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TOP 10 greatest video game warriors who are capable of any feats

Genre boundaries RPG with the development of the gaming industry, they blurred in space and time: if earlier the developers started from the rules and setting of tabletop role-playing puzzles, now the accumulated experience points and non-linear quests are already enough to get under the role-playing boundaries.

10 unique warriors

And, although devoted connoisseurs of “origins” and “canons” are still heated debates about who is closer to the truth, the developers invest in plot, gameplay and characters… And on the heroes (as well as on the villains) and virtual universes are held – without knights in shining armor, adventurers and even robbers, the whole atmosphere would have collapsed. But so far the gaming industry has few problems with characters – take at least the warriors: during the development of the genre RPG there will be a hundred heroes worth dating. But, if there is not enough time for experiments, then below – TOP 10 daredevils who left their mark on history!


  • Adam Jensen, Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
  • Drizzt Do’Urden, Baldur’s Gate Series
  • The Celestial Warrior, Elder Scrolls Online
  • Warrior of Light / Dissidia, Final Fantasy series
  • Survivor (Vault Dweller) Fallout series
  • Yasuo, the Unforgiven, League of Legends
  • Ebony Warrior, The Elders Scroll V: Skyrim
  • Captain Shepard, Mass Effect Series
  • Grommash “Thunder” Hellscream, World of Warcraft
  • Cirilla, The Witcher 3

Adam Jensen, Deus Ex: Human Revolution and Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Adam Jensen

Series Deus Ex not a typical representative of the genre RPG – cyberpunk universe from the studio Square enix it is devoid of gnomes, overturning almost overwhelming mugs of ale in cramped taverns, wizards in robes and caps on their heads, and even the plot does not provide for a full-fledged non-linear development (it is quite possible to influence the story, but only partially). The combat system completely excludes tactical pauses or miscalculation of actions due to the rolls of the game dice, like in role-playing games – in battles you have to rely solely on reaction, cunning and accuracy of shooting.

Despite the genre contradictions, Deus Ex gave the world Adam Jensen, head of service “Sharif Industries”Who barely survived the catastrophe during his service and came back to life after long months in the hospital. Adama collected literally in parts, and some organs, bones and ligaments were completely replaced with implants. Since then, the hero takes revenge – fearlessly, uncompromisingly and continuously, only periodically interrupting to search for new modifications and update the inventory.

Drizzt Do’Urden, Baldur’s Gate Series

Drizzt in the Universe Baldur ‘s Gate met as part of the storytelling in each part of the series (the only exception will be a triquel from the studio Larian Studios, developing an already new story with partially reworked characters). Hero gives valuable advice, is imposed on the battle with vampires in the sequel (but only depending on what actions were performed earlier) and in every possible way directs on the path of the true those who appear nearby.

In terms of class, Drizzt is a ranger-skilled fighter with a controversial personality detailed in books by R.A. SalvatoreBesides Baldur ‘s Gate character is available in Forgotten Realms – with the right combination of circumstances, there will even be a chance take control of the satellite and feel the full power of sharpened blades and harvested arrows.

The Celestial Warrior, Elder Scrolls Online

Universe Elder Scrolls Online with enviable regularity throws up trials associated with gladiatorial duels and boss battles. Celestial Warrior – not an exception. The fallen warrior possesses exceptional fighting skills, does not tolerate magic, and is able to flip mountains that appear in the way. Despite the accumulated rage inside, as the story progresses freely separates companions into friends and enemies and instead of endless battles, he even asks for help at some point.

The chance to help will not appear immediately, but closer to level 30-40 character leveling. Together with “Heavenly Warrior” you have to clean up a couple of arenas, and at the same time solve problems with road hazards.

Warrior of Light / Dissidia, Final Fantasy series

Warrior of Light – a fighter who relies on sword and shield in battles. Determined, fearless, fights on the side of Cosmos and enters the battle with faith and truth behind the back… Appears in the starting parts Final Fantasy, after – disappears from the radar, and then again moves the plot narration.

In addition to the shield and sword, he is able to wield daggers, katanas and axes, and also has a predisposition to lightning HP regeneration and increased damage with critical attacks.

