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TOP 10 best films on computer games

The virtual entertainment industry is an important part of human culture today, affecting almost all of us to some extent. It no longer surprises anyone that whole full-length films are shot for games, claiming a worthy place in the viewer’s film library.

TOP 10 films based on computer games

Unfortunately, while the quality and level of popularity of such tapes are far from always at a high level. This is partly to blame – high expectations of the publicwho, after enjoying the game, wants to get the most out of the movie. Author’s interpretation, inconsistency with lore, plot holes – the main problems of the genre

On the other hand, to see familiar characters on the screen is a good opportunity to dive deeper into the essence of history and discover new, hitherto unknown, facets of the virtual world. Today, our focus is on successful projects… Many of these films have become classics, while others simply did not lose face, which can already be considered a good result.

Mortal Kombat

Mortal Kombat.  1995 year

Director: Paul Anderson;

Genre: science fiction, action;

Year of issue: 1995.

About it fighting game any self-respecting gamer knows. A game Mortal kombat thanks to consoles, it became available even before the ubiquity of computers and quickly gained its well-deserved popularity.

The release of the film of the same name was not long in coming. Its indisputable advantages include a good staging of combat scenes. In the “nineties” many neglected this aspect, therefore Mortal Kombat turned out to be at the forefront of really high-quality cinema. Don’t forget about the stunning musical score that fans of the franchise will recognize from the first few notes.

The film turned out to be really atmospheric. Team Paul Anderson managed to solve a very difficult task – to create a story for the game, which did not have a full-fledged lore.

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (fantasy, adventure, 2001)

Director: Simon West;

Genre: fantasy, adventure;

Year of issue: 2001.

Here the movie came out not so unambiguous. Of course fans Angelina Jolie disagree, but the picture turned out to be quite trivial. Adventure genre – a slippery slope for filmmakers who need to fill the movie with cool effects to compensate for the lack of a quality storyline.

Adjusted for 2001, Simon West managed to make a good film in style Indiana Jones… Jolie easily copes with monsters, solves incredibly difficult problems and does not give any doubts about her brilliance.

Resident Evil

Resident Evil (Action, Horror, 2002)

Director: Paul Anderson;

Genre: action, horror;

Year of issue: 2002.

A game Resident evil in the genre Horror and “Survival” quickly gained popularity and appeared on the big screen. Paul Anderson invited to the main role Millu Jovovich and she made no mistake – a spectacular and elegant young lady, not without pleasure, deals with opponents throughout the entire action.

There is also a decent plot available. An attempt to dilute the action movie with elements of a horror movie turned out to be quite successful. The game allowed the creators of the picture act within the lore, which largely predetermined the final success of the project.

Exactly the first film was the most successful, the rest of the parts were greeted rather coolly by the audience. The adaptation gave a powerful impetus to the development of the game and added popularity to the entire franchise.


Doom (horror, action, 2005)

Director: Andrzej Bartkowiak;

Genre: horror, action;

Year of issue: 2005.

If you include a little fantasy, you might think that Doom Is the continuation of the Resident Evil series of films. The picture was coolly received by the audience and the main reason for this is author’s interpretation… There is little demonic in the film, and mutants seemed to many to be a rather primitive way out of the situation.

The plot also raises questions, but the game of the same name Doom also cannot boast of a complicated story, yet the project is not about that. The huge advantage of the picture is the cast with Dwayne Johnson and Karl Urban, which are now included in the cohort of stars of the first magnitude.

With the task of making a peppy action movie Bartkoviak definitely did it, but the fans of the franchise have a feeling of some understatement.

Silent Hill

Silent Hill (horror, 2006)

Director: Christoph Hans;

Genre: horror;

Year of issue: 2006.

Grumbling fans of the game series Silent Hill can be understood. For the sake of a beautiful picture and plot content, some important details of the lore were ignored. The movie turned out to be more dynamic, but less thoughtful, turned into action instead of thinking… However, it is necessary to understand that the film and the game are different things and not always the same methods of achieving success work here.

