Three reasons to download this thread now

The technique that bends now and most importantly, will bend after the release of one of the most global patches in WoT. It is in demand in the random house and does an excellent job with LBZ.

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and in connection with the resumption of the “Battle!” in we offer our own version of the best branch for pumping in April. As you already know, we have three branches to choose from (two from the developers and one by player voting):

Each branch is good in its own way, has its own chips and features, we wrote about this in the general review of the “Fight!”

But today we will only talk about one thing – Italian medium tanks at the head Progetto 65

The first reason

The branch is quite pleasant to level up. Starting from level 6, one-time damage is already 240 units, which is considered the average value for medium tanks of level 8… Each machine in the branch has positive features that make the game comfortable:

  • acceptable one-time damage;
  • good armor penetration;
  • comfortable vertical guidance angles;
  • good dynamics.

Starting at level 8, the alpha-strike becomes moderate, at the level of average values, but significantly improved shooting accuracy and projectile flight speedin, therefore, it becomes much easier to fire ahead of time.

The only drawback of this branch can be considered poor booking.

Second reason

Here we will talk about the main feature of the Italian ST – drum recharging mechanism… It appears for the first time at level 8 in the P.44 Pantera and persists up to level 10. This is precisely the main advantage of this branch over other tanks. Looking at the performance characteristics of the top of the branch, the low one-time damage and the corresponding small DPM are striking, which is a big mistake when it comes to real performance in battle.

Magazine reloading has several features:

  • unlike standard drum, each projectile can be reloaded, which is much faster than a full reload of the magazine;
  • the more charges in the store, the faster the last one is recharged;

Based on this, with proper use, such advantages:

  • opportunity combine cyclic and drum recharge;
  • at the beginning of the firefight, it is better to play as a regular tank, through single shots, and when the enemy has less than half of the safety margin, then drive out and discharge the entire store

it simple formula for success with the use of the recharging mechanism, no other technique in the game, under equal conditions, can oppose the Italians. First of all, the victims of the “Italian mafiosi” are lightly armored ST, LT and most of the tank destroyers. Heavy weights still have more chances to tank, clinch or just ram, so you need to be careful with them.

Third reason

The technique is not simple, it requires skill and experience in the game. It is advisable to know the location of the ammo rack and tanks in order to discharge 3-4 shells there to cause the module crit. Italian STs do not forgive mistakes, and at the same time it is necessary to understand that having completely discharged the magazine, the tank will remain incapable for a long time (playing from reloading the last shell is completely unprofitable).

But players who will find common ground with the Progetto M40 mod 65, will have at their disposal a bending machine with the potential to inject a large amount of damage per battle and, accordingly, increase the chances of winning. Over the past 1.5 years Progetto 65 holds the bar in ≈ 54% wins and 2565 damage, which puts him on a par with the best heavy games in the game (which live longer due to HP and armor). And in terms of damage, it bypasses other STs and even tank destroyers.

Top Italian CTs performed well in Ranked Battles and Blogger Clash. Any clan has Progetto 65 is only welcome.

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