• May 22, 2024

The first promotional thread in July. Is it worth downloading?

The winner of the voting among the players, why they prefer this technique and how relevant it is in 2020.


Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and today we offer to deal with the branch of British medium tanks in World of Tanks. Centurion Action X won the vote among three candidates by a narrow margin:vote

Soviet rear-turret medium tanks along the branch Outdoor furniture-91 difficult to learn and skill-dependent, and from A-44 burns for anyone. But level 10 is distinguished by high damage per minute, sniper accuracy and high stealth, which allows you to maintain a distance. It is also doing well with dynamics, but due to the incomplete rotation of the tower in some situations it is difficult to play on it.k-91

Among Soviet STs, this branch should be downloaded last, and if you want to sniper on STs, then Leopard 1 will be more effective in this regard. Many players cast their votes for her, but she has little chance of winning; it will only get into the action if the developers put it.

But the situation with the second branch was more interesting. If the top of the E50 M branch is now not very relevant at 10 levels, then its predecessor E 50 looks much more interesting, so it is one of the best tanks to raise the WN8 ratingE 50 M

The Episya has a comfortable cannon: accurate and quick to reduce + large one-time damage. But the extremely low armor penetration of the base projectile is 220 mm, so most players do little damage on it. At the same time in the hands of extras on gold E 50 turns into a tough damager, who often drags fights.

Now let’s take a look at the winner of the Centurion Action X vote. In terms of upgrading, we have to test the new Cavalier tank. At level 6, one of the best Cromwell CTs: mobile, high DP, but absolutely no armor. At level 7, perhaps the main cactus of the Comet branch is oversized, without armor and with weak firepower.Cavalier

Starting from level 8, the gameplay changes completely. British medium tanks now have one of the best armor penetration at the level, so they swing easily, without the cost of gold shells. Got increased turret armor, now you can play from the terrain due to the comfortable vertical guidance angles. But pays off for that mediocre mobility at 8 and 9 levels.centurionax

Top Tree Centurion Action X has comfortable in every way cannon:

  • converges quickly and has good final accuracy;
  • excellent DPM;
  • high armor penetration and the presence of HESH land mines.

Strong tower + UVN allow you to play confidently on hilly terrain. But there are several significant disadvantages that do not allow him to reveal his potential to the maximum:

  • large dimensions and at the same time weak armor of the hull, absolutely everyone will pierce it;
  • at the same time, the ammo rack is often criticized;
Therefore, in dynamic skirmishes, the Centurion AX is an easy target for other classmates and SPGs. It is difficult to drag the battle alone, but it can shoot damage well if the allies are shining and tanking in order to save hit points for the final part of the battle.

This vehicle is not relevant on the global map and in ranked battles… Below are the statistics on Tier 10 Medium Tanks in Random for the last month:Medium tanks statistics

To the question “withDoes it mean to download British medium tanks in 2020? ”I can answer like this: inYou can download it for fun if you like the proposed gameplay… Okay suitable for players without a premium account, since the guns are accurate and penetrating + more additional income due to good visibility.

A complete overview of the Centurion AX branch

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