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TOP 10 films, in the success of which no one believed

Often, at our leisure, we revisit old films that once sunk into our souls for a long time. However, the average viewer does not even think about how difficult it was to create many of the paintings. But some well-known and popular franchises in the past were not even promising projects, but just tried to survive by winning a place in the sun.

TOP 10 films, in the success of which no one believed

It is also about films that lacked funding, influential support, and simply the faith of film companies. Only the perseverance of the creators and the enthusiasm of the people involved in the filming process allowed the film to be released. It’s scary to imagine how many paintings that fell into a similar situation were left to gather dust on the shelves, and other low-budget masterpieces did not reach the masses, being pearls of the collections of corrosive moviegoers.

Today we will talk about Top 10 Movies, who managed to overcome all obstacles, gained popularity and once again proved that the audience’s taste is not limited by any framework.


Rocky (1976)

Director: John Avildsen

Genre: Drama, Sports

Year of issue: 1976

The story of the talented boxer found a response in the hearts of the audience and became a real classic of cinema. The script for the film was written Sylvester Stallone and literally forced himself to star in the lead role, because he really valued his work.

The budget of the film was a pitiful one million dollars at the present time. However, even this amount was not available, so producers mortgaged real estate, really believing in the perspective of the scenario.

Stallone then lived very poorly and did not even dream of a resounding success. The actor himself later called the sale of the script and the subsequent filming nothing less than a miracle. Picture Rocky brought its creators US $ 255 million, marked the beginning of a whole series of films, as well as the popularity of Stallone. On account of the tape 3 Oscars, including for the “best film”. Well, beautiful stories have to happen.

Mad Max

Mad Max (1979)

Director: George Miller

Genre: Action, Science Fiction

Year of issue: 1979

It’s hard to say how a career would have gone Mel Gibson, don’t create George Miller Mad Max. You can take off your hat to the director, because he met 350 thousand dollarscreating a fantastic action movie. Now many filmmakers are throwing millions to the wind in order to release a tape that will be forgotten tomorrow, and “Mad Max” still in trend.

A total of 3 films were released, and after 36 years Miller shot “Road to Fury” and completed his life’s work. He had the most modern technology at his disposal, the best effects and again the tape was successful!

And in 1979, I had to save on every little thing. Only Gibson got genuine leather clothes – the rest were content with rags.available. The crew had only a few cars at their disposal, which had to be repainted along the way to create the appearance of a variety of models. Many scenes had to be abandoned altogether, because the technical equipment simply did not allow the plan to be realized.

The result of painstaking work was crazy profit and several films that are called classics of cinema today.


Terminator (1984)

Director: James Cameron

Genre: Action, Science Fiction

Year of issue: 1984

Have Arnold Schwarzenegger by the time the tape was filmed “Terminator” in the portfolio there were only a few pretentious paintings, where he was only required to play with muscles. The budding star had nothing against such a role and publicly stated that the project Cameron – just entertainment that won’t take long.

James then he was just starting his independent work and managed to acquire an agent who discouraged the director from filming “The Terminator”, since he did not see any prospects in the project. Cameron was so confident of success that his manager had to look for a new job.

When you try very hard to do everything right, nothing comes of it. “The Terminator” was filmed without much hope of a sensation, but received rave reviews from the public and a solid sum of money. Of course, today the franchise has already started to deflate, but the first two parts are a masterpiece!

Back to the Future

Back to the Future (1985)

Director: Robert Zemeckis

Genre: science fiction, comedy

Year of issue: 1985

“Back to the Future” Is a unique project. In total, 3 films were shot over the course of five years, and none of them dropped the bar! The picture fell in love with the public of different ages and social status, becoming a classic of modern cinema.

The very existence of the project was in jeopardy. Large and small film studios abandoned the script, believing that time travel is the plot of a cartoon and does not smell of money here. Even the company Disney abandoned the project, having found moments in the feed that were not very suitable for family viewing.

The studio saved the day Universal pictures, it was she who gave the green light to the project, albeit without much enthusiasm. As a reward, the company received a whole mountain of money and recognition from people who, unlike specialists, did not begin to define the film as children or adults, but simply actively attended cinemas.

Crime novel

Crime novel.  Dance

Director: Quentin Tarantino

Genre: Thriller

Year of issue: 1994

A truly epochal picture brought together such recognized mastodons of the acting workshop as Travolta, Willis, Thurman and Samuel L. Jackson… But today we know them well as talented artists, but in 1994 everything was different.

