• October 1, 2022

🔝 TOP 10 Most Anticipated 🔥 Science Fiction Films 2021-2022

After a short stagnation, film companies are gaining momentum again and are ready to share their work with the audience. We have selected TOP 10 most anticipated science fiction films of 2021-2022not to be missed.

TOP expected science fiction films

Mortal Kombat

Fans are eagerly awaiting a new part of the movie based on the now iconic video game Mortal combat… Almost 25 years have passed since the last film adaptation, and many people simply have not seen the past parts. Interesting fact: in the west, Mortal Kombat 1995 received devastating reviews (47% of positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes), while in Russia the film was received more loyally (7.6 on Kinopoisk). Mortal Kombat 2021

The directorial debut awaits us Simon McQuoid, which raises certain concerns in conjunction with the cast of not the most popular actors. Find out how the new Mortal Kombat turned out and watch the battle Scorpion and Sub Zero there will be an opportunity already April 8.

Godzilla vs. Kong

Film franchises are a real trend of the last decade. That’s Legendary Entertainment with his “Universe of Monsters” trying to win the love of the audience. Whether she will succeed in moving from the status of the “Prohodnyak” franchise to something more, we will find out very soon. Godzilla vs. Kong

Who is stronger: giant lizard Godzilla or at least a large monkey King Kong? Find out the answer to the question of many children of the 90s already March, 25.


Screen adaptation of the novel of the same name by Frank Herbert “Dune»Promises to be a quality project. That is two reasons: rather big budget of 165 million dollars and Denis Villeneuve (Blade Runner 2049) as director. The plot will cover the first half of the book, and work on the sequel script is already in its final stages.

We expect the adaptation of the novel and the appearance of the legendary sand worm September 16, 2021 of the year.

Black Widow

Story Natasha Romanoff has long been asking for a full-length film. The solo performance of our “compatriot” promises not to yield Iron Man and Tohru in quality, and her old acquaintances – Elena and Alexey (better known as Red Guardian). Black Widow 2021

Rumor has it that this is the last appearance of the heroine on the screen, after which she will be replaced by another character with Russian roots. Likely goodbye to Natasha will happen in cinemas May 7, 2021.

Zach Snyder Justice League

After the tragedy in the family Zach Snyder he was forced to leave the post of director Justice League, which entailed a production hell and remaking half of the film in the eyes of the incumbent director Joss WhedonZach Snyder Justice League

Naturally, the film was controversial as a result and received a lot of negative reviews. The anger of fans was so great that DC decided to make concessions and persuade them to return. Zach Snyder in the director’s chair and to make his own version of the blockbuster, allocating another $ 70 million for this. You can already find out if something good will come out of this venture. March 18 on HBO Max.


Jared Leto – one of the few actors working on 2 howling sides at once. Conquering big screens with one DC (here he plays the Joker), on the other hand, already successful and held Marvel entertainmentwhere Jared will play a vampire MorbiusMorbius 2022

In fact, the rights to the character belong to Sony and, apparently, the studio is going to make a unified universe with a frankly average Venom, which raises a lot of doubts about the future success Morbius… Will the studio be able to launch the universe of “Gloomy” heroes, we will only know January 21, 2022.


After appointment Robert Pattison for the role of the new Batman The skepticism surrounding the upcoming film about a superhero in a bat costume has grown exponentially. Fan doubts continued until the release of the recent trailer, which turned out to be surprisingly dark and atmospheric. Batman 2022

The actor himself in the frame rather resembles Heath Ledger from his Jokerrather than fair Christian Bale with his version Batman… Whether it is good or bad, we will find out already next year, in any case it will be at least an interesting picture with a unique look at the established history. US premiere slated for March 4, 2022, there is no exact date in Russia yet.

The main character

Ryan Reynolds never ceases to amaze with his love for games and films about superheroes. Trying on the image Green Lantern (which he repeatedly regretted in interviews), and then became incredibly popular Deadpool, the actor decided to try himself in the role of an ordinary game NPC, who realized that he was in a video game. Protagonist 2021

The film promises to be a “strong middle man”. If you are in the mood to watch a movie with a vivid picture, a lot of humor and special effects, we recommend that you take a closer look at The main character… In Russia, the premiere will take place May 20, 2021.

Major Thunder: Plague Doctor

Domestic superhero movie – an infrequent guest on the big screen, relatively successful projects can be counted on the fingers of one hand. It is all the more interesting to watch the continuation of the acclaimed 2017 short film based on the comics of the same name about adventure Major Igor GromovMajor Thunder: Plague Doctor

The film’s budget has grown by about 5 times, and the post of the scriptwriter still takes Artem Gabrelyanov… Russian film adaptation of comics will reach cinemas already April 1 this year.

Suicide Squad 2: Mission Knockout

First part Suicide squad it turned out to be quite controversial and the average score of 6.1 on film search is evidence of this. However, in the West, viewers appreciated the film less critically and DC gave the green light to shoot the sequel. Suicide Squad 2: Mission Kick Through

An important help for filming the sequel was probably joining the team of the notorious James Gunnwho worked on excellent Guardians of the Galaxy and Thor… Will it be able to Gunn breathe new life into a controversial superhero project we’ll find out August 6, 2021.

We hope our selection of films has inspired you to plan your movie trip. If you have another fantastic film in mind that you are really looking forward to, then share its title in the comments. If there are a lot of films, then we will make the second part of the TOP, based on the sympathies of the readers.

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