• February 22, 2024

TOP 10 best mods for Among Us

The community of people who create user-generated content have been able to unleash their abilities incredibly cool in this social mafia. Mods add new gameplay to the game, for example, they allow you to drag and drop the defeated, use skins and much more.

TOP 10 best mods for Among Us

Although the release of Among Us was in 2018, the game gained popularity only in 2020, becoming a great option for spending time in this strange period. Players played the role of crew members, playing millions of rounds in an attempt to reveal who is the traitor on the spaceship (and not only in this location). Finding traitors involves chatting and chatting to figure out who killed the other crew members. This immersive game design continues to keep players around the world, which was also significantly helped by the release on mobile platforms.

Due to the huge popularity of the game, the emergence of a large variety of mods was only a matter of time. Some ideas are so ingenious that game developers should have added them in official updates.

100 players

Mod for Among Us 100 players

The aftermath of hysteria on the battle royale genre continues to show up in various games. So it’s no surprise that the Among Us modding community has also joined the trend. The 100 player mod speaks for itself: the game involves 100 crew members at the same time.

Naturally, this is as chaotic as it sounds. Despite the fact that there are clearly too many crew members in the mod for such a game, it is worth trying it at least for crazy fun

Moving Fallen Brothers

Mod for Among Us to move bodies

It would seem that the idea of ​​moving the defeated crew members is pretty simple, but it radically changes the gameplay. In this mod, traitors can drag the destroyed ones, which opens up countless opportunities for them hide, expose other players or just confuse all crew members.

This mod certainly makes the traitor stronger than in the original game. At the same time, the gameplay becomes even more balanced. And this mod looks like this, as if it was originally conceived by the developers, but the idea was abandoned right before the release.

Character skins

Mod for Among Us on skins

Other online games have given a lot of attention to the change of appearance, but Among Us there are not many options for customizing your character. Even though such a game does not need a large selection of skins, the ability to wear a unique costume is still important, because it makes it easier for the player to associate himself with the character.

Fortunately, there are many add-ons that you can change the color of the model and add unique outfits of the crew members to the game… Therefore, if fans of the game have ever wanted to be not only an astronaut, but also Spider-Man, it’s time to install mods for skins.

Infected Zombie Traitors

Zombie Mod for Among Us

A mod that changes the whole essence of Among Us. In it, the infected crew members look like classic zombies from most multiplayer games. The traitor acts as a walkerwho only needs to touch a crew member to infect him. The infected become the new zombies and hunt the remaining astronauts.

Traitors win when all crew members become zombies. Crew members win when all objectives are completed (before each of them gets infected). This mod is a great opportunity to play fun and diversify the gameplay after the traditional Among Us.

The floor is lava

Mod for Among Us half-glory

The “Floor is Lava” mod changes the classic game beyond recognition. When this mod is activated, every few minutes random room fills with lava… Players must have time to get up on a hill before they find themselves in the lava. Those who remain in it drop out of the game.

Traitors have no effect, which can make the game much shorter. This mod adds dynamics and fun to the game, reminiscent of children’s games in the yard.

Role of the doctor

Mod for Among Us as a doctor

The role of the doctor is one of the most popular topics among the Among Us modding community. Plus, adding new positions to the gameplay dramatically transforms the game. One of these fresh roles is character doctor that a random player becomes… He gains the ability to heal crew members killed by a traitor.

In addition to the fact that such a mod adds dynamics to the game, it also creates gameplay problems due to the fact that a reborn player can betray a traitor… But if you agree before starting the game that the cured players do not reveal the impostors, this mod can be extremely interesting.

Download modification for the role of doctor for Among As for free.

Sheriff’s role

Mod for Among Us for the role of the sheriff

Adding new positions to Among Us is even more engaging, especially if the classic gameplay is boring. One of the most interesting roles that can be added to the game through modifications is the sheriff. At the beginning of the game, a player is randomly selected to receive this position. He has the opportunity remove one crew member… Of course, it is the traitor who must be removed.

In case the sheriff removes an innocent player, they both leave the game… This is an incredibly interesting mod that adds excitement and tension to the already addicting gameplay.

Download the modification for the role of the sheriff for Among As for free.

The role of the snitch

Mod for Among Us for the role of a snitch

One of the new role-playing mods is an addon with the addition of the role of a snitch. This position is randomly assigned to one of the players, but he must not give himself out until the very end of the game. As soon as the informer has one task to complete, he will find out who the traitor is.

But not everything is so simple. The traitor also finds out who the informer is. As all these events unfold, an exciting ending occurs, in which both the player with the new role and the impostor try to convince the others that they are right.

The role of the jester

Mod for Among Us for the role of a jester

Another new role in Among Us, added by mods. The role of the jester is very interesting and unique, as it affects the fate of the entire game. One player randomly gets this position, and his goal is now to other players voted against him.

While traitors are walking around the entire location killing crew members, the jester should behave as suspiciously as possible so that the players mistake him for an impostor. If a jester is chosen in the vote, he will win. The mod adds a unique sense of tension to both traitors and crew members. After all, you need to do your best not to succumb to the provocations of the jester.

Chat with nearby players

Among Us Chat Mod

One of the main drawbacks according to fans of Among Us is that communication between players is limited. chat or voice communication on Discord. However, it makes sense. After all, if it was possible to talk during the game, the crew members would immediately reveal the names of the traitors.

The chat mod with nearby players is designed to correct this flaw. It allows voice chat during main gameplay, but only if the characters of the players are close to each other. This modification is still improving, but it’s worth giving credit to a simple yet ingenious idea. Such voice communication is even more captivating and makes the gameplay fun and lively.

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