Three worst Tier 8 medium tanks in WoT

The main losers, the presence of tanks from this list in the team increases the likelihood of defeat. Some will say that each technique is good in its own way, but we all know that there are bending imbs, just normal tanks and those that you want to pass through and forget as soon as possible. If there are better tanks, should there be worse ones?

Hello tankers! With you Woptack and today we have three worst Tier 8 medium tanks, which share the worst win rate and non-playability in random. It is difficult to realize the potential of equipment not only in stock, but also in top-end configuration. After entering the Anonymizer and the ability to hide statistics, we can only rely on the command setups.

Let’s start with the main cactus of the Czechoslovak branch TVP VTU Koncept, which has the worst win rate in 2019 and one of the lowest average damage per battle.

Despite the alternative options in terms of guns, the tank’s firepower remains extremely mediocre.

Pre-top and top-end guns

At first, the top 105 mm gun stands out with decent one-off damage, but has a long aiming, mediocre accuracy, poor stabilization, a long reload time and low armor penetration. The previous 88mm variant is more stable, with slightly better armor penetration, but lower alpha.

Secondly, it is difficult to realize the damage because of the bad UVR. Accuracy forces you to play from the second line, and gold sub-calibers still have a weak breakdown + it decreases with distance. But surviving at medium range (and especially at close range) is very difficult due to the lack of armor. Imperfect layout leads to frequent ammo rack crits.

Next in line is a representative from China T-34-2, which slightly surpassed TVP VTU in win percentage, but lagged behind in average damage per battle.

If victories can still be attributed to luck with a good team, then the second factor directly follows from his performance characteristics. Like the previous rating tank, the T-34-2 also has two weapons to choose from:The 100mm cannon is classic for STshek, and the 122mm has a large alpha, but disgusting stabilization and long mixing. The main drawback of both guns is their very low armor penetration. Please note that such weapons have at their disposal preferential Chinese STs: Type 59 and T-34-3. Only at the same time, the Taipa 59 has even higher breakdown, more DPM, more comfortable accuracy and stabilization + it has armor and better mobility. This despite the fact that the Type 59 has long become mediocre compared to classmates. It is at least not normal that preferential bonuses are stronger than their pumped counterpart at level 8.

After the conversion to HD, the quality of the booking deteriorated The hull armor breaks even through levels 6 and 7. The tower can still sometimes tank, but the payback for this is very bad UVN.

One of the main reasons for the low average damage per battle is the very inconvenient structure of the pumping tree. Therefore, without the infusion of freedom, the process of transferring to the top is long and painful due to the complete uselessness of the T-34-2.

And completes our anti-rating American T69, which can only be explored through light tanks. In this regard, this is one of the most unusual and inconvenient branches due to retraining of the crew: 1-7 levels are light tanks, 8-9 are medium and top branches are heavy.

The main feature of the tank is shell loading drum with a fairly fast general reload and an internal one between shots. But this is aggravated by the frequent criticism of the ammunition rack, so if the belt is on CD, then the expectation of reloading will greatly increase.

The problem of the tank is that it is an intermediate link between LT and ST, took a little from each class, but cannot fully play the role of any of them. He has high visibility and good mobility, but absolutely no armor, and the silhouette matches the CT, not the LT.

It is difficult to play from the terrain due to comfortable UVDs for three reasons:

  • The accuracy is mediocre;
  • long mixing;
  • armor penetration with a basic projectile is one of the lowest among classmates.

However, it has gold cumulatives with a fairly high breakdown, but it is not profitable to reload the drum every time, and it will be very expensive to play on special shells. Therefore, it is long and expensive to complete T69 without a premium account. The ambiguous firepower makes it gold-dependent and, accordingly, very costly (or you can “suffer” by keeping the silver supply intact, but then your nervous system will get it).

Worst ST

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