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Top 10 best underrated weapons in Skyrim

The lands of the Nords are filled to the brim with a huge number of weapons, so it is easy to miss the truly valuable specimens. Shouting loudly and carrying around the most formidable swords in Skyrim is quite simple, since powerful weapons in the game drop out from almost everywhere, especially in the form of a reward for quests

Top best underrated weapons in Skyrim This makes weak weapons “pale” against the background of monstrous brethren. However, ignoring it just gets in the way of having fun that you never thought of when traveling through a harsh and serious country. nords

When passing the game, we often pass through the inventory a lot of all kinds of maces or swords, we do not always think about their effectiveness due to certain circumstances. Now we will analyze several copies that will not be inferior to everyone known Volendrang or Razor Mehrunes

Ghost blade

Ghost Blade in Skyrim

Compared to brighter blades like Dawn’s Radiance, the Phantom Blade takes a quieter, more sinister approach. It is a one-handed sword that deals an additional three points of damage per hit. It doesn’t sound like much, but one-handed swords are fast, so the total damage folds up quickly

The best part is that three additional damage per hit stacks and ignore any armorthat the target has. Therefore, it will be good in the later stages of the passage, since it becomes possible to apply a little pure damage, even if the goal is a draugr clad in armor, who does not just give up.

Hunting bow

Hunting bow in SkyrimAnimals may seem like harmless opponents, but how many times have you really won mammoth in collisions without any problem? This is not counting the dangerousb bears and saber-toothed tigers

Fortunately, the game mechanics allows you to fight these animals from afar using Hunting bow… This unique weapon allows you to inflict 20 additional damage to beastswhich is actually a huge bonus. It’s the perfect item to win. mammothsand then run away after their giant bodyguards get angry.

Bloodlust Tarch

Bloodlust Tarch in SkyrimThe next option is suitable for those who like to play tanks or just using shields a lot. Don’t you want to deal extra damage when using defensive gear?

Well, the Bloodthirst Tarch is a great 2v1 weapon, we recommend taking a closer look at it when using certain builds.

After hitting, an effect is applied to the enemy. bleedingapplying 3 damage over 5 seconds… Do not forget, the damage from this effect is added, and if you take the above-described Ghost blade, then the effectiveness of the debuff is doubled.

Executioner’s ax

Executioner's ax in SkyrimFew can get Executioner’s Ax, since for this you need to break the law by defeating its owner or using the theft skill. As the name suggests, it belongs to the executioner, and there are only two such NPCs in the game: one of them is called Akhtar, he is in Solitude.

The other belongs to the Imperial Executioner at the very beginning of the game. The reason this item made it to our top is because of its attack range. it longest melee weapon in Skyrimallowing you to kite your enemies, reducing their health from a safe distance. This is not a tactic that its previous owners would have been proud of, but who cares what they think.

Pale blade

Pale Blade in SkyrimWhy kill all enemies when they can be made to cringe in fear? This can take some of the pain associated with hulking hand-to-hand combat mechanics. In such cases Pale blade Is an excellent weapon that combines two mechanics in one.

it one-handed swordapplying 25 points of cold damage… But that’s not all, it also forces the surrounding creatures and people to flee until they reach level 16 or higher. With such debuff it becomes a good competitor to many Daedric artifacts.


Chiller in SkyrimLike the Pale Blade Cooler Is a weapon for the calculating Dragonborn. It is a unique elven glass sword that inflicts 30 additional Cold Damage per hit, which makes it head and shoulders above other swords of this type.

Its main charm is not in the damage from frost, but in the chance paralyze your target for two seconds. It is much easier to defeat frozen enemies, and if you feel that the battle is unequal, then it will not be difficult to escape from the battlefield.

He also got into our TOP of the best swords in the whole game. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with our author’s list and add new weapon variations to your build.

gust of wind

Gust of wind in SkyrimWhen it comes to truly unique items in Skyrim, do not mention Gust would be a real crime. It is a scimitar with unique properties related to the element of wind.

Simply put, this weapon has a literal chance demolish enemies from their feet and take them out of the battle for a certain time. We can talk about the benefits of this ability for a very long time.

The scimitar has a chance at least to replenish the collection of unique items, and as a maximum to become part of a unique build.

Harkon’s Sword

Harkon's sword in SkyrimIf we talk about vampirism, any experienced Dovahkiin will immediately come to mind Ebony Blade (naturally, after its full saturation with souls). It is easy to obtain, it does not even require special debilitating conditions. However, if you’ve already made a commitment to being a vampire, then Harkon’s Sword objectively better.

While the Ebony Blade only steals health, Harkon’s Sword absorbs health, magic, and stamina.

Restoring stamina is important because it allows you to do more. powerful attacks… The catch is that gotta be a vampireto take advantage of this sword.


Cleaver in SkyrimThink about Shredder how about a little brother Harkon’s sword, but without flaws (regarding the conditions of being a vampire). It is also a dagger, making it a good option as a secondary weapon instead of a shield.

However, it allows players to steal 10 units of health, magic and stamina, which is only five points less Sword of Harkon… This is a good alternative for those who do not want to betray Guardian of the Dawn or get rid of lycanthropy.

If you do not like being a brave warrior and you have decided to pump the great magician, you should pay attention to the TOP-10 best staves.

Kajit paws

Khajiit paws in SkyrimWho needs a weapon when nature has given you adorable tools for birth battles? It was with Khajiit and a similar story happened.

As you progress, a character with paws as a primary weapon can only become stronger with a few rings, gloves, and an armor enchant that increases unarmed damage. Claws can be the subject of many memes, but make no mistake – the enemy won’t want to be on the other end of this weapon.

Skyrim has a ton of interesting details, such as mysterious locations and incredibly creepy places. Choose an unusual weapon for yourself, enlist the support of a companion (depending on your zodiac sign), learn a couple of powerful shouts and hit the road.

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