• November 29, 2023

Three best premium tanks for the commander for the referral program in WoT

Well suited for farming, bending at random and doing LBZ, most relevant in 2020.

Greetings, tankers! With you Wotpack and in connection with the beginning of the 4th season of the referral program in World of Tanks and the expansion of the list of award tanks, we decided to make the TOP 3 of the best, since now there is plenty to choose from.

Heavy tank

There are two almost equal tanks here: the AMX M4 mle. 49 and T26E5. If we talk about the farm and the comfort of the game, then the American TT T26E5 is better and now I will explain why.

Small one-time damage is compensated high rate of fireso PDM is quite good. Its hull armor is weaker than that of the French, but the AMX M4 mle. 49 everything has long been dismantled into a large kombuchenka, which is difficult to miss and easy to break through. While the T26E5, due to its robust turret and comfortable vertical guidance angles feels much more confident when playing from the relief.

The accuracy is not bad, the mixing is fast, so it is not a problem for him to implement damage. Mobility is also in order, which is very important in modern randomness and which is so much lacking in the other American T34 heavy. The key difference from the AMX M4 mle. 49 – higher view radius by 20 meters (370 versus 390)… Therefore, in terms of equipment, the T26E5 can do without installing optics, and increase all the tank performance characteristics with the help of ventilation.

Option with choice AMX M4 mle. 49 also has a right to exist:

  • you are pumping or have already pumped French strands;
  • plan to exchange the car later by Trade-in. In this regard, a Frenchman is the best option, since he will give the largest discount (if interested, you can read more in the proposed articles at the end).

Medium tank

British CT FV4202 is one of the best budget options among premiums to buy and one of the priority ones for choosing for a referral, because it is well balanced machine:

  • good armor penetration with a basic shell;
  • excellent accuracy;
  • Convenient UVN and a somewhat tanking tower at its level, allow you to play comfortably on hilly terrain;
  • due to the high viewing radius, most classmates can overexpose.

He has and some flaws:

  • weak armor of the hull (but for ST this is not the most important thing);
  • long recharge, so the PDA is small.

FV4202 feels good in randomness and many farm on it on the Front Line, so it copes well with the main purpose of premium vehicles.

Tank destroyer

Here we have a French gun AMX Canon d’assaut 105, which was added at the beginning of the fourth season. I recommend to take a closer look at this car first, if earning silver is a priority:

  • excellent armor penetration;
  • quite fast convergence of the gun;
  • accuracy and high speed of projectile flight allow targeting vulnerable zones of enemy equipment and accurately hit when firing ahead;
  • due to good dynamics, you can quickly take key positions in order to have time to shoot at the first light;
  • good camouflage will allow you to remain invisible to opponents for longer.

She is certainly not perfect, there is certain disadvantages:

  • weak armor of the hull, but sometimes it can tank with a gun mask;
  • UGN do not allow conveniently holding a moving target in the sight, so sometimes you have to re-align;
  • for the excellent parameters of the gun, you have to pay with a long reloading time.

She has the most best farming potential among all the rewarding equipment for the commander + high cost in gold, if you decide to exchange it later by Trade-in.

If you are interested in the cars, then we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the guide for the 4th season of the Referral program. Also at the end of the article, pay attention to the tips for completing the referral in solo and you can see the full list of reward vehicles.

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