• November 29, 2023

TOP 10 Death Stranding Easter eggs

There is a lot of attention to detail when creating Death Stranding. Despite the colorful graphics shrouding the seriousness of the plot, the game has a place for entertainment.

10 Death Stranding Easter eggsThe open-world action game developed by Kojima Productions takes place in the post-apocalyptic United States of America. The disaster led to the emergence of creatures known as “Beasts”: in the English version they are called beached things or BT, which literally translates as “beached creatures“.

They wreak havoc in the form of devastating rains and void exits. Courier Sam Bridges must deliver goods to various cities and connect them back to the network. Hideo Kojima has hidden so many Easter eggs and references in Death Stranding that speedrunners may not even notice half of the content. For them and for those who were distracted during the passage, we have collected interesting references in one collection.

Detailed settings

TOP 10 Death Stranding Easter eggs

Games often allow you to customize your character’s appearance. Sam can swap his futuristic outfit for a classic look Norman Reedus.

The player can change Sam’s hairstyle, clothes and headgear. The set includes glasses. The hero’s cars and the colors of the walls in his room are amenable to changes.

Sam plays the harmonica

TOP 10 Death Stranding Easter eggs

Death Stranding can be completed without receiving a harmonica, but its sounds help the baby (known as BB) to calm down. To add this item, Sam will need to complete the character’s quest by name Musician in the Eastern Region

Conan O’Brien gives the otter hat

TOP 10 Death Stranding Easter eggs

Another fun easter egg that can be easily missed is cameo by Conan O’Brien in the 3rd episode in the Central Region. Known as the Wandering Leader in the game, he will give Sam an otter-shaped headgear that allows him to better navigate deeper waters.

Soundtrack by British rockers

TOP 10 Death Stranding Easter eggs

Besides the fantastic soundtrack by Ludwig Forsell, the band Bring Me The Horizon contributed. The band’s frontman was delighted to have done such a job as Death Stranding is Hideo Kojima’s first project since leaving Konami.

The trio also contributed to the soundtrack Major Lazer and The Neighborhood.

Direct references to actors

TOP 10 Death Stranding Easter eggs

Some Easter eggs can be seen by players familiar with the acting past of the characters. For example, there is a poster of the TV series “On the road with Norman Reedus“And Mads Mikkelsen drinks the same wine as his character in the series”Hannibal“, And Deadman (Guillermo del Toro) is a reference to”Shape of Water“.

Death Stranding instead of Silent Hill

TOP 10 Death Stranding Easter eggs

Konami approached Hideo Kojima with a request develop the ninth Silent Hill game back in 2012. Guillermo del Toro was also to be involved in the development, and Norman Reedus was chosen as the main character.

Konami released a game teaser titled “PT”, but the deal ultimately fell through due to a disagreement between Konami and Kojima. Having decided to continue working together, Kojima, del Toro and Reedus team up againto create what would become Death Stranding.

Body fluid grenades

TOP 10 Death Stranding Easter eggs

Sam often goes to the shower and relieves himself in public and in privacy, because grenades are made from his excrement and other bodily fluids. This is not a hidden secret of the game, but the idea itself is fun.

Sam sings in Japanese

TOP 10 Death Stranding Easter eggs

While traveling, Sam finds thermal springs, where he can swim with BB. If you sit for a long time the hero will begin to whistle a melodywhich (at first glance) seems like improvisation.

It is actually a Japanese song called “Ii Yu Da Na“, Which means” good hot water “.

Kojima’s Cameo as a Thing

TOP 10 Death Stranding Easter eggs

Death Stranding has tons of episodes featuring famous actors, directors, and broadcasters, so it’s no surprise that Hideo Kojima took part in the action. While resting in Sam’s room, one can see a secret video in which the hero has a nightmare… In this dream, the Creature attacks him with the face of Hideo Kojima himself.

Do not shawl – Sam will punish!

TOP 10 Death Stranding Easter eggs

Some of the funniest features can only be found if the player deliberately clicks and does strange things.

Zoom in on the camera at the bottom of Sam’s body and he embarrassed and covered with hands… If you continue to click on the “causal place”, he will turn the camera over with his finger. When the player doesn’t stop there, Sam will gets up and hits the camera with his fist

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