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The hardest achievements in Assassin’s Creed (and how to get them)

Top 13 most challenging and confusing achievements in Assassin’s Creed – only true fans can complete them.


One of the flagship gaming products of the French company Ubisoft can absolutely rightly be considered the series of adventures Assassin’s Creed. Each of the parts contains an extensive list of achievements that were conceived by the developer in order to demonstrate all the available mechanics in the game and immerse yourself in a certain historical era.

Currently, they stimulate many to perform as they are displayed in the player’s profile or give rewards in it. There is a separate category of gamers who fulfill them all without fail in full – Trophy hunters

The information below will allow you to show the most difficult trophies from the entire line of games and help with their implementation.

Assassin’s creed


Conversationalist – you will need to listen to every conversation with Lucy, the main character’s assistant. There are six dialogues in total, you need to start them more than once, contain several sentences. After each story kill, exit the historical era for the present. Continue the conversation until Lucy says: Are you tired or Sorry I can’t speak, I have to work

In case of a pass, you will have to start the game over.

Assassin’s creed ii

Show your Colors – you must visit each city in the game wearing the “Auditor” cape. To put it on, go to the pause menu, the “equipment” tab and then “clothes”. When she’s in character, everything the soldiers immediately begin the search… If you remove it, the search will stop.

Using the fast travel function, there are six places to visit:

  • Florence;
  • Forli;
  • Tuscany;
  • Venice;
  • Monteriggioni (character’s villa);
  • Mountains (counted as a city).

It will be possible to get the cape from the mother, at Ezio’s native villa, after collecting, delivering and placing in the chest 100 feathers from all locations in the game.

In Memory of Petruccio – you need to collect 100 feathers, which are not marked on the map. They will come across on the way, when collecting, mark the places where they have already been, so as not to visit again. The progress of their finding is tracked through the DNA tab in the menu, for the first 50 feathers you get a hammer, for 100 you get the “Auditor” cape. The collection is quite tedious and tedious, please be patient.

Assassin’s creed brotherhood

il Principe / Principle – the goal is complete synchronization in the following DNA cells:

  • campaign – 9 pcs;
  • the disappearance of da Vinci – 8 pcs.;
  • Romulus’ lair – 5 pcs.;
  • combat vehicles – 8 pcs.;
  • Templar agents – 6 pcs.;
  • Kills – 12
  • Thief – 10 pcs.;
  • Courtesan – 10 pcs.;

It will take nerves of iron, endurance and perseverance.


Assassin’s creed revelations

Impress Warren Vidic / Warren Vidic impressed – to pass the test sequence of the Animus (“The Lost Archive”).

While in the graphic space, the character moves through artificial obstacles in all dimensions and directions. This is achieved by creating geometric-shaped bases underfoot. The task is to go through the entire sequence without dying. Often there is a misunderstanding in which direction to move, and what actions to take.

Only 4.5% of those who own the game have this achievement; they will have to start from the beginning dozens of times, maintaining monstrous self-control

Assassin’s creed iii

Completionist – the total number of activities in the DNA tab must be 100% complete. The counter of synchronization points is located in the upper right part of the menu, for the convenience of monitoring progress. The following tasks are subject to completion:

  • storyline completely;
  • epilogue;
  • estate;
  • marine;
  • marque;
  • courier;
  • release and increase the level of recruits;
  • one-legged;
  • murder;
  • delivery;
  • trappers, fighters, adventurers, thieves;
  • “Encyclopedia of the Common Man”;
  • almanac;
  • feathers;
  • trinkets of one-legged;
  • synchronization with the cloud;
  • chests.

0.9% of players have the trophy, you will have to spend 50-80 game hours, for the most imperturbable and purposeful

Original Gamer / Old School Player – There are 3 types of games in which you need to win on the “Expert” difficulty and make a bet at the same time.

  • Balls – field competition, in which everyone has four throws, due to which it is necessary to bring the balls closer to the main “red cue ball”. At the same time, prevent the opponent from doing the same.
  • Phonorona – a rather specific and varied board game, on the field there are chips of two colors, the task is to cut down all the opponent’s chips. Educational games will not count.

For owners of smartphones based on IOS, you can download the application with the same name. At the beginning of each game, give the right of the first move to the opponent, and independently repeat them in the application with mirror actions, success guaranteed

  • Mill – each has 9 chips, they are alternately placed on key points of the field. The task is to cut 6 opponent’s pieces, but this can be done when 3 pieces of the same color are placed in a line, in front of the piece to be cut.

Among the owners, 1.10% of people familiar with the game.

Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag

Devil Of The Caribbean – it is necessary to destroy four legendary ships, located closer to each catch of the card. It is not difficult to cope with three of them, provided that the character’s ship is fully pumped.

In the upper right there are already two ships, which will cause trouble… If one of them is destroyed by the player, the second gains strength and quickly enough sends the “Jackdaw” to the bottom. Focus fire on one ship and bring the scale of its lives to a minimum, no killing… Then we switch to the second one and completely destroy it, after which the wounded animal does not pose a threat.

Committed To The Cause – to reach 55 character level in a multiplayer game. In 2021-22, online is completely absent from the word, it is possible to find assistants through groups on social networks or the Internet.

Solo leveling is an easy way out. Monotonous and repetitive activity without the need for companions. Session type – Wolf pack, mode – Adventure, Quest – Tomb Marauder. The average session time is about four minutes, at the output of 2000 experience and 13000 points. Complete additional tasks, eliminate enemies from cover.

Assassin’s creed rogue

What’s yours is mine – rob 20 sea convoys. Spawn points are unknown, they are not displayed on the map. During the passage, they are encountered 3-5 times. To find it will take a long time… The ships of the convoy are frigates with black and gold sails, moving in an even formation.

In the North Atlantic, travel to Lewisport, coordinates (722; -379). Most often, after appearing at the point, the desired ships will be in line of sight. So it will not always be lucky, we repeat several times, until, until it appears, we achieve the required number of them.

Assassin’s Creed Unity

Curiosity / Curiosity – open all the chests in the game. There are 294 of them located all over the map, only the usual ones are needed (white on the map). It is best to start when the hacking skill will be pumped to level 3 (after chapter 9), many of them are locked or are behind closed doors.

For the convenience of searching, it is recommended to purchase “time saving packages” for 150 helix (developer’s currency) in the store of the game itself, they open the position of the chests.

Assassin’s creed syndicate

Without a Grudge – you will need to destroy 5000 destructible objects in the game while controlling the crew. Avoid fast movements, destroy everything you can while advancing through the story, the tall crew will break the window canopies.

If this was not enough, this route will help, move along the houses in both directions.


Assassin’s creed origins

Old Habits – go through all the zones on the map. Question icons, scattered throughout the map, absolutely everything must be found and completed. Being in the area corresponding to the character’s level, immediately inspect everything completely so as not to return. For scanning the area, the main character’s hand eagle is extremely useful. At high flight altitudes, it opens up the necessary activities at a very long distance.

Overheating – the character must observe a mirage in the form of a rain of beetles from the sky. The randomness of the occurrence of this event is unpredictable, not a single clue can occur under any conditions.https://www.stratege.ru/sites/default/files/upload/1/fef/046/071db7264d75fff27558dc7e83831922.jpg

Walk in the desert during the day with the hood removed. Stimulating heatstroke as much as possible.

Performing certain achievements during the passage, the player gets even more positive emotions and immerses himself in the game world. Write in the comments, do you have these achievements and what else did you have to worry about the most?

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