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Top 10 best New Year musicals

Top 10 best New Year musicals

In the New Year’s season, I really want to see something kind, fiery and capable of giving festive emotions. Watching cool New Year’s musicals has become a good tradition for many: these are excellent musical fairy tales that inspire hope for a miracle, immersed in magic and allow you to feel the real atmosphere of the holiday. The performances are based on the plots of fairy tales and other popular works known to everyone from childhood, famous artists play the main roles, and you want to dance to your favorite songs.

Watching and revising New Year’s musicals is also pleasant because there good always triumphs over evil, they have a lot of sparkling humor, and they evoke nostalgic feelings in us for those bygone times, when they were still played on TV – now they are no longer filmed like that. Therefore, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the selection the best holiday musicals for a fun New Year’s Eve, which will give a wonderful mood and a sense of a fairy tale.

gold fish

Goldfish musical

Director: Alexander Igudin

Genre: musical, comedy

Year of issue: 2008

The famous fairy tale by Pushkin in a new way tells about daughters of the Old Man and the Old Woman – the beautiful Maryushkawho is very picky about grooms. And many are wooing her, including the most enviable groom, who is ready to arrange a real debacle in a fashion boutique in order to please her. But the girl loves a simple Ivanushka the fisherman …

The plot, although simple, remains intriguing to the very end: can Marya and Ivanushka the fisherman end up together or not. And so that in their fate everything turned out exactly as it should, they will come to their aid gold fish performed by Elena Vorobei. And under loud incendiary songs and merry dances, love and kindness will certainly win.

Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood musical

Director: Alexander Igudin

Genre: musical, comedy

Year of issue: 2012

Verka Serduchka plays the role of Little Red Riding Hood, who is not only engaged in the family business – selling pies, but also dreams of becoming a pop starhaving great talent for this. For the sake of her dream, she even goes on a big journey, but she can’t do without a classic plot – the Wolf, the grandmother and the hunters.

However, in addition to this, other characters are included in the story. So, in the forest, Little Red Riding Hood meets a charming The princess, whom the evil Stepmother Queen sent for the snowdrops, and decides to help her. They will have incredible adventures in the forest and throughout the kingdom, and the Princess will also meet with a young Hunterwith whom she will fall in love.

There is also the 2008 Russian musical “Little Red Riding Hood” directed by Semyon Gorov, in which Nastya Kamenskikh and Potap play the roles of Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf. This is a modernized version of Charles Perrault’s fairy tale – with youth slang, mobile phones and rapper wolves on motorcycles.

Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors

Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors musical

Director: Alexander Igudin

Genre: musical, comedy

Year of issue: 2007

The musical is based on the tale of Vitaly Gubarev and the film by Alexander Row. Twin sisters Masha and Nastya through the TV miraculously move to the Kingdom of Business Wash, which on the contrary means “Show business”. The music competition “Crooked Vision” is held here, which should bring together performers from all countries.

Yes, only villains – Queen Anidag and the kite Pilif want to win by themselves, therefore, arrange a scam, due to which other participating countries do not receive invitations. However, the competition still needs to be held somehow, so the organizers are hastily trying to find replacements for the participants who did not come. Meanwhile, Masha and Nastya, who have learned about the secret of the fabulous villains, are forced to hide, but try to make sure that good overcomes evil.

Aladdin’s New Adventures

The New Adventures of Aladdin the Musical

Director: Alexander Igudin

Genre: musical

Year of issue: 2011

A modernized New Year’s story with an oriental flavor and a slightly changed plot. Aladdin here is simple Russian guy Alyosha performed by Oskar Kuchera, who comes to a distant overseas country, accompanying a merchant, and takes a local name for himself, so that it would be easier for locals to contact him.

And in unfamiliar lands, adventures are already awaiting him: this is an acquaintance with a genie – more precisely, a charismatic a genie woman, and confronting an insidious villain, and flying on a comfortable flying carpet, which literally looks like the cabin of an airplane, and, of course, meeting the love of your life – magnificent oriental princess Budur performed by Ani Lorak.

Three Musketeers

The Three Musketeers the Musical

Director: Tina Barkalaya

Genre: musical, comedy

Year of issue: 2004

Although the musical was released in 2004, here we see a very modern trend of gender equality: the three Musketeers in this story are not men, but charming and courageous women with swords in their hands, and the cardinal performed by Verka Serduchka is also a woman, insidious Madame Richelieu… D’Artagnan was played by Vladimir Zelensky, who also acted as the scriptwriter of the musical.

