• October 1, 2022

TOP 10 best mods that add animals to the game

A selection of exciting modifications to dilute the gameplay. We present to your attention the add-ons that will appeal to all players and will complement any build well.

A selection of modifications for mobs

“Vanilla” Minecraft is often boring and no longer happy. In such cases, various mods come to the rescue, diluting the gameplay. The most important thing is to try as many modifications as possible to see the additional beauty of the game, or simply to diversify the gameplay.

Below are the 10 best mods for adding mobs to Minecraft. Some of them will add complexity to the game, as aggressive monsters will appear on the map. Others simply diversify the animal world.

Alex’s mobs

Alex's mobs

Adds to the game about 40 new creatures. Among them are animals from the real world: kangaroos, elephants, lobsters and many others. There are also fictional ones, for example: mimicubs or vultures of souls. Each monster will have your own model of behavior… The mod is perfect for fans of building zoos both in single and on servers.

Ice and Fire: Dragons

Ice and Fire: Dragons with images of fire-breathing reptiles

Suitable for fans of the fantasy world, especially fans of the Harry Potter series or the Lord of the Rings. Ice and Fire: Dragons will dilute the Minecraft universe mythical creatures: hippogriffs, pixies, gorgons, dragons, ghosts, sirens and many more. Experienced players will appreciate the ability to fight with opponents of different complexity. There will be enough adventures for everyone: somewhere you will have to fight with whole villages of fairies, and in some places you will have to win resources from fire-breathing reptiles.

Also in Ice and Fire: Dragons you can ride a dragon!

Exotic Birds

Exotic birds in Exotic Birds

Adds to the game about 30 kinds of birds. In addition to the species themselves, birds from one order have several breeds at once. therefore the number of possible combinations reaches 100… In each biome, you can find bird nests, where eggs will spawn (up to 3 pieces). Like vanilla (chicken) eggs, these eggs can be used as shells and thrown. With some probability, certain species of birds will hatch from there. An egg analyzer will also appear in the game, which will show a small characteristic of future chicks.

Lycanites mobs

Mod for scary monsters

Suitable for amateurs ugly and terrible creatures. Minecraft will replenish about 115 creepy creatures. They all have their own power level, and some of them will even be marked as bosses. Thanks to a wide range of possibilities and a huge amount of these mobs, the player will be able to feel like in a new, more aggressive environment.

Lycanites Mobs diversifies the gameplay: Minecrafter will have to meet many interesting creatures, from passive arizaurs peacefully munching grass, to demonic Rahowart, who will summon additional minions and incinerate the player with his fiery effects.

Mystical world

Mystical mod with funny little endera

This mod makes very few changes to Minecraft: only only 10 mobs. Among them: mini-enders, deer, frogs, silver foxes and others. Also, the mod changes the vanilla squid. it the add-on is perfect for weak PCs, as well as for those players who do not want to remake vanilla, but only want to complement it.

Additionally, there is the possibility of crafting “Mysticum encyclopedias”. This is a kind of instruction that will help you understand this modification. The item is created simply, but with its help you will not have to constantly go to the add-on page.



The name of this mod speaks for itself. Adds rats, and with them additional elements of the gameplay. Now it will be possible to create a whole army of little helpers. Mobs spawn in the dark and are initially afraid of the player.

But there are still plague rats… They will behave aggressively towards minecraft. Also, these creatures infect their own kind. However, if tamed, they will be immune to disease.

Tamed rodents can be used for hunting, collecting and transporting items. Also rats help in battles. But do not forget that wild mobs can burrow through the ground and steal food directly from chests.

Also, rats move by gnawing wood. This must be taken into account when building a house.

Better Animals Plus

Better Animals Plus

This addon was originally conceived as an add-on to Better Animal Models, but is now a standalone mod. And this, undoubtedly, did him good, because the author has steeply developed his project, and now his additional content with animals is one of the best in Minecraft.

Adds new textures for vanilla animals… Additionally Better Animals Plus updates the fauna in the game – deer, octopuses, giant squids and turkeys will appear. The mod fits perfectly into vanilla Minecraft, as it doesn’t change its gameplay much.

Animania farm

Farm animal breeds at Animania Farms

Cool modification, the author of which focused on adding farm animals. With this add-on, many varieties of animals from the real world that are familiar to us will appear in the game. In the course of the passage, you will meet the same cows, pigs and chickens, but the author has added different breeds for them. Each subspecies will breed separately, and this too will pleasantly complicate the gameplay.

Wild animals in the Animania trilogy

Another super mod that adds wild representatives of the fauna, namely: hedgehogs, peacocks, ferrets, hamsters, three species of amphibians, among which there are frogs, toads and frogs-darts. Peacocks can be propagated. Hedgehogs, ferrets and hamsters can be tamed, but they must not be bred. Therefore, you will always have to look for them in their natural habitat.

Also Animania Extra Animals adds new items… You can craft balls and wheels for your own hamsters. In conjunction with industrial mods that add mechanisms, it is possible to generate current using these animals.

Animania Cats & Dogs

Cats and Dogs in Animania: Cats and Dogs

The purpose of this addon is clear from its name. After installing it, you will be able to access 13 dog breeds and 7 cat breeds… There will also be realistic foxes, wolves and ocelots. However, they will not be found in the jungle or other biomes. Instead of this they can be redeemed from a special animal dealerwho is a villager.

Additionally, the mod adds some functional and decorative blocks, for example, cat or dog beds, bowls, booths and much more.

Mods for Minecraft are different: realistic, belligerent or even cheating. For those who are too lazy to choose add-ons for their game, we have the best selection of mods for the cube world. Well, fans of vanilla can ask us how to choose the best server for themselves.

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