Tarantino – a very specific director, he loves to shoot “crap”, to experiment with the plot, there are a lot of bloody showdowns and profanity in his films. Early career Quentin faced with a total misunderstanding of his approach, and the film studios refused him one after another.

Only studio Miramax agreed to take “Pulp Fiction” in the development and involvement of Bruce Willis was one of the reasons for this decision. Samuel L. Jackson and Uma Thurman were already experienced actors, but they lacked the stars from the sky, and Travolta was considered a downed pilot. but this team managed to give us a masterpiece, which the audience revisits today.

Dumb and Dumber

Dumb and Dumber (1994)

Director: The Farrelly Brothers

Genre: Comedy

Year of issue: 1994

Not everyone likes this comedy, because its intellectual content, definitely, leaves much to be desired. However, the creators “Dumb and Dumber” initially they relied on the absurd and did not lose – the picture made a rustle. True, the studios weren’t too keen to deal with such an eccentric scenario and sent it straight to the trash can.

To prevent the manuscript from being judged by the ridiculous title, brothers Farrelly called it “Power tools are not a toy” and it helped. The project was launched, but none of the really famous actors wanted to participate in it, since Mr.main heroes, to put it mildly, did not shine with intelligence and looked stupid.

Saved the situation Jim carrey, which acted as a kind of magnet for the viewer. But the second part, released 20 years later, was received much more coolly, although the sequel cannot be called a failure. It seems that the time of the franchise is irretrievably gone.



Director: James Cameron

Genre: melodrama

Year of issue: 1997

WITH “Titanic” in a way, it was easier. James Cameron – a rather “pop” character and his films are almost always successful. That’s just the filming process turned out to be a real hell for the whole team.

The actors took turns occupying beds in the infirmary, as shooting in cold water adversely affected their health. The stuntmen got injured many members of the film crew simply left the projectunable to withstand the stress. There were also pranksters on the site, who once added prohibited substances to the soup, as a result – several dozen people received poisoning of varying severity.

The picture was literally suffering, but before the release, Cameron was told that it would have to cut off due to prolonged timing… The director lost his temper and made a scandal at the studio, having won the full version of the film. As we now know, his efforts were not in vain.


Hostage (2007)

Director: Pierre Morel

Genre: Action

Year of issue: 2007

The main star of the tape is Liam Neeson later admitted that he did not believe in the success of the film, and there were certain reasons for that. Quite a trivial plot for modern cinema, according to which the protagonist saves his daughter from vicious criminals, pulled only the next “prohodnyak”. Initially, the lead role was approved Jeff Bridgeswho simply had nothing to do. When the actor received offers from other, more promising projects, he left without a shadow of a doubt “Hostage”

Neeson was also not eager to film, his only motivation was the opportunity to live in Paris… However, the film suddenly pulled out a lucky ticket., paid off almost 10 times, made Liam a more recognizable face and got a sequel.

As you can see, even today it is not necessary to weave an intricate web of plot and invest astronomical sums in a project to make it successful.

Slumdog Millionaire

Slumdog Millionaire

Director: Danny Boyle, Lovelyn Tandan

Genre: Drama

Year of issue: 2008

The painting was the perfect example of how to make huge profits out of nothing. For the project spent about 15 million dollars, and fees brought in 338 million. This crazy figure was achieved by little-known actors, many of whom could not have dreamed of such a success.

Indian cinema is a definite brand that is not always associated with high quality. Picture “Slumdog Millionaire” just tore up the award ceremony “Oscar”having received 8 figurines, including for the “best film”.

We are dealing with a real phenomenon. The story does not pose difficult moral dilemmas for the viewer, does not knock tears out of the eyes, but is in its own way an attractive and understandable picture. Again, it was not without criticism – a simple plot filled with typical attributes of Indian cinema did not suit everyone’s taste.



Director: Jordan Peele

Genre: thriller, horror

Year of issue: 2017

Now we will talk about the most successful horror of its year – the film “Away” from Jordana Peel… Budget – total 4.5 million, 255 million out… and an Oscar in the nomination “Best script”

It was hard to imagine that such a simple and unassuming movie could warm up the audience, but the horror film achieved its goal. There are no huge computer monsters and promoted actors, the whole tape is irony, mysticism and amazing work of the film crew.

The plot is based on xenophobic problem, which largely predetermined the success of the project, but without a catchy story, this factor could turn out to be just a soap bubble. The script of the picture was written based on a banal sketch, and its shooting took less than a month.

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