• December 5, 2023

Three reasons to download this thread in February

The technique that bends now and most importantly, will bend after the release of one of the most global patches in WoT. It is in demand in the random house and does an excellent job with LBZ.

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and today we are discussing the action “Into battle”. This month finally returned 3 options (2 from developers and 1 by voting on the forum). Discounts and combat missions are offered for each of the branches according to the standard:

  • Leopard 1;
  • WZ-113G FT;
  • Object 705A

Not only of these three branches, but in general in the game, one of the most interesting and relevant is the German Leopard 1 medium tank, which we recommend to download now. Why? Read on!

The first reason

A year ago, we would not recommend this thread, because then it was extremely dull, without any interesting features and is absolutely irrelevant in the random. But everything changed in patch 1.5.1, in which the Leopard 1 branch was formed a class role and it played with new colors. They also upgraded Tier 8 Indien-Panzer and Tier 9 Leopard PT A.

For those who like to farm, the good news is the improvement of the Panzer 58 Mutz premier tank, which is ideal as a crew trainer and has a similar gameplay.

Now the Leopard 1 branch of German STs has become more playable and in demand. Some clans are even looking for players with Leopard 1 in the Garage. So you can hurry up if you haven’t found yourself a clan for the next event on the Dawn of Industry Global Map.

Second reason

The Leopard 1 is now a fast and agile tank with an excellent sniper weapon, ideal for long-range fire:

  • the fastest gun convergence and the best accuracy among the ST-10;
  • very high speed of projectile flight;
  • the best armor penetration among classmates is complemented by a good alpha;
  • comfortable vertical guidance angles;
  • excellent mobility and high visibility.

To a lesser extent, these advantages were inherited by the technique preceding the top, so it also became much more comfortable to play.

Third reason

This time we would like to draw your attention to the peculiarity of the technique, which was added for the promotion. The fact is that Leopard 1 can be researched both through the ST branch and through the LT branch. And now discounts and combat missions apply, including to light tanks up to level 7 inclusive. This is a good option to upgrade your aircraft along the way by stopping at the Spähpanzer SP IC (quite an interesting device with a good weapon). And then from LT it will be possible to go to level 8 on the Indien-Panzer and already continue to download the CT.


One of the main difficulties at the beginning of pumping new equipment is a new crew, and especially the lack of the “Sixth Sense” is felt. There is a way to get commander with 3 skills for any nation… If you have not purchased the December-January packages Kilo + Lima, now you can get two at once:

Also give a German prem tank for rent Pz.Kpfw. IV Schmalturm on which it will be possible to pump the crew and farm.

Read more how to get read here

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