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Top 10 films based on short stories

There are many films out there whose screenplays are based on fiction. However, special attention should be paid to paintings based on short stories. It can be quite difficult to shoot such a tape, because the director has critically little information at his disposal.

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Often, screenwriters supplement such stories on their own. They try to better reveal the characters of the main characters and give a continuation to the existing storylines. This is a very painstaking and responsible work, because every mistake will be visible to the audience and can spoil the impression of the film.

All the way!

All the way!  (2010)

Director: Dan Rush

Genre: Drama

Year of issue: 2010

Story Raymond Carver became a solid basis for the picture “All the way!”… She will tell the viewer about the experiences of a man who was left without work and family. The main star of the tape was Will Ferrellwho, traditionally, plays the marginalized losers. Cinema is not just a passing drama with elements of black comedy, it also makes us think about life values.

Of course, the small amount of source material forced the filmmakers to start working on the main characters. The plot was overgrown with new details, and the director managed to thoroughly investigate the essence of the issue. However, the replicas of the original work remained practically unchanged, which allows you to convey the main message of Carver.

The Incredible Life of Walter Mitty

The Incredible Life of Walter Mitty

Director: Ben Stiller

Genre: Comedy

Year of issue: 2013

James Turnber wrote the story back in 1939 yeartherefore, adapting it to the modern audience was not an easy task. Ben Stiller – not the first to film a work of art, the original film was released in the middle of the last century. New painting 2013 was controversially appreciated by critics – excessive sentimentality and insufficiently sharp satire made the tape not very attractive for a young audience.

Ben Stiller starred in his own film and looked pretty good at times. The actor appeared before us in the form of an ordinary person who is limited only by dreams of a bright future, however, by the will of fate, he has to find out what real life is.

Sleepy hollow

Sleepy hollow

Director: Tim Burton

Genre: Horror, Fantasy

Year of issue: 1999

When the story “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” fell into the hands Tim Burton, it became clear that the tape would have little to do with a work of art. However, the result exceeded expectations, and we got a gothic film filled with anxiety and mysticism. One of the main factors for the success of the painting is called Johnny depp, who is able to decorate almost any plot with his game.

Burton slightly changed the tone of the narrative – initially the story was filled with humor, and while watching the film, the viewer is not at all funny. However, the plot remained the same – the story of the headless horseman came to the taste of the audience and made “Sleepy Hollow” classics of world cinema.

Brokeback Mountain

Brokeback Mountain

Director: Ang Lee

Genre: Western

Year of issue: 2005

Painting Brokeback Mountain due to its theme, it received mixed assessments from the domestic audience. There is no doubt that the tandem Ledger and Gyllenhaal flawlessly played his roles, and we saw a non-trivial, ahead of its time, story of male love. However, the story of the same name Annie Prue slightly different from the final version of the tape.

In the film, the bond between the two cowboys is not shown as strong as the fiction suggests. It’s obvious that Ang Lee made certain compromises with the script so that the tape could be appreciated by a mass audience.

Special opinion

Special opinion

Director: Steven Spielberg

Genre: Action, Science Fiction

Year of issue: 2002

Today it is hard to believe that a fantastic action movie with Tom Cruise starring based on a story written in the middle Twentieth century… The picture tells the story of three fortunetellers who can foresee crimes before tragedy occurs. Everything would be fine, but even a perfectly oiled system that ensures the prosperity of society sooner or later begins to be used by villains for their own purposes.

It is curious that the plot of the film practically duplicates the work of fiction, but has a completely different background. When the story was created, its author, Philip Dick, considered the problems of the Cold War. The tape, in turn, explores the interaction of people and modern technologies.

Train to Yuma

Train to Yuma

Director: James Mangold

Genre: Western

Year of issue: 2007

Before us is an example, when the plot of the story, practically unchanged, migrated into the film. Mangold had to expand the story a little, and the director did it so organically that his work was appreciated by the audience and critics really high. It is also worth noting the amazing performance of the stars of the acting workshop, Russell Crowe and Christian Bale

A simple farmer, by the will of fate, accompanies a dangerous bandit on the train who faces the death penalty. The characters have to go through a lot, and they are involuntarily imbued with respect for each other. This film is not about good and bad guys, but about a great era. Wild West, which will be remembered not only for bloodshed, but also for really strong actions.



Director: Neil Berger

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

Year of issue: 2006

It is sometimes difficult to tell whether the illusionist uses sleight of hand or really has mystical abilities. Hero Edward Norton fights for love through skillful manipulation and the realization of his talent. The whole essence of the confusing story becomes clear only at the very end and only to those who really carefully watched the film.

Novel events Stephen Millhauser are almost exactly the same on the screen. However, the author focused on the political situation in the city, and Neil Berger put the relationship of the main characters at the forefront and did not lose.

The mysterious story of Benjamin Button

The mysterious story of Benjamin Button

Director: David Fincher

Genre: Drama

Year of issue: 2008

Scott Fitzgerald wrote in the distant 1922 year a story about the fate of a man who was born a very old man and gradually grew younger, until he turned into a baby. It would seem that such a story is fertile ground for the creation of a film, but for a long time the plot remained unclaimed. In the mid-eighties, the first attempts to make a film began, but the directors refused, because they doubted that they would be able to present the material correctly.

David fincher took a chance and received recognition from both critics and audiences. Brad Pitt and Cate blanchett became a kind of magnet for them, and the original plot aroused genuine public interest.

A Space Odyssey 2001

A Space Odyssey 2001

Director: Stanley Kubrick

Genre fiction

Year of issue: 1968

Story Arthur Clarke “Hourly” Is not just science fiction, but also anxiety about the future of humanity. The author was impressed by the nuclear bombing of Japan and actively studied the dangers of the Cold War. One of the most iconic directors of our time, Stanley Kubrick decided to transfer the story to the screen. The tape received Oscar for the best visual effects and will forever take a place in the golden collection of cinematography.

Human evolution and the likelihood of extraterrestrial life formed the basis of the picture. It was distinguished by unprecedented scientific precision, therefore it was warmly received by specialists.

All about Eve

All about Eve

Director: Joseph Leo Mankiewicz

Genre: Drama

Year of issue: 1950

Today, not every moviegoer decides to watch such an old tape, but it remains relevant now. Eve is rubbed into the credibility of her idol, the actress Margot and is gradually trying to take her place. An enterprising girl weaves intrigues, meets the right people and does everything to achieve her goal. However, at the end of the film, the circle closes and it becomes clear that Eve far from original in her aspirations.

The tape was filmed just a few years after the story was written and the radio play aired. Eve’s role was originally intended Marlene Dietrich, but fate decreed otherwise, and we saw on the screen Bette Davis – far from the first choice of the creators of the picture.

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