• October 1, 2023

The main disadvantages of Resident Evil 8 Village [ТОП-10]

Even with the high quality of execution, RE 8 Village has its drawbacks. Fixing them could definitely make the game even cooler.

Resident Evil 8 Village disadvantages

The concept, chosen by the developers of Resident Evil Village, seems to have breathed fresh air into the entire game series. This has previously happened with the release of Resident Evil VII and IV. Now the creators have brought together all the best from their past works. Sometimes there may be a slight deja vu about what is happening. The game definitely has a lot to fix. All of these minor fixes can be implemented by Capcom as part of future patches and improvements. Their product definitely needs new mechanics and modes.

In the article, we did not touch on the nuances of the plot and the passage of the game, so there are no spoilers. Feel free to read.

No holster for weapons

Flying Monster from RE 8 Village

The ability to view without weapons in hand from the very beginning of the game is great. The landscape can be viewed so that the gun, knife, explosives and other objects do not interfere. If the weapon cannot be holstered, then the player loses one of the functional advantages.

At the moment in the game, switching weapons is implemented through the shortcut menu, controlled by the direction switch in the gamepads and the mouse on the PC. It would be nice if there was a hotkey that hides the active weapon in a holster.

Need for manual lighting

Flashlight in RE 8 Village

Earlier, talking about collectibles in RE 8 Village, we already mentioned that some of them are hidden in very dark places. Ethan isn’t using light consistently enough. I would like the player to independently decide when to turn on or off the flashlight, just like The Last of Us.

Adding a mini-map

Dimitrescu Castle in RE 8 Village

It is not only the darkness that interferes with navigating the game, but also the lack of a full-fledged mini-map. Quick access to the main map saves the situation, but I would like to move around the village, Dimitrescu castle and other locations much easier. The option with a menu that covers the HUD is not suitable for everyone.

Alternatively, the option with a mini-map should be enabled as desired.

Possibility to set waypoints

Map in RE 8 Village

In addition to the mini-map, waypoints are also needed in the game. The game plot repeatedly returns Ethan to the starting village, where new items and events appear with each visit. In order not to get lost when returning, I would like to be able to track the right direction.

Reloading weapons

Armory at RE 8 Village

It is quite in the spirit of the series that each cartridge is of great importance, because to remain unarmed in the face of the enemy is a sad destiny. Realism is kind of cool, but the moment Ethan doesn’t know how to reload the clip is extremely depressing. So if you have more than 2 cartridges left in the clip, then it is better not to reload, as they will simply disappear.

Modification of the transition system

In the last few games in the series, it has been highly regarded that players are being chased by various opponents. However, when running away from Lady Dimitrescu, it is easy to get stuck on one of the balconies of the castle. A jump button would do the trick here, allowing you to elude the angry vampire.

Inside Dimitrescu Castle in RE 8 Village

Increasing the number of saves

Typewriter at RE 8 Village

Manually can be saved only 20 times, which is extremely small for those who wish to close the content 100% with all achievements and collectibles. Special typewriters for saving are extremely rare, which can make it difficult to return to the previous stage of the plot. Autosaves are available, but how and when they overwrite gameplay remains a mystery.

Disposable weapon

Dropped weapons in RE 8 Village

Dying monsters disappear with their weapons. This doesn’t seem like a well thought out decision. It would be advisable to realize the possibility of temporary use of a mace, crossbow or sword left over from the next werewolf or ghoul.

Watermarks in the photo

Watermark photo in RE 8 Village

When Photo Mode is implemented in the game, each photo is branded with a Capcom watermark. It spoils the atmosphere. The only way to get rid of the annoying inscription is capture a frame or record a video when entering photo mode, but without pressing the “Capture” button

VR support

I would like to see the possibility of playing in virtual reality with one of the updates or DLC. In RE VII, PSVR support has been implemented since the early days. Any of the characters in the game in close proximity to the player would look even more impressive.

Just imagine how exciting it would be to be in the grip of Lady Dimitrescu, literally feeling her breath. 😏… If this is not taken care of at Capcom, then it is definitely worth waiting for the corresponding fan mod.

Lady Dimitrescu at RE 8 Village

Let’s hope the developers hear the wishes of the Resident Evil series fans. Write in the commentswhat changes you would like to see personally, and if you have already started the game, we recommend our full guide for the Resident Evil Village.

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