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Three worst Tier 8 heavy tanks in WoT

The main losers, the presence of tanks from this list in the team increases the likelihood of defeat. Some will say that each technique is good in its own way, but we all know that there are bending imbs, just normal tanks and those that you want to pass through and forget as soon as possible. If there are better tanks, should there be worse ones?

Hello tankers! With you Woptack and today our turn has come to a selection of the worst pumpable heavy tanks of level 8. They have the lowest average damage per battle and the worst win rate in 2019, and their performance characteristics make it difficult to fulfill their class role… With the introduction of the anonymizer, you often have to rely on command setups without resorting to the help of a reindeer gauge.

We start with the German VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. A, who, even after the up in 2017, still remains extremely dull and the most useless among his nation’s classmates. The gun has a small alpha of 320 units and a very low armor penetration of 200 mm, even for many STs this figure is higher. Therefore, it is difficult for him to enter head-on confrontation with heavy weights at close range and is practically pointless in battles at the bottom of the list. He has good accuracy, fairly fast mixing and reloading, but it is difficult to implement this in the PDM.

The second reason why Alfa-Sneaker is practically unable to fulfill its class role is weak frontal armor with a bad angle of inclination of the frontal part. If you can still try to tank at the top of the list, then the “nines” and “tens” will not notice his armor. But the sides of the hull are very thin at 80 mm, so even a Lynx 6 × 6 will be able to disassemble it with land mines. Another reason to be wary of mobile opponents is the extremely low turret traverse speed, which is also often criticized. Add to this the large dimensions and it gets a tasty target for the ACS.

The only good thing he has is a good speaker and a view of 390 meters. In general, “Nedotapok” justifies its nickname, being an intermediate link between CT and TT.

We gave the next position of our top to the American T32. In general, the whole branch is not being played in the best way now, so there is really no point in going further T29 until it is at least a little upnut.

The firepower is even weaker than that of its predecessor on the list, adjusted for the fact that armor penetration is even lower, reloads are longer, and accuracy is one of the worst among TT 8. And besides, this is the case when a pumped tank is worse than its premium counterpart … In our case, this is the T34, which has a higher armor penetration with the base shell than the T32 on gold. So we can safely say that T32 is the owner of the wretched gun among the heavies of its tier

He also has tangible problems with survivability in battle:

  • most tier 8 vehicles can punch him in the forehead almost on the auto-sight;
  • “Sixes” and “sevens” can also easily punch through the machine-gun socket;
  • it’s not even worth talking about the armor from the sides and stern, no one will notice it there;
  • poor dynamics and maneuverability + considerable dimensions, which makes it an easy prey for self-propelled guns and more mobile equipment.

Its only strengths are the relatively strong turret in the frontal projection (but at close range you can target the commander’s hatch) and comfortable UVN, allowing you to play from the terrain.

It is difficult for him to find a place for himself in battle, because he is not suitable for a breakthrough – lack of mobility, and for confident holding / defending positions, he does not have enough accuracy and penetration of the gun.

The least popular tank with one of the worst win rates and average damage is the French AMX 65 t. Initially, it even looks interesting in terms of armament, there are two weapons: a penetrating stock with a fast reload, but very long mixing time, and a top one, more damaging, but with a low breakdown. And that’s where the good news ends.

A similar situation is with the turret, which is more protected in the drain, and the top-end has large vulnerable rangefinders, so the ability to tank from the terrain is nullified due to good UVN. And not to change the tower, because 20 meters of view on the new one is still an important aspect. This tank is in trouble with booking. Engineers tried to combine the Soviet “pike nose” and the layout of the Tiger II hull. The idea was good, but it didn’t work out as it should be, so we got a criterion collector that could be pierced by everyone. The turret and hull can penetrate even lower levels from the stern and sides, and poor mobility will leave no chance to withstand the nimble and fast enemy tanks.

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VK 45.02 (P) Ausf. A



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