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Top 10 facts about Dark Souls that only true fans know

In such a project with a seemingly shallow plot, which is presented in parts and in the most unusual ways, there will always be a place for secrets. Despite the fact that the franchise is already quite a few years old,

Top 10 facts about Dark Souls that only true fans know

The Dark Souls series is an inexhaustible source of information. Since its release in 2011, fans have already walked along it with a frequent comb, finding enough interesting facts, but something new continues to pop up ever since.

Although most of the game’s lore is hidden in item descriptions, there are enough curious theories collected by fans. And while most launch games in the series for the sake of a unique gloomy atmosphere and a memorable combat system, here are a few curious facts that may be of interest to them and fans of the tangled lore of Miyazaki’s universe.

Return of the Moonlight Sword

The Moonlight Sword is one of the most iconic items in the series, arising over and over again in each of its parts:

  • Appearing for the first time in Demon Souls, he returned to the player in Dark Souls, it was worth it chop off one of the Naked Sith’s tails.
  • In the second part, after the elimination of Freya, the Duke’s Beloved, for this blade it was possible to exchange the Soul of the Old Pale Dragon, and from Benhart of Jugo to get a fake of the legendary sword – the sword of the Blue Moon.
  • In Dark Souls 3, the Moonlight Sword the soul is exchanged Consumed by Oceiros.
  • Finally, in Bloodborn, it is with a sparkling blue sword was possessed by Ludwig Sacred Blade.

Artorias fights half-heartedly

After Soler, already a walking meme, Artorias the Voidwalker is one of the most memorable for his design and fighting style of opponents-knights. Just how would you look at the exhausting fight with him knowing that he is not beating at full power?

During the battle, this knight Gwyn holds his two-hander with one right hand, and from the leading, left, blood splashes. Artorias broke his arm in the battle with Manus. After the player realizes this fact, the battle with the Voidwalker is even more impressive, because even with a shattered hand, the knight remains a stern opponent.

Goh Hawkeye is by no means blind

Goh Hawkeye is known among Dark Souls fans for it is from him that the player receives signs of greeting and gratitudesounding a silly baritone. Also appearing in the Gardens of Darkstones, he plays a key role in defeating the Black Dragon Calamite.

Goh is considered blind, but technically it is not entirely true. Disliked by giants, the inhabitants of the city he protects, put tar on the eye sockets of his helmet… Take off Hawkeye’s helmet – his vision would immediately return to him. But, like all giants, Goh is not very smart and therefore decided that he was blind, without even thinking to take off the helmet and check if this is so.

Secret cutscene with Sif

Owners of the remaster of the game or the DLC Artorias The Abyss Walker can get access to the additional cutscene before the fight… And this cutscene makes the battle even sadder.

To see an additional scene, you need to go through Olachil, a location from the DLC, to the place of the battle with Manus before meeting the Sif-boss. On the way, the player will be able to meet the cat Alvin and free the wolf cub, which Artorias, escaping after the battle with Manus, placed under the protective barrier.

Having done this, Seth can be summoned to help in a boss fight, and when the moment of battle with the Great Wolf himself comes, a short video will appear in which the formidable predator recognizes his savior and hesitates for a moment. A really moving scene before the inevitable battle.

The demons of Lost Izalith were once human

The origin of demons in Lost Izalith is one of the most interesting theories in the Dark Souls community. The appearance of demons from nearby locations and the distorted nature of the Chaos Flame led the community to put forward the assumption that eit is none other than the inhabitants who inhabited the city before its fall.

For instance, the demon Capra and Taurus could have been the farmers that Chaos merged with their livestock… This is confirmed by a partial mutation of the Izalith witches, who united with the spiders from their cave, but, thanks to their powers, partially or completely retained their appearance.

The Iron Golem does not have to be fought directly

Players are well aware that there may be several ways to defeat a boss in Dark Souls… And for this it is not always necessary to wield a shield and a sword, sometimes cunning will be the best weapon. The Iron Golem from the Seine Fortress is an example.

Before entering the Misty Gate, you must summon Iron Tarkus. This stocky warrior will not only help in the battle with the golem – he can defeat it himself. Tarkus will kick the golem in the legs, and if he finds himself dangerously close to the edge of the arena – push down… The player can take popcorn and enjoy watching the fight.

The Medium in Undead County has a secret plan

Dialogues from different parts of the game, strange NPCs, objects scattered around the location, the location of enemies – these elements sometimes add up fragments of lore hidden from most players.

For example, looking at the Medium from the temple in Undead County, you can understand that this type has its own motives to be at this moment exactly where the player meets him.

Having examined the location, you can see that it is filled with barrels, and there are characteristic traces of dragging on the ground. For fans, this was enough of a hint to figure out his plans. In their opinion, The medium collects the hollows, fills the barrels with them, and then – takes to Sith, for experimenting with crystals.

All the Keepers of the Flame were touched by the flames

Some campfires in the world of Dark Souls can be found Keepers of the fire, keeping the flame alive.

If you look closely at them, you will notice that each has been changed in one way or another by the flame. The guardian from the third part claims that they are all blind, but this is not the end of it.

  • Anastasia from Astora – dumb.
  • Beautiful Lady – immobilized.
  • The Knight of Blades of the Darkmoon Covenant supposedly disfiguredand beneath her armor is a writhing swarm of Humanity.

All this hints at the nature of the flame and the fact what it does with those who support it.

References to “Berserker”

The creator of Dark Souls, Hidetaka Miyazaki is a big fan of the Berserk manga and you can see this by looking at design of enemies and sets of weapons and armor.

Some of Artorias’ movements – rotation of the two-hander around you, somersault with it – taken from the characters of “Berserker”. In part, mentions of wolves are also referred to “Berserker” (Sif the Great Wolf, Artorias’s nickname is Wolf Knight), because there are enough of them in the manga – the same armor of a berserker can take the form of a wolf.

Havel’s fake rebellion

Havel Scala is one of the most recognizable characters in the franchise, thanks to his stone armor and massive Dragon’s Tooth.

At the first meeting with him, he is locked in a tower in the City of Undead, where he was imprisoned by Gwynne, but the player is not told anything about the reasons for this.

After digging through the lore, fans came to the conclusion that Havela made a scapegoat after the uprising of the Naked Sith, who wanted to eliminate the threat to himself: both the rest of the dragons, and the man who substituted him. The complex relationship between Sith and Havel can be learned from the description of the Great Magic Barrier spell, which was created by a warrior in stone armor.

The Dark Souls universe has a lot of secrets. However, the most interesting element of the game remains the bosses, about which we have made a special fascinating selection.

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