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they crossed the line and were punished

Projects that got banned because of their design, gameplay, or even one small detail that just flickered in the background. What initiatives did game developers pay for, and where did this lead?

TOP 5 prohibited games: they crossed the line and were punished

Surprisingly, computer games are not so common are prohibited at the state level… Usually, the age limit is enough to deal with all the legislative nuances and calmly release on the territory of any country. However, sometimes the developers still crossed the line, and their titles received an eternal ban. We tell about TOP 5 prohibited gameswho never received forgiveness.



Banned in: Brazil

Bully is a very controversial project. There is a lot of violence in it, there are explicit scenes and even “criminal” groups. Almost a description of GTA or some game about the Mafia, but this is a title about school life. Developers showed bitter high school studentswhich spread rot against each other and live literally by thieves’ laws.

The governments of many countries did not like this, but only Brazil decided on an outright ban… Official position of the authorities: the game promotes violence among children. Now the project is not just banned, for its distribution (even non-commercial) you can get $ 1,000 fine.

EA Sports MMA

EA Sports MMA

Banned in: Denmark

EA had an unexpectedly unpleasant situation with their Sports MMA project. It is difficult to ban sports games in general, even if they are fights without rules. The project, even before the release, became an unofficial trailer for the meeting between Rogers and Emelianenko, thereby attracting close attention community.

And this led to the fact that the project was banned in Denmark. True, not because of fighting or violence, but because of … power engineers… These drinks are banned in the country and therefore advertising inside the title became the reason for blocking. EA refused to cut the integration, so the ban has not yet been lifted.

Company of Heroes 2

Company of Heroes 2

Banned in: Russia

Company of Heroes 2 unusual ban history: it was not dictated by the authorities, but started with ordinary users. The community did not like the way Soviet soldiers were portrayed in the game. The hardships of war turned them into monstersand the overall picture looked incredibly depressing.

A petition was signed immediately after the release. Players asked to ban the project directly from the authorities, and they agreed. As a result, the publisher had to withdraw their title and stop any sales in the region.

Mortal combat

Mortal combat

Banned: Germany, South Korea, Australia

Mortal Combat is another violent game series that has been banned in several countries. The first part of the franchise was banned almost immediately and has not yet been withdrawn from the “red zone”. Of course, morals gradually softened, and the governments of different countries began to treat the project more loyal, but old grievances are not so easily forgotten.

Most of the government representatives outraged the finishing touches. Broken spines and eye deprivation were clearly overkill for the fragile psyche of non-gamers. MK gets into trouble due to fatality and to this day, however, they prohibit it less and less.

GTA series

GTA series

Banned: Thailand, Australia, Malaysia, Brazil, UAE

It is not surprising that it was the GTA series that took the first place in the TOP. The games in this franchise are filled with violence, the main characters commit crimes and use the services moths… Of course, the project has a rating of 18+, but even this did not save it from being banned.

The reasons for the restrictions were completely different… In Australia, human rights defenders were worried that the protagonist had the opportunity to mistreat girls of the oldest profession. Representatives of the gaming industry from the UAE were outraged by the presence of such ladies, as well as prohibited substances. In Thailand and Malaysia, they simply did not cope with the age ratings, but in Brazil, GTA Episodes from Liberty City was banned for using music by a local author without permission.

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