• September 24, 2023

TOP 10 interesting facts about Striders in Minecraft

The cube world created by Mojang studio is lively and dynamic, so it is interesting to play it even in single player mode. With each new addition, interesting mobs appear that help diversify the gameplay. This time, the changes affected the Downworld.

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Gone are the days when the Lower World of Minecraft was devoid of any content and interaction. There are now a whole host of new mobs and even biomes to be seen. The underworld became known as the most difficult dimension of three. And now one of the new mobs added to the game actually allows the player to cross lava lakes.

Striders were introduced alongside the Piglins and Hoglins in patch 1.16. In terms of gameplay, it’s just passive, peaceful crowd of mobsthat can be seen floating in or walking around lava pools. These lava-loving creatures have received little discussion since the update, but their usefulness for the playertraveling through the underworld is undeniable.

They need lava with a depth of at least 2 blocks

Minecraft Striders what lava they need

Striders are passive and peaceful mobs, so they will spawn randomly, often in groups, in specific areas that best suit their needs. Almost any biome satisfies their needs, but the easiest place to find any strider is to just go to the Nether, where lava is abundant.

Striders need to grow naturally lava pool with a depth of at least two blocks or more. Although they can sometimes be seen walking on the ground, they can only reproduce and feel comfortable in this scalding liquid.

Babies spawn directly on adults’ heads

Minecraft Striders spawn children

Like a whole host of other mobs in the game, Striders also have children’s version themselves. These tiny animals often either spawn next to adults and follow them everywhere, or spawn right on top of an adult, where they remain in the future.

It is worth noting that even as they grow up, babies do not leave the head of an adult strider. Even though their feet do not touch the lava, they retain their standard appearance.

A new type of mob rider

Minecraft Striders riders

Another version of Strider’s spawn is rider option, which is obviously a reference to a skeleton on a spider. Zombie Pigman (Pig Zombie) on Strider – Enough rare phenomenon, so if you want to see it, it is best to build a farm of these lava freaks.

If the zombified piglin gets angry, it will chase the player, which can be especially dangerousif the strider is still in the lava. Fortunately, on land they become very slow.

They love distorted mushrooms

Minecraft warped fungus

Distorted fungus – the Hoglins’ worst enemy, but interestingly, this delicacy for striderswho live in the depths of lava lakes. A turquoise treat with orange spots can be found in warped forest biome.

Striders are very fond of these fungi and will follow the playerlike normal passive mobs of the upper world when presented with their favorite food. It’s just great for luring a new pet to land.

They are great for farming

Minecraft Striders agriculture

Previously, it was completely impossible to obtain most of the resources from the Nether. But now striders will surely help those who decide to challenge themselves with the help of long-term survival in their dangerous biome. At least they can be used like mobile platforms for traveling on lava.

From this mob, you can get threads from which you can make blocks of wool for the bed. However, in order to make a bed or something out of wool, you need a whole strider farm… Also, their resources can be saved in a critical situation, if the player wants make a bow.

They hate water

Minecraft Striders die in water

As you might expect, striders absolutely intolerant of water… They take damage while in a normal body of water, as well as from precipitation falling on the ground. Naturally, this is only if they are somehow transferred from the Lower World, which is a difficult task in itself.

Interestingly, frozen water such as snow or snowballs will not have any negative effects striders and they won’t take damage. It’s really no surprise that water is their biggest weakness, given that they live and breed in lava.

Outside the lava, they begin to freeze

Minecraft Striders freeze without lava

As mentioned, striders usually spawn en masse in lava lakes. While they definitely prefer heat and are most commonly found in these large warm pools, they sometimes can roam overland or are deliberately lured by players to a certain place.

On land they change color to darkalmost magenta. In addition, striders start much move slower and shiver as if from cold. No doubt their bodies need the intense heat of the lava to keep these funny creatures comfortable.

They can be bred

Minecraft Striders breeding

Like most mobs in the game, especially peaceful ones, striders can also be bred… The rules for this process are no different from working with animals in the Upper World, and all the player needs is this mob’s favorite food

Feed the Distorted Fungus to two adultsso that hearts appear above their heads. As a result, striders will have a baby that will grow faster if they also give him their favorite treat. These mobs will not spawn any food if destroyed, but they do have other useful loot.

They are only fast in motionless lava

Minecraft Striders move quickly only in motionless lava

The main utility of striders is that they can be used as live boat in hot lakes. One of the most annoying aspects of Downworld travel is the fact that lava is everywhereand the terrain is extremely difficult to pass.

Striders provide a pleasant alternative, timeless staircases and stone walkways. They allow the player to easily cross lava lakes right on their own. However, remember that lava fountains or flowing lava will slow them down significantly. They move the fastest when traveling on stationary lakes.

Several achievements are associated with them.

Minecraft Striders achievements

Players who want unlock as many achievements in the game as possible, especially those added in update 1.16, should try to find yourself a strider.

If you want to become the owner of the achievement “This boat has legs“, You will need to prepare the saddle and the distorted fungus on the fishing rod in advance. Ride a new mob – and the upgrade achievement is in your pocket. Striders are also included in the breeding achievements “Agriculture“And”Romantic dinner“.

The vast world of Minecraft has something interesting to offer for every player. If you’re looking to build an unforgettable Nether home, check out our selection of buildings. You can also create a special farm for striders. And if you decide to hunt them, do not forget to stock up on interesting weapons from mods.

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