• December 1, 2023

the most important thing when creating a player (MyPlayer)

Last week, NBA 2K20 was released – yet another game in the highly popular basketball franchise from 2K Sports. NBA 2K20 is available on PS4, XBox One, Nintendo Switch, and personal computers. Among other things, you can download the NBA 2K20 APK for Android right now.

After the release of the game on the Internet, many players with great enthusiasm began to discuss the new character editor (MyPlayer) in the game. Thanks to the revised editor, now, when creating your player, you need to take into account many new nuances. In this in-depth guide, we’ll show you five things to consider when creating a player (MyPlayer) in NBA 2K20.

Decide what you need: badges or attribute points

When creating your player (MyPlayer) in NBA 2K20, you can stick to two potential paths of leveling: badges or attribute points. If you decide to focus on icons, you will have to experiment a lot and see which combinations of archetype pie charts and athleticism give you access to the most special skills. Alternatively, you can focus on attribute caps and archetype / athleticism charts.

Both the one and the other way of pumping will allow you to create your own special player, however, we strongly do not recommend that you chase everything in the world. NBA 2K20 is not a game where you can create a perfectly balanced player. In NBA 2K20, you will need to constantly mine minmaxing and carefully select specializations for the player.

Pie charts have limitations

The new athleticism charts look pretty cool, but they still have some limitations. Don’t assume that you will be able to create a player who can have the same badges and attributes as your favorite NBA player. Cool if it worked that way, but in reality, everything is far from so simple.

Because of this peculiarity of this system, you need to determine what your character should succeed in, and then, with the help of “pies”, adjust it to suit your preferences. You can create a truly awesome player if you can define for yourself what specific badges or attributes they should have.

Defenders> Slashers

One thing is certain: Visual Concepts urgently needs to work on slashers in NBA 2K20. Slasher players are very limited when it comes to shooting. Of course, this was done to maintain balance in competitive modes, but in our opinion, the developers went too far.

In fact, you can get what you want from a slasher player (speed and slam dunk) if you focus on the ability of … a defender? In NBA 2K19, defensive players were overly effective on the basketball court. They got nerfed a bit in NBA 2K20, but they’re still pretty darn good.

Defenders have top-notch athletic ability and have a much higher ceiling for shooting attributes.

Pick up two basic skills

It would be really cool if in NBA 2K20 you were allowed to create a player who can do everything and who can be fielded in any position, but you can only focus on two areas. Attribute caps (ceiling) will not allow you to be good at everything.

Think carefully about which two things your character has to be good, and then work on them, giving all your best either in badges or in attribute points.

Some icons are useless for your style or position

The icons can be pretty tempting, but not all of them can be useful for your build and position. If your character spends most of the time at the edge of the field, then do not try to get a badge that will increase the throw range. You will get almost no benefit from this badge. Focusing on icons? Then try to do it according to your style and position on the field. Simply put, NBA 2K20 is a minmaxing game.

Earn points and exchange them for valuable prizes – details

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