Survivor (Vault Dweller) Fallout series

Universe Fallout over the years of development, it has strongly reincarnated: the usual isometric world has acquired three-dimensional colors, it has become more detailed and voluminous, and the turn-based combat system has turned into a blockbuster with special effects and falling off limbs. But the visual and technical changes have had little impact on who moves the storytelling. And in Fallout 1-2, and in Fallout 3-4 and even 76, the story relies on the character, stamina and fearlessness of the “Survivor” nameless and silent character, looking for a water chip, then fighting with madmen who decided to turn political regimes in the vast nuclear wastelands.

Survivor of Fallout does not have specific role-playing skills, is not familiar with magic. But on the other hand, it changes the world for the better (or quite the opposite), is capable of chatting up traders, stealing and experimenting. And also – shoot from machine guns and pistols, nuclear weapons and eat tons of drugs that give strength and dexterity. And a true warrior for the sake of victory is obliged adjust to the world around.

Yasuo, the Unforgiven, League of Legends

Yasuo Is an agile and determined swordsman from Ionia. Lightning whirlwind It sweeps through the positions of opponents, inflicts chopping attacks with a blade, defends itself with a shield and a moving air wall, and leaves no living space for those who appear in the way. In the Universe League of Legends Yasuo is not suitable for beginners – without the proper skill, the hero turns into a whipping doll.

If you talk about life Yasuo, then fate has dealt with the cruel youth – he was accused of murdering a mentor and he, without proving his innocence, was forced to deal with his own brother in order to defend himself. Since then, the hero wanders the world and takes revenge …

Ebony Warrior, The Elders Scroll V: Skyrim

Unnamed characters in The Elders Scroll V: Skyrim not uncommon: developers from Bethesda often call opponents “robbers”, “thieves” or “robbers”. Ebony warrior – is no exception: why invent nicknames if the defeated enemies are not able to complete the story and died defending a virtual fortress or a dilapidated camp. But behind the inconspicuous name “Ebony Warrior” in the supplement Dragonborn hides a curious story – this is a warrior living in the Fourth Era and defeating the strongest opponents living in Tamriel

The warrior has plenty of feats – defeated bosses, champion titles in gladiatorial arenas, solved riddles and destroyed traps. But triumphs and endless wanderings in search of new trials tired the Ebony Warrior and he appears in the plot at the moment when Dragonborn reaches Level 80… An unexpected meeting anticipates a quick duel and the warrior’s desire to find a rival within his powers. When he dies at the hands of the protagonist, he will whisper with joy – “Finally … Sovngarde“.

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Captain Shepard, Mass Effect Series

Series Mass Effect against the background of predominantly fantasy role-playing universes, it stands out for its strong attachment to sci-fi atmosphere and combat realism: the developers present battles in the style of Hollywood blockbusters – with gunfights, special effects and explosions. But the basic elements RPG in the world ME hardly violated: both the experience grows, and the plot changes depending on the decisions made, and additional abilities are provided. Yes, and there are no problems with wagering – the main character, Captain Shepard, an intergalactic protector and almost the universe’s only hope against the Reapers.

Appearance Captain Shepard the developers are allowed to partially customize (closer to the third part, even a full-fledged editor with detailed customization appeared), but the canon image will be preserved in history – with a short beard, bobbed hair and blue eyes gazing into infinity.

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Grommash “Thunder” Hellscream, World of Warcraft

Grommash – notorious warrior in history Azeroth, representing not the side of good and justice, but darkness and evil. The hero is full of strength and courage, in battle relies on a huge battle ax “Bloody Howl” and does not hide a cruel smile with protruding fangs even on serene days in proud loneliness.

Meets “Thunder” and in the strategies of the series Warcraft, and in the vastness of multiplayer World of Warcraft… And in Wow Grommash moves the plot much more actively than competing characters: forever makes the world burn in flames …

Cirilla, The Witcher 3

Controversy over the genre of the series The The Witcher do not stop until now: critics hang on the universe “The Witcher” shortcuts “Action “ and “Action”, and fans diligently remind about the choice and full roleplaying, about spells and the Lodge of Sorceresses, as well as about gnomes and elves, monsters and a kind of class system with runes and alchemy… The controversy is unlikely to subside anytime soon, but Cyril, “witcher”, inherited Elder Blood, will be remembered even by those who have little connection with the entertainment industry.

The blame for everything is an expressive image, fearlessness and courage, and also belonging to a multi-class combat system: Cirilla is familiar with magic, and also relies on the power of the blade and the whirlwind of attacking combinations. And besides the strength and power, the witcher will be remembered mercy and nobility.

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