Judging by the positive assessments of the audience, we are dealing with a picture of a sufficiently high quality, which remains very good “horror”. It is easier for a person who is not familiar with the game to find dignity in the film, since such a viewer is free from prejudices.


Hitman (Action, 2007)

Director: Xavier Jance;

Genre: Action;

Year of issue: 2007.

Stealth the game about the assassin became a real hit and made filmmakers think about the film adaptation. The gamer was asked to eliminate the target or complete another task in a convenient way. Developers Hitman encouraged smart killingby giving out bonuses if the player managed to avoid unnecessary noise, but the film destroyed this concept to the core.

Xavier Janceapparently inspired by an example Luc Besson, who is not averse to chopping into cabbage a whole crowd of antagonists in his masterpieces. Therefore, the main character gets rid of unnecessary modesty and just goes to kill everyone, not thinking too much about the consequences.

At the same time, a mercenary raised in an incubator learns human emotions, because an action movie without a love line is bad manners. Interpol and the “bad Russians” are also available. Initially, they planned to attract Diesel wines, but since he refused, he had to take the rap Timothy Olyphant

Also there is a 2015 film version, but she did not save the day.

Need for Speed: Need for Speed

Need for Speed: Need for Speed ​​(Action, 2014)

Director: Scott Waugh;

Genre: Action;

Year of issue: 2014.

It’s hard to find a gamer not familiar with this legendary racing series. For some Need for speed – these are childhood memories, for others – a reality in which speed is the main value and the ultimate goal. Now the franchise has hit the big screens, but not everyone is impressed.

Cool cars, high speeds, its own atmosphere – these are the advantages of cinema, with which it is very difficult to argue. Scott Waugh fully implemented the main idea of ​​the franchise, providing us with a juicy picture. Unfortunately, the plot is getting worse – nothing really came up with it, and the attempt to add a little drama failed miserably.

Of course, it’s hard to get some lore out of a racing arcade, but the film Need for Speed: Need for Speed, in the opinion of many, it loses even to its counterparts.

Assassin’s Creed

Assassin's Creed (sci-fi, action, 2016)

Director: Justin Kurzel;

Genre: science fiction, action;

Year of issue: 2016.

Series Assassin’s creed – this is stealth, fights and open world… New parts of the electronic product still excite the minds of gamers, so the appearance of the film remained a matter of time.

The demanding audience immediately made a complaint to the tape – the picture has little to do with the game. The original script was written, which reminded of the franchise only with ghostly outlines. Although it is very difficult to reproach Assassin’s Creed in the absence of lore.

On the other side of the scale, the creators putand a good staging of battle scenes and a promise to release the second part of his creation. But so far, public reviews are very contradictory.


Warcraft (fantasy, action, 2016)

Director: Duncan Jones;

Genre: fantasy, action;

Year of issue: 2016.

This film can be safely called one of the most successful adaptations of computer games. World Wow extremely busy and filmmakers have a lot to turn around. Game creator – company Blizzard – did not abandon her creation to the mercy of fate and oversaw the filming process until it was released on the big screen.

The advantages of the film include excellent graphics, well-developed battle scenes, a plot, which even an ordinary viewer can delve into.

Especially for gamers – many easter eggs and referrals, causing nostalgia and a desire to plunge into the world again Warcraft

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu

Pokemon.  Detective Pikachu (fantasy, 2019)

Director: Rob Letterman;

Genre fiction;

Year of issue: 2019.

At one time, Pokémon simply blew up television, becoming the idols of young people and the object of ridicule from the older generation. This boom sparked the emergence of computer games based on anime, and now the film industry is taking the next step with the release of a full-length film. Pokemon: Detective Pikachu

The viewer finds himself in a world where Pokémon coexist with humans. Tim and the most pop hero of the franchise – Pikachu, go in search of the boy’s father. During the investigation, they will meet the characters familiar to the fans of the series and overcome many obstacles on their way.

It is difficult to criticize the film, because it is not based on lore, and the show itself is too sweet and easy to provoke the anger of the audience. Do not forget about nostalgia that many of us will surely experience.

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