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Top 10 Marvel characters who were deprived of love lines in films

Even if you have supernatural abilities, this is not a guarantee of success on the personal front. The validity of this statement is once again proved by the characters of the Marvel universe, many of whom are still without a pair. Moreover, superheroes are often Deny themselves romantic attempts… What is the reason?

Falcon.  Captain America.  Thanos

Not every comic book director pays enough attention to the relationship of the characters. This approach has the right to life – the characters need to save humanity and there is simply no time for romance. However, the love line sometimes helps not only to better reveal the characters, but also to strengthen the plot with additional conflicts.

Captain America

Captain America.  Sam Wilson

True Marvel fans know that in the picture “Avengers: Endgame” Sam Wilson gets the title Captain America from the very Steve Rogers… The guy is experiencing serious difficulties in accepting his new status, so he spends a lot of time thinking. It is almost impossible to find a worthy girl without understanding yourself, and Sam is still alone.

Wilson is completely dedicated to teaching and has only one strong emotional attachment to Barnes… Perhaps when Sam finds inner peace and gets used to a new role for himself, he will be involved in a romantic adventure.

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel

Carol Danvers for a long time was forced to live on Halle and work for the dastardly alien race – Cree… Being in such an environment is very difficult to meet your love, and the loss of memory only contributed to the isolation of the character. Captain Marvel only recently returned to Earth and has not yet had time to fully adapt to a new life.

It should be noted that Carol has extraordinary strength and is a kind of guarantee of humanity against alien invasion. Danvers also stands guard over other worlds and the girl simply does not have time for an affair.


Marvel.  Warrior

Because the Rhodey is a close associate Tony Stark, he could repeatedly observe how Iron Man easily starts romances. However, the Warmaster’s worldview is fundamentally different – the military past affects. Rhodey simply puts debt first, spending very little time on other aspects of his own life.

It’s no secret that in comics Warrior sympathizes with Carol Danversbecause they share common values ​​and are, in essence, soldiers. However, so far the characters have rarely crossed paths on the screen, so the development of their relationship is possible only in the distant future.


Marvel.  Wong.  Servant of Strage

Faithful Servant Doctor Strange – a monk who owns various martial arts. The viewer might think that Wong took some kind of oath forbidding him to have a relationship, but this is completely wrong. In the comics, the monk periodically went all out, although he always put service to his master in the first place.

Why does Wong stay lonely in the MCU? Marvel? He does not get too much screen time and there is simply no point in introducing an additional love line for the sake of the monk. However, the situation could change if Wong’s role is expanded.

Winter soldier

Winter soldier

Past Bucky Barnes cannot be called cloudless – World War II, loss of memory, transformation into a killing machine and ensuing enlightenment. Such a rhythm of life does not allow paying enough attention to finding a partner. However, in the comics Winter Soldier shows genuine interest in Black Widow and even laid eyes on my sister Falconthat the latter did not like it very much.

There is no doubt that Bucky will eventually find a soul mate – this is not only his biography, but also a rather significant role in the cinematic universe. Marvel


Marvel.  Ayo.  Wakanda

This girl’s main concern is to protect Wakanda from various misfortunes. She is also the head of the king’s security and this is really hard work, since we know perfectly well how turbulent the cinematic universe is. MarvelAyo forced to give all of herself to the service, and is very focused on this role.

Lately, the warrior has started to become a more significant character, so it is highly likely that her role will continue to expand. At the same time, the writers will give Ayo the opportunity to embark on a romantic adventure.


Marvel.  Rocket Raccoon

It can be difficult to find a mate when you are a humanoid raccoon. This guy is a brilliant tactician and brave warrior, he has unrivaled charm, but still remains without a pair. Sometimes at Raccoon obsessive thoughts and self-esteem problems arise. He probably needs to sort himself out before getting into a really serious relationship.

The intrigue is that Rocket Raccoon there was a girlfriend in the comics – cyber otter… The big question is whether filmmakers will introduce this character to create another love line.


Marvel.  Valkyrie.  Tessa Thompson

There are a lot of rumors around this character, so the picture “Thor: Love and Thunder”which will come out in 2022 year, should put everything in its place. We have already heard hints that the heroine will have a non-traditional sexual orientation, it remains only to be convinced of this personally after the premiere.

In the meantime Valkyrie was not seen in love affairs with the characters of the universe. Almost certainly, she’s like a king Asgard will have to start looking for her queen, with whom she will share the throne.

Black Widow

Black Widow.  Natasha Romanoff, Elena Belova

As you know, after the death Natasha Romanoff, honorary title Black Widow migrated to Elena Belova… The character has just appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but has already managed to attract some attention. For a long time, Elena remained a puppet in the hands of villains, so while her socialization is at a minimum level.

There is little doubt that a pretty girl is doomed to romantic adventures. The writers only have to think about how to arrange everything in the most successful way, which they are probably already doing.



Though Thanos possesses power and is a formidable opponent of the forces of good, his love affairs hitherto caused only ridicule of the audience. In the comics, the villain had a liking for Of death, and in the cinematic universe he was only interested in Infinity Stones

There is no doubt that Thanos wants to have a complete family, and this is obvious. He has two adopted daughters, whom the antagonist brings up as best he can, due to his character and inclinations. However, the character was deprived of normal relations on the screen.

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