• December 5, 2023

Three reasons to download this thread in October

According to the results of the vote for fast leveling and discounts on vehicles that World of Tanks players would like to receive in October 2020, the branch of well-armored German STs led by the top won by a large margin E 50 Ausf. M

Three reasons to download this thread in October

An excellent increase in combat experience and reduced prices in credits for tanks from 5 to 10 levels inclusive, will allow you to go to the end quite quickly. Plus, the cars themselves are strong and interesting, except perhaps Panther II, which is the most boring in this series.

branch of German technology

And combat missions will allow you to pump faster:

But this is not yet the main reason to download this branch.

The first reason

First of all, it is worth noting that the branch is waiting for an up in the next patch, which should be released this month. Changes will affect the booking and penetration of the most powerful vehicles E 50 and E 50 M… The given armor in the forehead of the E 50 M turret will increase from 197 to 266 mm, which will increase the survival rate.

increased armor E 50 M

E 50 in addition to the apu armor will receive increased penetration by the base shell of the top gun and increased damage of the cannon, which is carried over from the second Panther. Thus, the latest car, as well as its premium counterpart with the same gun, too get an increased alpha and it will be much more comfortable to play on them.

up german medium tanks

Second reason

It is known that the cars of this branch are great to raise the WN8 rating, especially for ST of the ninth level E 50… However, you can improve your stat while leveling the entire branch. Since the cars of the 6th and 7th level are VK 30.02 M and Panther I are quite fun and effective on the battlefield. And now also Panther ii will be able to do higher damage, her incredibly long and accurate weapon is capable of a lot.

German ST

In general, the entire branch is distinguished by accurate rapid-fire cannons, good armor for medium tanks, and at the same time quite good speed, which allows you to quickly take the best sniper positions and change directions during the battle.

Also, a very pleasant bonus here is the possibility of ramming, which, due to its high mass, speed and armor, does not leave lighter tanks a chance to survive and increases your damage. Those who like to play aggressively will appreciate it.

Third reason

Since we are talking about Panther 2, it is also worth mentioning its premium counterpart Panther 8.8, which is added along with the branch. This car can be obtained completely free of charge for completing the referral program. It will help you upgrade the crews for top tanks, give you the opportunity to earn more silver and teach you how to play this class of vehicles.Panther 8.8

The fifth stage of the referral has become a little more comfortable in passing, since now it is divided into more levels, which are psychologically easier to go through and encourage rewards in the form of bonuses, camouflages and other nice little things. Now the number of points is limited to 100 per day, so it makes no sense to zadrot. It is enough to devote only about 2 hours a day for two weeks and the cherished prem will be yours.

Of course, referral takes some time, but you immediately get a top-end premium tank of level 8, which does not need to be pumped for a long time and tiresomely. And if you get tired of it and want something new, then you can always profitably exchange it for another premium eight by Trade-in.

But now you can go through it as easy as possible, even more so if you create new account with bonuses:

  • donate premium tanks for a decade of play;
  • give 3 premium tanks to complete the Battle Pass.

How to properly register an account for a referral

Therefore, you do not need to download anything, you just need to devote a couple of hours a day to the game and in 2-3 weeks you will have a new prem tank in your Garage. You can make the process of passing the referral more pleasant if you invite a friend or register a twink with maximum bonuses… This requires:

  1. Register using a special invite link (gives premium T-127 and 600 gold).
  2. Be sure to enter an invite code ILOVETANKS (340k silver + week of prema + 500 gold).invite code ILOVETANKS
  3. Go to prizebox and take a gift For an experienced player (another week of prema + combat missions).

Can you cooperate to pass the referral with other players… Leave your applications and suggestions in our special Vkontakte topic. Dozens of tankers have already left messages there.

In total, upon entering the game, you will immediately have 1100 gold, 2 weeks of prema and 11 premium tanks… Therefore, you can re-run on gold (the higher the probability of winning and working out the safety margin). And if you go through the training (training ground), then they will give you more gold and 3 days of prema.

Also, for the referral they give bonuses, which can be saved up for another premium tank. For example, there is another German ST – Panzer 58 Mutz… Learn more about what it is good for and why it is bought for bonds.

Click on the name of the item about the referral program and a spoiler will open.

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