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The most beautiful girls in games [Топ-10]

These ladies have captured the hearts of millions of players around the world. But they would not have won the “Audience Award” if not for their real prototypes.

10 most beautiful girls who gave their appearance to the heroines of games

Computer games are becoming more detailed, therefore, the appearance of the characters plays an important role. The most memorable images of the heroines were borrowed from famous actresses and models. In this article, we have collected 10 girls that we remember the most.

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Kristen Bell – Lucy Stillman | Assassin’s creed

Kristen Bell as Lucy Stillman in Assassin's Creed

American actress known for her paintings “Very Bad Moms”, “I’m a zombie”, “Rescuer”, “Veronica Mars”, became the prototype for the image of the heroine of Assassin’s Creed. Her character Lucy Stillman helped Desmond Miles by saving his life and making an escape. According to the plot, the heroine was secretly sent to Abstergo, so she turned out to be a double agent.

Kristen Bell not only gave the image to her interactive doppelganger, but also voiced Lucy.

Jackie Ainsley – Maddison Page | Heavy rain

Jackie Ainsley - Maddison Page |  Heavy rain

British model and actress who gave Heavy Rain’s Madison Page look. As Jackie Ainsley herself says, at the casting, she felt an attachment to the character. The girl also admitted that she loved to play, and it took 3 years to work with Heavy Rain.

Jackie’s character is a young journalist. Maddison suffers from chronic insomnia and moves to live in a motel. There she meets another character in the game, Ethan. Little is known about the girl herself. She grew up in a family with brothers, whom she was always in a hurry to help, as well as Ethan who found himself in a difficult situation, who thought that he was the Origami Master himself. According to the plot of the game, the characters must declassify a mysterious villainwho will captivate small children, leaving them in the pits while it rains. Their fathers must manage to save the child, passing a series of impossible tests.

Gillian Murray – Liara T’Soni | Mass Effec

Gillian Murray - Liara T'Soni |  Mass Effec

Film and television actress famous for films “Perception”, “Night shift”, “Do not forget me”, became the prototype for Liara T’Soni from Mass Effect. Researcher Azari spent 50 years of her life researching technology, Prothean culture. She is also widely regarded as one of Captain Shepard’s most loyal friends.

By the way, you can start an affair with her in each of the parts of Captain Shepard’s adventures. Read more in the Mass Effect Relationship Guides:

Yvonne Strahovski – Miranda Lawson | Mass effect

Yvonne Strahovski - MIRANDA LAWSON (MASS EFFECT 2)

Australian actress Yvonne Strahovski gave her character Miranda Lawson unique facial features. She also took part in the motion capture process and even voiced the heroine of Mass Effect 2 and 3.

In the story, Miranda is a Cerberus officer, she is also called the Snow Queen. Her father wanted to create perfection and had collected all the data, including intelligence, appearance and even her abilities even before Miranda was born. Despite her outstanding achievements, the girl did not receive her father’s approval.

Michelle Van Der Water – Sheva Alomar | Resident evil

Michelle Van Der Water - Sheva Alomar |  Resident evil

South African actress famous for films “Minotaur” and “Life is like a sentence”, gave her prototype to the heroine of Resident Evil – Sheva Alomar. In the game, Sheva appears as Chris Redfield’s fighting girlfriend. The femme fatale is a versatile fighter, she knows how to use weapons no worse than Chris himself.

Sheva gets a chance to start a new life in America after her village is destroyed by Umbrella. A 15-year-old girl enlisted the help of an operative to stop the sale of biological weapons, and she managed to stop the deal.

Sonya Kinski – Zoe | Left 4 dead

Sonya Kinski - Zoe |  Left 4 dead

The American model and actress gave her appearance to Zoe, the heroine of Left 4 Dead. Originally the prototype was Alessia Glydwell, but during the development of the game, a different choice was made in favor of Kinski.

In the story, Zoe is an ordinary college student in Philadelphia. She trained as a director, but constantly skipped classes. Shortly after the outbreak of the zombie epidemic, she was left an orphan. A little later it turned out that her own father could be one of the first carriers of the virus.

At one time, the image of Zoe did not leave indifferent thousands of guys around the world, she was saved, protected and given the last first-aid kit, and the game became a cult in its genre.

Hannah Hoekstra – Eloy | Horizon: Zero Dawn

Hannah Hoekstra - Eloy |  Horizon: Zero Dawn

A little-known actress from the Netherlands with an unusual appearance became the prototype for Aloy, the protagonist of Horizon: Zero Dawn. Hannah Hoekstra gave the heroine unique facial features, while another actress was engaged in the voice acting.

The post-apocalyptic world forces Aloy to arm themselves with a bow and spear and go on research. The character travels, visits villages and hunts unusual mechanical animals. The open world of the game gives Aloy freedom of action. On the way of the girl there are enemies who can be destroyed by archery or setting traps.

Megan Martin – Jess | Until dawn

Megan Martin - Jess |  Until dawn

The American actress gave her appearance to the character of the game Until Dawn, and also gave her her voice in the English version. Jessica is a blonde college student. According to the plot of the game, she, along with other teenagers, arranges a cruel prank on her friend. Drunk guys, instead of a romantic evening, arrange emotional bullying. The victim breaks down and runs away from home. The worried sister decides to go in search – as a result, both girls disappear.

Until Dawn is a real horror game, the plot of which is predetermined by the player’s actions. At the same time, it is possible to determine the character of each character and the attitude of the heroes. The player gains complete control over the events and decides how the “horror movie” will end.

Andrea Tivadar – Lady (Devil May Cry 3, 4, 5)

Andrea Tivadar - Lady (Devil May Cry 3, 4, 5)

British actress Andrea Tivadar donated the character of Lady to the games industry. The heroine of the game Devil May Cry is demon hunter… She vowed to find her father and avenge her mother’s death. Her real name is Mary, and Lady, she named herself at Dante’s prompt.

A gorgeous girl with a rare appearance, Mary has heterochromia (her right eye is blue, and her left eye is red. You won’t be able to play as a character in the 3rd part, the girl is the boss. But in Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition, Lady becomes “playable” and for it you can go through the story.

Helena Mankovskaya and Maggie Robertson – Alsina Dimitrescu | Resident Evil: Village


You can’t just take and not include in this top Alsina Dimitrescu from Resident Evil: Village, who literally “blew up the Internet” with her appearance. Despite the role of the boss of the second plan, she attracted all the attention of the players.

It is noteworthy that two girls presented the image to Dimitresk at once.

The prototype for the creation of the heroine was a Polish actress and model Helena Mankovskaya… She gave Alsina her face:

But here’s the bad luck, Helena Mankovskaya is 1.69 meters tall, while the vampire in the game is 2.9 meters. Therefore, another actress embodied Dimitrescu (recording of movements) – Maggie Robertson… Her height is 1.83 and she also voiced the villainess.

Maggie Robertson

Each girl who gave the character her own appearance has contributed to the development of the gaming industry. The heroines received not only a unique appearance, but sometimes the voices of their prototypes. Oftentimes, characters that are too “similar” will resonate with the audience the most. Artists use more than just female imagery to draw attention to games. So, in Cyberpunk 2077, one of the main characters is Johnny Silverhand, whose prototype was Keanu Reeves.

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