hack for research points. They are marked with a skull icon on the map. These points are scattered throughout the San Francisco Bay, but they are not easy to find, even with a marker on the map. You need to look for them in the back streets and other tricky places.

There are several additional tasksthat will help you accumulate the required number of subscribers and get Research Points for them:

  • Multiplayer mode. It involves collecting subscribers in two categories: Head hunter (from 5,000 to 25,000) or Hack-Invasion (from 4,000 to 15,000). Players can join other gamers using their app or invite them to join their game. If the player cannot find an ally, the quest can be completed independentlyWatch Dogs 2 party
  • Online Missions… These missions are procedurally generated and can be played at different difficulty levels. Naturally, the higher the difficulty, the more subscribers will be received. As a result of the mission, you can get a huge number of followers
  • Main missions… it most common method of obtaining Research Points. Thus, simply by going through the story, the player can get up to 46,000 subscribers in one mission. After completing the final mission of the game, the player will receive over 400,000 subscribers.
  • Side missionsDepending on the type of mission, the player can get a different number of followers, up to five-digit numbers. Passing the main storyline, the player it is worth setting aside time for one or two additional quests between main missions.

Of course, players are free to move around the map and find other ways to get research points. This can be done through racing, for example. From time to time, going off the beaten path and studying the map, you will see many new possibilities.

Like any other open world game, Watch dogs 2 encourages players to explore the map and collect collectibles.

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