• May 22, 2024

Three worst tanks for bonds

They suffer in randomness and do not pay off the coupons spent on them. Do not try to buy them.

For some time, promotional and premium tanks for bonds have appeared in the World of Tanks game store. Since then, the in-game boon store has undergone several updates, with new cars added to it. But whether all of them are worthy to spend hard-earned currency on them is a question.

tanks for WoT bonds

We present the TOP-3 worst tanks for coupons, which, in our opinion, do not deserve attention and coupons spent on them. If anyone does not know, then the equipment can be purchased for vouchers right in the hangar – menu “Shop”, section “Products for vouchers”.

tanks for booms

The first three cars of the tenth level are promotional, i.e. are not considered premium and do not generate additional income. However, there are no frank cacti among them, so we will consider only the following premium cars, which are so coveted for players who have no analogues, purchased for gold or received through a referral program.

M46 Patton KR

This kind of ST, in fact, has long lost its relevance. Think for yourself, who needs a medium tank with the speed of a good TT, without armor even in the turret and a terribly oblique cannon ?!

M46 Patton KR

The Korean Patton is not distinguished by high firepower, but in fairness it should be noted that he still has positive aspects. This is a good basic view of 390 m and good UVN, although you can’t really poke around from the tower here, it still makes the game more comfortable and sometimes helps out. Therefore, in our ranking of the worst tanks for bonds, it is only in third place.

KV-4 Kreslavsky

The Soviet KV-4 heavy tank, pumped along the progression branch, has earned a bad reputation and is rightfully considered one of the worst Tier 8 heavy tanks. And not without reason, because this square hulking monster, despite the impressive numbers in the armor, turned out to be ill-suited for the current random. He never gets anywhere and becomes an easy prey for the evil pack of opponents left at the end of the battle. Kreslavsky’s brainchild became his “worthy” continuation, only much worse.

KV-4 Kreslavsky

Thanks to the irrational slopes of his armor, he gladly absorbs damage from all his classmates. This heavyweight cannot boast of any damage per shot normal for the Soviets, there is only 320 alpha here, nor the DPM at 1,772 HP / min. And the cherry on the cake is an overview of only 360 m, typical for Soviet technology, which turns him into a blind kitten glowing across the entire map due to its huge dimensions.

T-34 Shielded

Not only does this ugly under-ST barely crawl, but how does it have armor and screens, it still cannot shoot normally.

T-34 Shielded

The disgusting dynamics does not allow to play the role of ST on the T-34E, and the horse spread of the gun often forces you to charge gold or land mines, since it is almost impossible to target vulnerable points of enemy equipment from it. It will not work at all with a view of 340 m, although this is not so critical for Tier 5 vehicles, there are many blind tanks. But the view of the pumped STs is still higher – 350 m for the Soviets and 360 m for the Germans.

This is the TOP, but without departing from the topic, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the list of tanks for bonds, which nevertheless deserve attention. We also suggest reading the TOP 3 ways to farm coupons in 2020.

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