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TOP-10 films of the XXI century, which deservedly received an Oscar

American Film Academy Award – perhaps the main award for any painting. Beginning with 1929 of the year the best films, actors and crews are fighting for world recognition and cherished figurines. We can only evaluate their work and with bated breath wait for the next ceremony.

TOP-10 films of the XXI century, which deservedly received an Oscar

Now “Oscar” awarded in 24 different nominations, but the main one is “best movie”… This is quite natural, because it is the collective work that predetermines the success of the picture or its failure. Every year, the average man in the street has a lot of complaints about the film academy, because sometimes films that are rather coldly received by the audience win. However,it is the “Oscar” that helps us discover really high-quality picturesthat could have passed the viewer’s attention under other circumstances.

Today we will tell you about 10 ribbons that, according to many, really deserve an honorary award in the 21st century. This does not mean that the rest of the films are downright bad, but choosing from the best films is always difficult and a little subjective.


Gladiator.  Commodus and Maximus

Director: Ridley Scott;

Genre: history, action;

Year of issue: 2000.

Few are ready to throw a stone into the garden Ridley Scott for the creation of this masterpiece, which we have the pleasure of revising to this day. Incredible game Russell Crowe and Joaquin Phoenix made it possible to release a tape much ahead of time in its quality. Needless to say that in the reporting year “Gladiator” there were no worthy competitors. The film won the main Oscar for Best Picture and 4 more statuettes to boot.

Let us also recall the plot. General Maximus – a brave warrior and experienced strategist who fell victim to behind-the-scenes intrigue. Having miraculously escaped death, the hero, who has lost his family and the meaning of life, becomes gladiator… Now his main goal is revenge.

Mind games

Mind games.  Russell Crowe

Director: Ron Howard;

Genre: drama;

Year of issue: 2001.

Literally a year later, a film with Russell Crowe again found himself in the center of events. “Mind Games” had to compete with the undisputed favorite of the ceremony – the painting “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.” However, the main statuette went to the creation. Ron Howard, which came as a surprise to many.

The main character – talented scientistsuffering from schizophrenia… Reality and painful fantasies are woven for him into a single tangle, which is not an easy task to untangle even for a genius.

In total, the film received 4 Oscars and, along with The Lord of the Rings, became the main triumph of the year.

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King.  Frodo and Gollum

Director: Peter Jackson;

Genre: fantasy;

Year of issue: 2003.

It may seem that the film academy has returned the favor “The Lord of the Rings” for the relative failure of two years ago. But 11 nominations and 11 Oscars are outstanding result, which was impossible to achieve without painstaking work on the picture.

Destruction rings of omnipotence – not an easy task, especially if you are a small hobbit. And though Sauron, the lord of darkness, is already rubbing his hands in anticipation of an unconditional victory, the forces of light are not going to surrender, and intend to give battle to his army.

Of course, many believe that this part of “The Lord of the Rings” is completely geared towards the fans of the series. However, the film had no worthy competitors in the battle for the Oscar, and its brilliance and scale exceeded all expectations.


The apostates.  Jack Nicholson

Director: Martin Scorsese;

Genre: thriller, drama;

Year of issue: 2006.

Martin Scorsese managed to conquer the film academy, having assembled a fantastic team of actors. Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson, Mark Wahlberg, Martin Sheen Are welcome ingredients for any dish, but making a good salad out of them is not easy. Tape “The apostates” was warmly received by the audience and became the main picture of the year, collecting 4 statuettes.

The film tells us about two of the best graduates of the Police Academy, who find themselves on opposite sides of the barricades. One works undercover in mafia structures, while the other grew up under the wing of a reputable criminal and was infiltrated by the police. And although now the guys are sworn enemies, circumstances are gradually beginning to influence their inner world and way of thinking.

This movie is a remake of a Hong Kong movie “Double castling”, which was released in 2002.

No Country for Old Men

This is no place for old men.  Scene on the road

Director: The Coen Brothers;

Genre: thriller, western;

Year of issue: 2007.

In the fight for “Oscar” in the nomination “Best Picture” creation Coen brothers had to withstand serious competition from paintings such as “Oil”, The Bourne Ultimatum and “Redemption”… The tape proved that the western is not the last century and tough cowboys can still shake the old times, arranging shootings on the streets of godforsaken towns.

