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the rarest mounts in the game

It’s no secret that Wow Is an incredible game. Every gamer can find here a variety of activities to their liking. Collecting mounts (riding animals and other means of transportation) is one of the main activities of the community.

World of Warcraft.  Rare mounts

By and large, collecting vehicles is not the main goal of the game World of Warcraft. Each character dreams of greatness, which allows you to find the rarest artifacts from raids. However, there will inevitably come a time when the window of opportunity narrows slightly. We are already strong enough and fast and enjoyable progress is a thing of the past.

In between the destruction of monsters and factional battles, some gamers begin to explore the map, others provide assistance to the guild, someone prefers to collect achievements.

There is also a curious category of players – mount collectors… This includes even those who want to get one specific, the most attractive animal from an aesthetic point of view. What could be better than show off with a rare pet in the middle of a big city? Many will be openly jealous, while others will definitely ask how you managed to get such a mount.

The thirst for self-affirmation rules the world, so today we will talk about the rarest vehicles in the universe. World of warcraft

Savraska’s Reins

World of Warcraft.  Savraska's Reins

So who is Savraska? It’s just a dead horse. Lore informs us that during its lifetime the animal was very kind and had an excellent appetite… Getting this extremely cute horse is easy enough, but it won’t be quick.

First, the player will have to search treat for Savraska… She loves apples and clean water. You should find a comfortable saddle and reliable horseshoes, a comb so that the horse’s mane is always in order. When all the items are collected, it will be needed within 6 days take turns presenting them to Savraska, which will have to be caught each time.

It’s only a week and a dead horse is at your disposal, but there is a lot of work to be done!

Illustrious Midnight Steed

World of Warcraft.  Illustrious Midnight Steed

And here is another not too lively horse. It appears in the Legion and can be purchased for the achievement Honor Level 250… This means that the player will have to a lot to fight against the enemy faction. On the way to your goal, famous horses of other stripes will become available to you, but it is the midnight variety of the horse that is called the most beautiful.

Lor tells us that the horse native to the Broken Isles and has a fierce disposition. What other mount should a PVP veteran have?

Swift Coastal Strider

World of Warcraft.  Swift Coastal Strider

This bird is far from the most frequent pet that can be found in the open spaces. World of warcraft… The point is in the specific method of obtaining it. Need to find loot code in the WoW Trading Card Game and only then the guys from Blizzard will provide you with this mount. How many fans of the franchise will play CCG to get a not-too-pretty bird? Hardly.

You can buy the code at eBay, but you have to pay really big money. This situation suggests that there are not so many owners of this mount in the world.

White riding camel

World of Warcraft.  White riding camel

The situation is similar here. We will need again loot code, it falls in the CCI booster with probability 1 in 242… It is not difficult to make rough calculations and understand that this mount does not shine for a mere mortal.

It is a great success that not every player loves camels and the mount does not cause much envy. The cost of the code is just beyond the bounds and will not confuse only a notorious fan of the franchise.

Swift Zulian Tiger

World of Warcraft.  Swift Zulian Tiger

Well who’s sane now will pass Zul ‘Gurub for 20 people? Only Horde cat lovers who crave to find it beautiful tiger! I must say that Orcs, Trolls and Undead do not have too many opportunities to get a purr as a mount. That is why tiger – always welcome, but a rare guest in the collection.

We need a high priest Tekal, which will return the vehicle with a probability 0.6%… Tiger farming is extremely tedious, but worth it.

X-51 Void Rocket

World of Warcraft.  X-51 Nether Rocket

A collectible card game intervenes again, supplying gamers loot codes… Riding a rocket is always stylish, but only a lucky few have this model.

It is much easier to buy the code from those who do not need it, but it will cost several hundred US dollars.

Reins of the Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent

World of Warcraft.  Reins of the Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent

Concerning Onyx Serpent – it can get every player, and this is a huge plus. There is also cause for disappointment – only a few of the brave heroes of WoW will take possession of this amazing mount. The snake is beautifully drawn, and the glow emanating from it makes the picture really bewitching.

