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TOP 10 best strategies for smartphones and tablets Android

Do you want to try those games that are ready to challenge logical thinking? Then strategies for Android with an abundance of diverse possibilities are what you need. The best of the best will help quench your thirst for games and exercise your brain in your spare time. In all of them, strategy is important, only it will allow you to emerge from the battle as a winner.


The player will have to get used to the role of the president, who governs his own island in the tropics, namely in the Caribbean. The player can adjust all aspects of the life of his society and develop the island. We can lay new roads, build structures, train residents and create an army. Particular attention is paid to the management of the state’s economy.

Residents constantly need to improve the infrastructure, then in the best educational institutions and other benefits of civilization. There will be regular suggestions from advisers on various issues. There will definitely be something to do. There are other islands around that you will have to interact with. A nice feature of the game is a well-developed sandbox mode that gives you full control over the island. Each player will choose for himself whether to be a benevolent president or a tyrant.

Link to apkvision.com.


This is an attractive tower defense game that works great on your smartphone. She abandons the usual level passage in order to give preference to the philosophy of the sandbox. The abundance of strategic decisions on the construction of defense will help you create your own tactics and style of defense.

The game offers many things to control and build paths at different levels. It is possible to manage the extraction of resources for construction, as well as create defensive lines to protect the devices for the extraction of resources. You don’t get used to the game right away, but it quickly addicts. It is enough to get used to it a little and all its depth will be revealed. Plus it is also that multiplayer modes are available.

Link to apkvision.com.

Civilization Revolution 2

Civilization Revolution 2 is based on one of the most popular strategy games of all time. The mobile version offers a somewhat simplistic look, but it still remains a decent product.

The game offers to take on the role of a legendary leader who is about to build an empire. There are a lot of tasks: to increase the production of goods, to win local clashes with barbarians, to raise an army and, in general, to create the most influential empire. We can win when we achieve any of the tasks:

  • capture all rival capitals;
  • create the World Bank and collect 20,000 gold;
  • buy and transform 20 cities, wonders of the world or great people and rebuild the UN;
  • first to launch a spaceship.

The project may not be that perfect compared to the PC version, but the optimization is pretty good. True, the game is not free.

Link to apkvision.com.

XCOM: Enemy Within

The next mobile strategy game is the expansion to XCOM: Enemy Unknown. It has new sets of abilities, improvements and weapons that will be very useful to repel alien invasions. The game may not be new, but it is still wonderful and relevant to play in 2020. Moves are used to move around the map. For winning battles, you are given funds that can be used to upgrade your army.

Link to apkvision.com.

Fire emblem: heroes

The game is sent to the times of the popularity of Nintendo, but is released for Android. It contains the favorite characters of the branded games, but shows them in a new light and in a completely unique story. Everything revolves around the confrontation between the noble kingdom of Askran and the Emblian Empire, which seeks to conquer all worlds. The player will have to create the great heroes of the Fire Emblem and help the kingdom to survive.

The game provides a story mode, as well as additional maps for duels, arenas and training. Duel and Arena – multiplayer game modes that will allow you to enjoy an exciting journey and skirmishes with real enemies.

Link to apkvision.com.

Pandemic: The Board Game

The mobile version of the famous board game is a truly challenging adventure for both one and a co-op. The main task is to cure 4 main diseases and contain them so that the pandemic does not take over the whole world. At the beginning of the game, the hero chooses a character with a special skill, which allows him to eradicate the disease. The game provides for both the fight against the virus alone and with the help of a team.

Link to apkvision.com.



A very popular Blizzard project in the form of a turn-based card game in which players have to cast spells and place creatures on the card table. Many of them are already known in the world of Warcraft. There are 9 heroes to choose from with unique abilities and a huge number of cards, including legendary ones. There are a lot of options for moves that will allow you to outwit the enemy and draw stronger cards from him. In addition to the usual duel, there is an adventure mode, as well as brawls with weekly changing conditions.

The game is quite old, but it has a lot of interesting content that you can study for more than one week. The main advantage of the application is that it is distributed absolutely free of charge. The disadvantage is that it is difficult for new players to join.

Link to apkvision.com.

The Escapists 2: Pocket Breakout

The game offers maximum freedom in organizing your prison vacation. The mobile version has received a lot of flexibility and multiplayer. There are indeed many ways to get out of the prison, but this will involve stealing supplies to create useful tools, making money to bribe guards, and even crafting weapons or starting a riot. In your spare time from other activities in prison, you can go to workout or just relax in the library to keep your body and mind in good shape. The player will have to escape from 5 prisons from the most seedy to a maximum security prison. There is also the possibility of multiplayer.

Link to apkvision.com.

Chess by AI Factory Limited

Chess is the oldest strategy, it is simple and incredibly difficult at the same time. The game invites you to try yourself in different modes, including multiplayer. It is also possible to save progress and load the early game, and 12 difficulty modes are available for the rest of the bonuses. And yet the game has managed to preserve the pure strategy of chess, which is so popular with the public.

Link to Google play

ROME: Total War

Before us is a full-fledged RTS game released in 2004, which is now available on Android smartphones and tablets. The player gets the opportunity to participate in massive battles, as well as adhere to strategies. There are 19 playable factions to choose from. The hero will extract resources, create an army and prepare to ascend to the throne of domination in the world. It is also possible to buy 2 independent DLCs: “Barbarian Invasion” and Alexander the Great.

Link to apkvision.com.

The above are the best Android strategies that we think deserve the attention of players in 2020. If you know other worthy games, be sure to write about them in the comments.

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