The plot of the film is simple and fairly typical. A loser accidentally discovers a suitcase with two million green problems inside. This kind of money is rarely drawn, so the guy will have to make a lot of effort to survive.

The movie is based on the novel of the same name Cormac McCarthy… Surprisingly, most of the dialogues were taken from the book and remained unchanged, which is now a rarity.

Slumdog Millionaire

Slumdog millionaire.  Jamal and his brother

Director: Danny Boyle, Lovelyn Tandan;

Genre: drama;

Year of issue: 2008.

“Slumdog Millionaire” Is a real phenomenon. Indian style cinema has surpassed tapes such as “The Mysterious Story of Benjamin Button” and “The Dark Knight”by collecting 8 figurines. And although you can hear a lot of criticism from the audience about the picture, it is an example of an Oscar-winning film.

The story of a young guy who grew up in a slum Mumbai, becomes interesting to the police when he is on the verge of winning an intellectual show. Nobody believes in honesty Jamala, but he will definitely tell us his story, which would be enough for several ordinary lives.

This picture did not become a revelation for millions of viewers, but made us worry, experience really strong emotions, for which we will say thanks to the tandem of directors.

12 years of slavery

12 years of slavery.  Solomon Northal

Director: Steve McQueen;

Genre: drama;

Year of issue: 2013.

Steve McQueen made a very pertinent movie about slavery and segregation. In terms of the number of Oscars, the film is completely behind the film. “Gravity” (3 statuettes against 7), but was able to pull out a lucky ticket in the nomination “Best Film”.

A story about an educated black guy, a talented musician and an exemplary family man. He was tricked into the southern states and sold into slavery. The cinema is permeated through and through with pain, a sense of bitterness and injustice. The plot keeps you in suspense throughout the entire viewing.

Controversy over whether they deserve “12 years of slavery” The Oscars for Best Picture are still ongoing. Nevertheless, the jury’s commitment is obvious, but the artistic value of the picture allows us to assert that the film is really worthy of the prize.


Birdman.  Michael Keaton and Birdman

Director: Alejandro Gonzalez Iñarritu;

Genre: drama;

Year of issue: 2014.

Birdman looks like a hymn to art, seasoned with philosophical content and uneasy relationships between the characters. The main star of the picture – Michael Keatonbut Edward Norton adds spice to events and can share fame with his co-star on the set. 4 statuettes – a grandmaster’s indicator and a well-deserved prize in the “Best Film” nomination.

We are witnessing the story of a middle-aged actor who the audience associates exclusively with his most successful role – Birdman… Keaton’s character wants to prove to the whole world and to himself that portraying a stupid bird is not the limit of his abilities.

Excellent acting and fantastic camera work have become the keys to the success of “Birdman”. The movie turned out to be cozy and emotional.

Green book

Green Book.  Tony and Don Shirley

Director: Peter Farrelli;

Genre: Comedy, Drama;

Year of issue: 2018.

Another curious picture about the segregation and oppression of the black population. True, in Green Book we managed to carry out this topic as a refrain, without focusing attention on it. Yet this tape is about friendship, understanding, mutual assistance and respect.

Green book – A guide for black motorists, published from 1936 to 1966. The guide contained information about places that can be visited by people of color.

Tony is a brutal middle-aged man with rather narrow views. For the sake of a large sum of money, he agrees to become the driver of a black musician during the tour. The only problem is that the southern states vegetate in the captivity of racist beliefs and the trip will definitely not be easy.

The plot of the film is quite predictable, but the situations and circumstances are very interesting to watch. Cinema appeals to the best qualities of a person, which are sometimes so lacking in modern society.


Parasites.  Father of the family

Director: Bong Joon-ho;

Genre: thriller, drama;

Year of issue: 2019.

Korean ribbons are a separate layer of culture, to which everyone treats differently. The film academy has proven that it does not suffer from prejudice and predictably betrayed “Parasites” 4 Oscars, including Best Picture. Quite frankly, the competition was not too high, because the paintings “Joker”, “Irishman” and “1917” are in their own niches and cannot satisfy the needs of a wide audience.

Before us is the story of the cunning and sagacity of a poor family, which, by the will of fate, received a chance to establish a decent life. True, for this you will have to deceive, rub into trust, and maybe even kill.

The film is full of many different references, which belong to oriental culture. Probably, we see a far from complete picture when we watch “Parasites”, but even this is enough to feel the events on the screen.

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