• October 3, 2023

Three reasons to download this thread in May

The technique that bends now and most importantly, will bend after the release of one of the most global patches in WoT. It is in demand in the random house and does an excellent job with LBZ.

Hello tankers! The May action “Into the battle!” and among the three proposed options, we suggest paying attention to the most interesting and relevant branch – Polish heavy tanks led by 60TP Lewandowskiego.

The first reason

Let’s start with the simplest – performance characteristics. Up to level 8, the branch is represented by a rather mediocre technique. Not to say that it is straight weak, but not imbibed either. Rather, it is simply balanced, but starting from 53TP Markowskiego, key features inherent in the top begin to form.

Now let’s move on to 60TP. He has several key benefits:

  • alpha strike 750 units;
  • high projectile speedas for a 152 mm gun;
  • low turret traverse speed provides good stabilization guns, the scatter circle does not increase too much;
  • comfortable vertical guidance angles -8 … + 20 ° allow you to play from the relief;
  • strong tower, allows you to confidently implement alpha and UVN;
  • usually guns with this caliber and alpha have poor accuracy, but not in this case. Including equipment, perks and consumables final accuracy is 0.33 100 meters;
  • and a nice addition will be large margin of safety 2600 units.

With so many strengths, it’s no surprise that 60TP Lewandowskiego ranked second in average damage per battle and first in win percentage over the past month.

Second reason

Many players are repelled from upgrading a new branch by the lack of a crew, especially a commander. Those who bought sets of Twitch Prime commanders in abundance, but still the rest of the tankers also need to be downloaded.

With the beginning of the April Trade-in, the Polish heavy premier tank 50TP prototyp, also known as the “defender’s killer”, was added to the exchange vehicles. Previously, it was promotional, but now it is available at any time in the in-game store. But the price for it still “bites” 10 700 gold, but there is a way to reduce it by 60% before 4850… To do this, you need to go through the referral program and choose the most expensive AMX M4 mle. 49 (price 11,700 gold).

Third reason

Finally, we left the most interesting, not yet widespread information, but the developers have already said that a new branch in the Polish tree will be released this year… Most likely we are talking about medium tanks, the transition to which will be made from level 6 40TP Habicha

Therefore, it is better now to explore the entire branch while there are promotions with bonus experience (and from May 8 to May 12 there will be x5 for the first victory). Even if you don’t like the heavy, you can get to 40TP and leave about 45,000 experience there. New tanks are always introduced a bit imbibed to encourage people to pump them out, so you can prepare in advance for their release.

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