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Top 10 long-awaited relaunches of cult films

Reloading a picture is a dangerous event that is perceived ambiguously by the viewer. On the one hand, the reboot of old films that have lost their relevance should delight, but the director is not always able to solve the problem. What will be the new “Batman”? Will they be able to “Ghostbusters” to avoid another failure? Only time will tell.

When it comes to iconic paintings that have become overwhelmingly popular, relaunching a project is especially dangerous. The viewer invariably begins to compare the original with the reboot, and in most cases the comparison will not be in favor of the second. However, there are precedents when directors were able to give a film a new life, so there is no need to rush to conclusions.

Ghostbusters: Descendants

Ghostbusters: Descendants

Fall 2021 the release of the picture is expected “Ghostbusters: The Descendants” and the viewer has high hopes for this project. After an indiscriminate, politically engaged remake of five years ago, where the main roles went to women (including blacks), it seems that it could not be worse.

The reason for optimism is the return to the screens of the old characters from the original film – we will see again Ackroyd, Murray, Hudson, Sigourney Weaver… True, the main roles will go to young actors who will have to take over the science from experienced hunters.

Horror shop

Horror Shop 1960

Adaptations of this story 1960 and 1986certainly caught the attention of the public. In addition, the Broadway directors could not pass by the plot, transferring it to the theatrical stage. The original film follows a predatory plant that feeds on blood and human flesh.

Of course, today the cinema has lost its relevance, because the weak special effects of that time and the banal plot do not impress anyone now. This misunderstanding will be corrected soon – Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans put away superhero costumes in the closet and try to resist the monster.


Spawn 1997

In 1997, when the film adaptations of comics were still a wonder, a picture was created “Spawn”… She told the viewer a story Al Simmons, the CIA agent, whom the authorities decided to get rid of. The man made a deal with the dark forces to return to earth and see his beloved woman. Now Al – Spawn and he will have to make an effort to resist the demon with whom Simmons made a pact.

There is no doubt that today filmmakers have a lot more technical capabilities at their disposal to build a blockbuster. Only as far as the viewer will be interested in Spawn, when Marvel and DC literally flooded the screens with various superheroes?

Wild gang

Wild Gang 1968

Before us is the case when it is simply impossible to make a reboot better than the original. “Wild gang” 1968 year release was so warmly received by viewers and critics that the mere thought of restarting seems seditious. The film has 2 Oscar nominations and is a hardcore western style “No Country for Old Men”

However, the reboot has chances to be successful – the modern generation has not watched The Wild Gang. The project will be directed by Mel Gibson, in caste Fassbender and Fox… I would like to believe that these guys will find their way to the audience’s hearts.


Angry.  Poster

Many films have been filmed about the fabulous land of OZ. However, sometimes we get so carried away by the adventures of the main characters that we lose sight of the evil sorceresses who are an integral part of the plot. They were immortalized by a Broadway hit “Wicked”, allowing the viewer to look at familiar characters from a different angle.

For shooting the latest version is taken John M. Chu, and the ribbon will serve as the basis for creating the picture “The Wizard of Oz” 1939 year… The scriptwriter will be Gregory Maguire, who published a book about the adventures of the Western Witch.

Masters of the Universe

Masters of the Universe 1987

We all know perfectly well what family comedies are, but the viewer encounters family fiction much less often. “Masters of the Universe” 1987 year – just such a film, created primarily for children. An eminent actor appeared in the lead role, Dolph Lundgrensaving the Earth from the invasion of aliens. The painting was nominated for “Golden raspberry”, flopped at the box office and received restrained viewership.

However, this did not stop to revive the franchise – “Masters of the Universe” will be released already in 2021… Brothers shouldered a difficult burden Neitherwho will have to make incredible efforts to succeed.


Akira.  Poster 1987

The infamous manga was filmed in a distant 1987 year and took on an anime format. The plot takes us into a kind of “Orwellian” reality from “1984” and tells about the events in Japan the future after the Third World War. Now the country is ruled by a totalitarian regime and various sects are flourishing.

Reboot was planned to be released spring 2021 in the form of a full-fledged film. This task was entrusted to the most “pop” director of our time, Waititi… However, the release date was postponed many times and now Taika, according to his own statement, is not sure that he will find the time to continue working with the tape.

Dungeon Dragons

Dungeon Dragons 2000

Popular board game Dungeons & dragons served as the basis for the creation of the film “Dungeon Dragons” 2000 year… The audience was shocked that such a work could appear on the big screen and gave the picture a box office failure. However, the topic has not exhausted itself, therefore in 2023 we expect to see a quality restart.

The creators of the picture were behind the director’s control. Spider-Man: Homecoming, and from stars of the first magnitude we will see Michelle Rodriguezthat it is high time to go beyond “Fast and the Furious”


Nosferatu 1922

The painting must be given its due “Nosferatu” 1922 year – although it is hopelessly outdated, it gave rise to a whole direction in cinema. Today, films about vampires are in the order of things, but it is extremely interesting to watch the reissue of the reporting picture. We learned about the reboot for a long time, but so far the exact release date of the tape remains unknown.

They put him at the director’s console Robert Eggers and this choice is not accidental. The young specialist showed himself excellently, presenting to the public such pictures as “Witch” and “Lighthouse”… It should be noted that these ribbons are even stylistically similar to “Nosferatu”so everything should turn out in the best possible way.


Batman.  The Dark Knight

It so happened that “Batman” reshoots regularly – the actors change, and The Dark Knight continues to defend Gotham… This time, Robert Pattinson, who is still remembered by many as a vampire, will have to wear a bat costume. Edward

It’s hard to say how well the public will accept the creation. Matt Reeves, because the trilogy is still fresh in my memory Christopher Nolan, which has collected many positive reviews. Apparently, we are waiting for a completely new image of Batman, which will have to get used to.

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