Our goal is location Kun-Lai Summitwhere the world boss dwells Sha of Anger… It is more fun to beat it with a large company, each participant of which will receive an award. There is a very low probability that you will get a mount. To increase your chances of getting the Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent, you need go to the boss every week

Reins of the Thundering Cobalt Cloud Serpent

World of Warcraft.  Reins of the Thundering Cobalt Cloud Serpent

This mount is somewhat inferior in beauty to its onyx counterpart, however, everything is relative. The lack of glow makes this Snake not so attractive, but it remains extremely rare. To get a vehicle, you will again have to go hunting for the world boss.

His name is Nalakand he is the lord of thunderstorms. You can find this not the most hospitable guy in the location Isle of Thunder… The probability of dropping a Snake is at the level 0.6%so weekly raids are the only chance to succeed.

Silent ramp

World of Warcraft.  Silent ramp

Cute air Stingray – an infrequent guest in the collection of players. And even though he falls from the rarnik by name Inaudible, the chance of everything 0.58%

If you are interested in this mount, you need to move to the location Nazjatar… The hunt for Inaudible – troublesome business, because it is cut once in 3-5 hours, in three different spawn locations. Add to this a line of hunters who want to tame this creature and egoists who are too lazy to inform the chat about its location.

On average, you will need 200 runs, but if you are not lucky, this figure may increase to 1000

Son of Galleon Saddle

World of Warcraft.  Son of Galleon Saddle

If you like mushan, Son of Galleon will take its rightful place in the collection. Saddle drops from the world boss in Valley of the Four Winds… As usual, the chance is extremely low, players sometimes take years to get rare vehicles.

To maximize your farming time, you need to use amulet of luck on murder Galleon and other world bosses. This artifact is fairly easy to acquire and provides additional loot. You can kill such NPCs even as they respawn, but the player can only count on loot once a week.

Sun Peak Hawk

World of Warcraft.  Sun Peak Hawk

This magnificent bird vaguely resembles the Phoenix and is a welcome mount for every player. The probability of its falling out does not exceed 0.03%, so don’t be too upset if the feathered one stays in your dreams.

The chance is so low that under certain circumstances, even human life may not be enoughto get a hawk. Therefore, if you see someone on this bird, rejoice from the bottom of your heart for the lucky one.

Death Runner’s Reins

World of Warcraft.  Death Runner's Reins

A game World of warcraft sets before us difficult tasks not only at high levels. Unremarkable vanilla version dungeon – Stratholme contains an extremely rare and coveted mount. Naturally, you won’t surprise a gamer with a dead horse today, but such an animal for the Alliance is a wonderlike a tiger for the Horde.

Reins drop from the last boss of the dungeon Baron Rivendare… It is not too difficult to kill him, but you will have to do many races to get the coveted horse.

Ashes of Al’ar

World of Warcraft.  Ash of Alar

The item allows you to summon a legendary Phoenix as a means of transportation. This is not to say that this mount is especially rare, because the chance of its drop 1.7%… It’s more about the popularity of the bird, which almost every player dreams of taking possession of.

We need to go to Tower of storms and find there Kael’thas Sunstrider… It is this character who can give us the pleasure of owning the Phoenix, so it’s worth spending your time.

Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal

World of Warcraft.  Black Qiraji Resonating Crystal

World Wow constantly evolving, some items and artifacts become inaccessible, they are replaced by other items. It’s the same with mounts. Qiraji battle tank it was not easy to get it before, but now it is completely taken out of the game.

Now there is no question why it is so rare. Fans of the mount can only hope that the guys from Blizzard will return it in the near future, since many oldfags have nostalgic memories associated with this beetle.

Companions in video games are different. Somewhere these are tigers and flying dragons, and somewhere – beautiful ladies, which are also incredibly interesting to read about.

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