• September 30, 2023

TOP 10 best Lords in Total War: Warhammer 2

Incredible characters, from which the blood runs cold. Find out which of them are rightfully called the most spectacular and victorious and for what reason.

3 legendary lords of the Warhammer: Total War universe

There are many races and factions in Total War Warhammer 2. Each has its own lord. Much depends on the abilities of the commander, especially the tactics of warfare. The main thing – do not forget about the individual characteristics of each lord. If some can turn the tide of the battle alone with the help of magic, then others will definitely need to cover their own troops. Therefore, the choice of a military leader should be approached as responsibly as possible. Also, do not forget about your personal preferences. Some of the players will be more interesting compete in duels. Someone, on the contrary, wants full battle with all its magnitude. The following are the very best Lords featured in the game.

Manfred von Carstein (Vampires)

One of the finest vampire lords

One of the most powerful vampires. Possesses powerful spells that allow you to restrain the onslaught of the enemy army. Manfred can study two schools of magic togetherand also has a full set of legendary items in his arsenal. Moreover, he is good melee master… It moves on a dead dragon, which can obviously cause a lot of trouble to its opponents. Therefore, all factors considered, Manfred is a dangerous threat to an unprepared enemy.

However, there is one important detail to keep in mind. If Manfred dies in battle, then the army surrenders completely

So, despite his strength, this lord should be treated with caution. It is not recommended to use it in the front ranks if there are large enemy forces.

Malekith (Dark Elves)

Dark Elf Lord

He is the owner of a truly destructive force. First of all, all the power lies in black magic… Strong spells will not leave a chance even for tenacious opponents. In this case, magic goes in conjunction with the excellent skills of a fighter. It means that defeating Malekith in a duel will not be easy.

Additionally, he has at his disposal a dragon that deals huge damage. If this lord takes possession of the full equipment, and also receives Kane’s sword, it will become almost immortal. In this state, Malekith is very dangerous. He will maintain a high attack speed, defeat other people’s monsters with crushing spells. This character is effective both against a single opponent and against whole hordes of opponents. Also an undoubted advantage is that the army does not depend from Malekith. Therefore, this lord can be safely led into battle.

Mazdamundi (Lizardmen)

A genius of spells and a great wizard!

Has a significant drawback. Mazdamundi not very good in close combat. Nevertheless, all tactics of the battle in the game for this lord are reduced to spells. Here, however, there is a small feature. The Lord has a limit on the number of charges. but crushing magic makes Mazdamundi one of the most powerful spellcasters in the game.

Can turn the tide of battle.

This will require providing the Lord with reliable protection. The main thing is not to allow warriors who have good command of melee technique. Then the result of the battle will definitely be in favor of the Lizardmen.

Count Noctil (Vampire Coast)

The lucky owner of the ship golem

He is the owner of a unique mount in Warhammer: an entire golem ship, armed to the teeth. it main feature this lord. The giant ship provides Count Noctil with a high level of protection. His ship is very useful for maneuvering in battle. In general, the lord’s melee and magic stats are above average. That is why Count Noctil can give significant rebuff to other lords and large enemy armies.

Tyrion (High Elves)

Warhammer's greatest duelist

The best duelist in terms of close combat. Especially dangerous if received Kane’s sword. This will allow Tyrion to become much stronger, as well as pose the highest threat to the enemy. After receiving the coveted artifact, the lord will receive high speed, increased armor, as well as huge damage. All these indicators will allow you to crush enemy ranks, make foreign lords suffer, quickly dying from powerful and quick blows of Tyrion.

However, all Warhammer players are often noticed the main drawback of the character is his personal horse. It’s just an animal to ride without special skills… If suddenly Tyrion is surrounded, then you will have to rely only on your own strength and speed.

Teclis (High Elves)

Fragile but strong magician

Along with Mazdamundi is one of the strongest magicians in the game. In a special DLC, it has the Arcane Phoenix, which allows Teclis to single-handedly destroy multiple enemy units. The lord himself owns several elements. In this way, he perfectly supports his troops in battle.

It is true that Teclis is weak in close combat. Therefore, he constantly needs the protection of his own troops.

Imrik (High Elves)

Worthy Lord of the High Elves

The lord has at his disposal Star Dragon. In terms of characteristics, the rest of the mounts are clearly inferior (except, perhaps, the ship of Count Noctil). This Dragon is the most real a threat to the infantry opponent – he can simply crush her.

Imrik resistant to fire damage. This ensures it spell protection and magical attacks from other factions. Although the safety of the lord can not be worried. Imrik is good in close combat, has a large amount of armor-piercing damage, so it will be difficult for foreign armies to fight this character.

Wulfrig the Wanderer (Norsca)

Guardian and Leader of the North

Is the chief lord of the residents of Norsca. Despite the weak variety of units of this faction, Wulfrig perfectly compensates for this shortcoming. Possesses brilliant melee abilities, which allows you to fight other legendary lords one on one. Very dangerous as a duelist.

The riding animal is a mammoth. When Wulfrig uses it, then becomes more secure from enemy attacks. This lord, in conjunction with a mammoth, is a formidable weapon against enemy infantry.

Holek (Chaos)

Enemy infantry threat

Favorite of many fans of the series. Possesses high travel speed, strong damage. The main feature of the lord is an armor-piercing attack. Penetrates armor of legendary lords and enemy units with enviable ease. Also deals area damage, which allows you to effectively deal with enemy infantry.

One of the most dangerous characters in the game. In conjunction with Kane’s sword becomes almost invulnerable… After pumping, he can cope with the enemy army even alone. That is why Holek is dearly loved by a large number of players.

Archaon (Chaos)

The best representative of Chaos.  The main antagonist of the game

Happy owner of high performance both melee and magic. In battle, it is used in different ways. This is the character’s versatility. Archaon owns Fire spells, so he can perform support functions, or he can at any time throw yourself into hell, tearing the ranks of the enemy.

It has a significant drawback in the form of a simple mount. An ordinary horse will not allow Archaon to quickly get out of the environment. So, having high strength, you still should not leave this lord alone.

Like other legendary lords, Archaon is advised to obtain the Sword of Kane.

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