• September 29, 2022

TOP 10 mods for The Witcher 3

Since its release Witcher 3 considered one of the best action RPG games of our time. A carefully crafted plot, an open world, the ability to develop a character according to your own build, as well as a rich history are the main advantages of the studio’s cult project CD Project Red

The Witcher 3. Geralt

As you know, there is no limit to perfection, and from the player’s point of view, the electronic product still has certain drawbacks. This problem is solved by mods that can give you a new experience of passing The Witcher 3 games and make this process much more comfortable.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with best modsthat will help to conduct Geralt through all the trials and achieve your goals, getting real pleasure from The Witcher 3.

No fall damage

The Witcher 3. The Fall of Geralt

What could be more offensive than die from the fall? Geralt kills the beasts in whole packs, taking tons of damage, but even a small height often becomes fatal for him. Maybe the main character doesn’t know how to group? Or have the developers been overly strict with this aspect?

Anyway mod No fall damage solves this problem. Now you can go to explore the world without fear of ingloriously disappearing into the nearest ditch. Such deaths are annoying for many, so the mod is very popular among gamers who want to simplify their task a little.

Download the mod for free.

Fast travel from anywhere

Witcher 3. Fast travel

Of course, exploring the world is one of the main ingredients. The Witcher 3… However, sometimes the target is too far away and it is very difficult to reach it. The mod allows the player to perform fast travel, regardless of its location. You no longer have to look for pointers, just open the map and move to the desired location.

Modification Fast travel from anywhere allows you to save your own time, make the gameplay easier and faster, which is often the top priority for a gamer.

Download the mod for free.

Always full EXP

The Witcher 3. One-eyed NPC

It cannot be denied that the game The Witcher 3 is filled to capacity with an unusual plot and interesting quests that you definitely want to complete. But when Geralt completes low-level tasks, he only gets a small part of the experience… This fact frustrates many players, bringing them literally to despair. Who likes it when the result of your work is judged by such a small reward?

Thanks to the modification Always full EXP you will always get full experience for quests, regardless of your current level.

Download the mod for free.

All quest objectives on map

The Witcher 3. Map

And again let’s talk about the tasks, of which there are a lot of the Witcher 3 game. Plot and side quests pile up on your Geralt from all sides and an inexperienced gamer may well get confused. The map in the game is not very informative and tracking missions is a tricky process that modding does a great job All quest objectives on map

After installation, you will see that all tasks are in plain sight. It is now easy to make a quest active with one click. The mod completely solves the problem of map optimization.

Download the mod for free.

Slots Slots Slots

The Witcher 3. Slots of skills

If you paid attention to this modification, then you have probably already encountered scarcity of skills… Total gamer gets 12 slots for your skills, and their number does not reach the maximum number immediately. This is for balance so that the game doesn’t feel too easy for you.

It happens that the player is impatient to test all the skills of Geralt and then the mod Slots Slots Slots will be the best solution. Now you can get not only 96 slotsbut also activate immediately multiple mutations, making the main character an invincible machine for destroying monsters.

Download the mod for free.

Auto apply oils

The Witcher 3. Oils

Automatic oil application Is another way to optimize the gameplay. Each time you are forced to go to the menu to find the right lineup for your enemies. In a series of bloody battles and other events, this activity does not give much pleasure and becomes truly painful for the gamer.

Maud Auto apply oils scans all enemies around Geralt and independently applies oil to your weapons. Now you do not need to be distracted by trifles and can concentrate exclusively on the gameplay.

Download the mod for free.

Indestructible items – no more weapon degradation

Witcher 3. Weapons are not destroyed

Weapons in the game The Witcher 3 tend to wear out, like any object in the real world. Gamers do not get tired of arguing about the appropriateness of this approach. Many sincerely believe that weapon breakage – an extra option, since it only artificially complicates the game and distracts the user from really important things.

Maud Indestructible items – no more weapon degradation completely solves this problem and allows you to forget about tracking the durability of items and the need to repair them. You will save some money, and you will also be able to avoid being distracted by the unpleasant component of the game.

Download the mod for free.

Over 9000 – weight limit mod

Witcher 3. Inventory capacity

It is quite obvious why the guys from CD Project Red limited the maximum possible volume of cargothat Geralt can carry. This is another aspect that brings the game closer to reality and does not allow the gamer to get rich instantly by selling artifacts to the vendor.

That is why you are forced to travel, constantly being distracted by the need empty your backpack. It takes a lot of time and effort. As a result, the gamer begins to simply leave valuable loot on the battlefield so as not to drag himself to the merchant once again.

Maud Over 9000 – weight limit mod increases the amount of cargo you carry almost indefinitely and allows you to keep track of your loot.

Download the mod for free.

Lore-friendly witchers

The Witcher 3. Mod for retexture

If you are familiar with immortal creation Andrzej Sapkowski, then you understand that Geralt is not a model, but a brutal freak. Igrodels have significantly decorated the characters of the franchise and made them much more pleasing from a visual point of view.

Lore fans disagree with this and modification Lore-friendly witchers allows Geralt and other witchers to return their true appearance… Of course, the problem is not 100% solved, but connoisseurs of the franchise should like it.

Download the mod for free.

The witcher 3 HD reworked project

The Witcher 3. New graphic textures

It’s hard to argue with the fact that the graphics in The Witcher 3 are of extremely high quality. However, this may not seem enough to a demanding player and mod The witcher 3 HD reworked project will pleasantly surprise owners of powerful cars.

Thanks to the modification the picture becomes more juicy and allows you to realize the full potential of the game in terms of visual design. However, remember about the characteristics of your computer, because they must be very good in order to pull new textures

Download the mod for free.

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