• October 3, 2023

The first promotional thread in November in WoT. Is it worth downloading?

The winner of the forum voting among the players. Why do they prefer it and how relevant it is for modern randomness.


Greetings tankers! Welcome to the Wotpack and a review of the winner of the “Battle!” in November – 60TR Lewandowskiego. A clear favorite among the options presented: WZ-111 model 5A and AMX M4 mle. 54

It is worth mentioning competitors, among them – the Chinese top, and part-time twin brother of Object 277, as well as a Frenchman without a drum. Both classmates are good in their own way, but highly dependent on the player’s skills.

The branch of Poles is relatively young. No serious nerfs or ups were observed. But it should be noted that the gameplay will be far from fun. The research tree resembles Chekhov. There is no variation in pumpingit will take a lot of patience to get to the coveted top.

The branch is divided into two stages.

First – 4 – 7 levels. Quite boring, weak and useless machines. Virtually no armor, average firepower characteristics. It is worth noting level 6 – 40 TR, a good CT with good alpha and armor. You won’t have to suffer on it.

45 TR

45TR – the sad beginning of heavy tanks. Mediocre weapon, performance characteristics and armor. Classmates will punch you 90% of the time. The car is a C grade.

Second stage 8 – 10 level… The gameplay will be much more enjoyable. You are expected: good one-time damage, playable performance characteristics and some kind of booking.

53TR it is distinguished by an excellent cannon for eights, but it has weaknesses – mobility and hull armor.


50TR – pre-top strand. A competitive vehicle with a formidable weapon and a sturdy turret. Doesn’t tolerate mistakes due to vulnerable VLD and NLD. It will not be possible to take a key position in time – 35 km / h speaks for itself.

When pumping some branches of technology, players leave their favorite tanks of level 7,8,9 in their hangar. For example, IS-3, ISU-152, AMX 13-90, etc. No such desire arises here.

So, the crown of the creation of Polish engineers – 60TP Lewandowskiego.

60TP Lewandowskiego

Let’s highlight the key features of the gameplay:

  • Excellent alpha… Agree, it’s nice to throw 750 damage to opponents. If you have a rhombus Mouse in front of you – not a problem, there are land mines that will consistently take out 250-300 + HP;
  • Good tower armor… Of course there are a couple of weak areas, but where can we go without them?
  • UVN really please… -8 degrees fits perfectly into almost any terrain, allowing you to hide weak points.
  • Forgives many mistakes due to 2600 HP


  • Mediocre hull armor… There are a lot of vulnerabilities in the frontal projection, worthless NLD.
  • One of the most low penetrations at the level. 250 mm is not enough, add here FBG + -25% and we get ridiculous numbers. Gold is also not happy – 317 mm will sometimes be sorely missed.

We should also highlight mobility. It is better than that of the heavily armored “mastodons”, but still far from ideal. But the tank is definitely not a sloppy one.

Taking into account the pros and cons, it can be said that 60TP Lewandowskiego is not imba, but not an outsider either. In battle, you will have to analyze many points. For example, what will the opponent’s roll out, is there art, what position is better to take, etc. This machine is not very suitable for LBZ, the same Object 705A copes better with the role of a heavy machine.

Of course, for the sake of completeness, it is worth pumping over. But if we talk about a comfortable game, then it will not be enough. If you hit level 8, you will feel like a god, and when the BB flies from the IS-3 into the NLD, the opinion about invulnerability disappears sharply. And do not forget about the gold dependence of technology in battles against the “dozen”.

60TP Lewandowskiego is a machine for fun and big alpha strike.

A few words about ranked battles for 60TR. Chevrons are taken stably if charged the floor of the ammo battery of gold cumulative and the rest of the high-explosive shells. Yes, land mines are evil, but they are very effective in standing (positional play). And the “Pole” will be able to consistently inflict damage, which will give him more experience at the end of the battle and the chances at least to keep the chevrons. It is for the sake of RB that many people download it. And for a random person, it’s a pretty fun car, if you don’t spare sulfur for gold.

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