• July 5, 2022

The most popular class will not be included in Diablo 4

Players voted for the class they would like to see in the game, but Blizzard has its own opinion on this matter.

Diablo 4

While much remains unknown about Diablo 4, there is constant talk about one of the most important aspects of the game – game classes… Many fans are hoping to see something new in Diablo 4, while others want the most classic classes.

A recent data collection has pooled several Diablo 4 class surveys from around the internet. to identify the most popular… There is something interesting here, like a steady demand for something new or for the return of some Diablo 1 classes, but ultimately it turned out that the most popular class is the least likely to hit the base game.vote

Three classes have been confirmed so far: barbarian, Druid and enchantress… It means that already added characters focused on hand-to-hand combat, as well as two classes of mages (spellcasters)Amazon seems to be the basis to give players a class based on dexterity, while another melee class is whether Paladin or not – it looks like it will complete the basic five.necromancer diablo

Therefore, most likely we will not see the Necromancer again with the release of the game. Many fans were outraged and disappointed when the developers added Nekra to Diablo 3, but only for donation, as a separate DLS… At what he cost then as half the cost of the original game.

The necromancer is classified as one of the magicians, so he will definitely not be added as 3rd… But the Blizzards realized that since the people voted for him, then it will be possible to cut money again and sell the most popular class along with DLS… Many fans are outraged by such measures, but the chances that Blizzard will heed them are minimal.

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