Unlike some other New Year’s TV musicals, these are not separate recapitulations with clip numbers, but one-piece musical film… Young D’Artagnan will face glorious battles hand in hand with the women’s regiment of de Treville, the fight against the intrigues of the cardinals, the pursuit of diamond pendants and, of course, great love in the face beautiful Constance, as in the novel by Dumas the father.


Morozko musical

Director: Alexander Igudin

Genre: musical

Year of issue: 2010

Shy girl Nastenka, played by Nastya Zadorozhnaya, constantly blows away from her wicked stepmother performed by Verka Serduchka and her rude daughter. The girl’s own father does not dare to say a word, fearing to contradict his wife. But one day love will come to the life of a shy poor Nastenka in her face. beautiful Ivan Tsarevich

True, everyone is trying to prevent this love and separate the young. Due to the intrigues of her stepmother, the main character finds herself in a dense forest, but there she meets the kind wizard Morozko and Babu Yaga, which in this version of the tale is a real beauty – the duet of Yuri Stoyanov and Christina Orbakaite. They help Nastya, but, accidentally touching the magic staff, she turns into an ice sculpture, which can only be melted by the kiss of her lover.

The Snow Queen

Snow Queen musical

Director: Maxim Papernik

Genre: musical

Year of issue: 2003

An impressive acting duet of Nikolai Baskov as Kai and Kristina Orbakaite as Gerda, as well as ideally suited for the role of the cold and unapproachable, but charming Snow Queen Laima Vaikule. The plot is not complete without the attributes of modernity: the domineering woman the Snow Queen enchants Kai and takes him away, to make him a pop star

The brave Gerda must go in search of her friend: there is a dangerous journey ahead of her… On her way, the girl meets a colorful couple Karl and Clara, the Flower Fairy, who sang a beautiful song for her, a group of robbers led by the Ataman, the Prince and Princess and other characters who will help her in her dangerous, but such interesting adventures.

Chasing two hares

Chasing two hares musical

Director: Maxim Papernik, Vadim Savitsky, Artem Litvinenko

Genre: musical, comedy

Year of issue: 2003

A colorful and funny remake of the 1961 feature film, revealing such pop stars as Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin in unusual images. Daughter of the owner of a supermarket chain Tonya Korovyak dreams of fame and wants to go to the “Star Factory”. Parents indulge her in everything, and only the aunt performed by Verka Serduchka is not at all delighted with her talent.

One day he pays attention to Tonya stylist-hairdresser Alexey Chizhov – a charming young man who seems to be ready for anything for her. But in fact, he owes a large amount of money to the director of the local market, so now he is getting acquainted with the Mullein family pursues personal selfish goals


Cinderella musical

Director: Semyon Gorov

Genre: musical, romance, comedy

Year of issue: 2002

A romantic New Year’s fairytale fantasy that can be revisited forever, and all the actors are ideally suited for their roles. Cinderella performed by Yulia Mavrina – modest and naive girl, forced to fulfill the whims of a cruel, albeit charismatic stepmother, played by Lolita and her half-sisters, one of whom is played by Verka Serduchka.

But on New Year’s Eve, real miracles happen. And one day, when the stepmother with her daughters leaves for the big royal ball, Fairy-Godmother appears in the courtyard of the house… She supplies Cinderella with a luxurious outfit, a carriage, crystal shoes and a reminder that the magic dissipates at midnight… But before that time, the girl will have time to have fun at the ball, get to know the King, and also meet with handsome princewho falls in love with her.

Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka

Evenings on a farm near Dikanka musical

Director: Semyon Gorov

Genre: musical, fantasy, comedy

Year of issue: 2001

A new reading of the works of Gogol, one of the first New Year’s TV musicalswhose success is due to the music of Konstantin Meladze and the magic of Ukrainian farm evenings. The action begins in the picturesque Dikanka on the eve of Christmas. Each resident of the village has its own difficulties: so, blacksmith Vakula is unrequitedly in love with the beautiful Oksana, and Solokha performed by Lolita is not as simple as it seems …

To win Oksana’s heart, Vakula must go to Petersburg to the queen herself and ask her for slivers, and for this he will first have to tame evil spirits in the face of a funny Traitplayed brilliantly by Philip Kirkorov.

We also recommend other New Year’s compilations to cheer up:

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