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🔝 TOP 10 Best Weapons in Call of Duty: Warzone

Strive to be among the best? Then you should definitely familiarize yourself with the rating of the best guns in order to take the TOP 1 in battle.

Call of duty warzone

On the battlefields Call of Duty: Warzone gamers are faced with an extensive selection of ammunition and weapons. Here are 10 of the most effective guns to hunt for in this Battle Royale. It is especially useful for beginners to know the potentially available game items and their capabilities in battle. Based on the current meta and game statistics over the years of Warzone’s existence, we suggest focusing on the following list of weapons.

10. SP-R 208

SP-R 208

Miniature sniper rifle, the appearance of which largely depends on the selected body kits. Its performance characteristics, and not visual components, should attract attention. Combat efficiency is indicated by the percentage of victories obtained with SP-R 208

Players in the process of survival on COD: Warzone maps often prefer this rifle. It is deadly both at close range and at a distance, depending on the selected modifications. When configuring with body kits SP-R 208 can be adapted to any landscape, seeking an advantage over opponents.



The win rate with the M4A1 is high. The popular American rifle seems like the perfect choice. However, streamers and professional players very often prefer RAM-7… This is a more difficult alternative to operate and can be appreciated by using the optimal modifications and performing fine tuning.

Without delving into the intricacies of the assembly, it should be said that when choosing body kits for the RAM-7, you need a 50-round magazine.

Practically with laser accuracy of this rifle, all fifty “lead bees” will enter the target at a distance of 150 meters. An angled tactical grip, a perk that affects accuracy – and you forget about falling into the milk.



Noiseless AS “Val” slightly less known than the AK-47, but at the same time is the property of Russian weapons production… In rooms and other narrow spaces, gamers often give preference to shotguns and other guns with a fairly heap of shooting at a distance of several tens of meters.

We recommend paying attention to AS VAL. In Warzone, it is positioned as a close range rifle.

You don’t need to judge this machine by its small clip and mediocre fire at medium / long ranges. It stands head and shoulders above shotguns and submachine guns when it comes to close combat. Finally, a bit of patriotism will not hurt, because this is the armament of the gallant Russian special services.

7. AX-50


Sniper rifles are an essential part of any classic Battle Royale. AX-50 – incredibly powerful, ideal for eliminating enemies at long range.

You will have to show maximum skill when choosing a position and calculating the trajectory of the bullet.

However, be sure that almost every hit on the target will turn into another frag for you. It is best to pair the AX-50 with something extremely effective when shooting at enemies close to your sniper position.

6. Origin 12

Origin 12

Very often, Warzone players tend to loot a multi-storey building or other area with confined spaces where you can potentially get the best weapons. However, it is never known what can await a fighter behind the next turn of a tight corridor. In such a situation, a cannon is the best suited, capable of punching a hole in any enemy who set up an unexpected ambush.

Origin 12 – Semi-automatic shotgun, which is more effective than alternative models from this category. In a short period of time, you can “reward” your opponent with several charges of 12 gauge without the discomfort of manual loading of cartridges.

The accelerated firing mode fully compensates for the insufficient amount of one-time damage.

5. Kar98k


In case of an unexpected attack, any player tries to find cover or quickly determines the location of the shooter. In case of Kar98k you may not give this chance to save your opponent. This is one of the best long range sniper rifles.

The long reload time and low rate of fire of the Karyak are fully compensated for by its lethality. Having picked up the best modifications and perks for this weapon, you will give it legendary status, getting the maximum chances of being the last survivor.

Use the time allotted for a shot with the Kar98k wisely, as one trigger pull may be enough to eliminate the target.

4. MK2 Carbine

MK2 Carbine

Another weapon option, a successful shot from which turns into a frag, is MK2 Carabine… The highest accuracy, complementing the damage equivalent to that of “Karjak”, simplifies the game of any sniper. Worth looking rifle variant with laser sightto play even better.

Fans of long-range shooting, getting acquainted with the Warzone arsenal, very quickly understand that this carbine is worth picking up if you manage to find it.

3. MP5


As part of the rating, I would like to get away from weapons that are not universal or are very popular among players who adhere to a certain battle strategy. but MP5 it is not, since the performance characteristics and customization capabilities of this submachine gun bring it closer in strength to assault rifles. At short and medium distances, it will certainly be no worse than the aforementioned AS VAL.

Built-in silencer, high rate of fire and accuracy are what you need for a covert surprise attack.

2. AUG


The second place rightfully goes to AUG… This rifle is a true beast in close to medium range combat. In terms of accuracy, it can be called a successful upgrade from the MP7. At the same time, it is much more mobile, and also has greater one-time damage.

It is worth noting the lack of unique body kits that make the AUG better. The rifle is worth adding to your arsenal if you want to see the battle through to the end, regardless of where the rapidly shrinking danger zone leads the player.



Leader position at M4A1 it is impossible to take away today. This is a deadly rifle that can be used at medium to long ranges. Full automation with burst firing allows you to hit both an enemy that is being targeted for a long time, and one that unexpectedly jumped out of an ambush. Well-chosen body kits will complement the already unique performance characteristics.


Naturally, you can have your own opinion about exactly the same rating of the 10 best guns in COD: Warzone:

  • Lovers shotguns will probably remember about R9-0 with a double pump function that allows you to hit the enemy with a doublet.
  • Along with MP5 someone will like a shortened analogue – MP7, because the classic one-handed submachine gun perfectly complements any primary weapon.
  • M91 machine guns and PKM great in the early stages of the game, when you need to stop all attacks on the life of a fighter who has not yet had time to arm himself. They are also great for shooting from the vehicle’s cockpit.
  • If you want to turn the battlefield into a fiery hell, then just remember about grenade launcher MGL-32

However, all this is far from universality. And, perhaps, no one wants to end a fight with a shotgun or machine gun, which do not look as elegant as the “HYIP” M4A1 or one-shot carbine MK2… Suggest your version of the top ten or optimal builds for a specific game strategy (sniper, attack aircraft, ambush organizer) in the comments. We wish you success on the battlefields!

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