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Top 10 most difficult bosses in the games of the Elder Scrolls series

Franchise The elder scrolls Bethesda has challenged gamers more than once, inviting them to participate in battles with different bosses. The strongest of them managed to get into this collection.

The Elder Scrolls - Master Blacksmith, Almalexia, Valkin Skoria, Serpent, Alduin

Fans of The Elder Scrolls series know that traveling through the provinces of Tamriel is accompanied by many encounters with playable characters. If you can still find an approach to ordinary people and representatives of other races, then with hostile monsters will have to negotiate in the language of power. The landscapes of Cyrodiil are striking in their magnificence, but hide the threat that comes from the other planes of Oblivion. Skyrim has become a haven for dangerous and deadly dragons, and exotic Morrowind has opened the way for creatures never seen before.

However, for some players, clashes with the most powerful enemies are a kind of challenge. In the end, the challenges and endgame content in The Elder Scrolls Online have teased players with more serious dangers. So, what are the most powerful bosses in The Elder Scrolls?

Umber (Morrowind)


Morrowind fans remember the quest related to his sword very well. To obtain the legendary weapon, players had to face off against an orc warrior nicknamed Umbra. It soon became clear that only those who fight the orc and give him the right to wield the sword glorious deathworthy of a warrior. Unfortunately for most low-level players, Umbra too tough

Technically, Umber – this is Orc level 20… In addition to the buffs granted by the sword, he wears Orcish armor with a shield that protects it from damage… Due to its origin, Umbra has high indicators of health and resistance to magic, and can also cause increased damage.

To defeat this enemy in battle, you must have the appropriate level.

Mankar Camoran (Oblivion)

Mancar Camoran

Players can remember Mankara Camorana as the final boss in Oblivion… This character is the main antagonist the fourth part of the Elder Scrolls. Leader of the Daedric Cult “Mythic Dawn”, he wanted to summon Mehrunes Dagon to Cyrodiil.

Born under the constellation Magus, Mancar received magic bonuses and racial characteristics Nords, Bretons, and Altmer (resistances to electricity, cold and magic). Players accustomed to relying on spells will have a hard time. Gaining an easy melee victory won’t work either: Mankar Camoran’s arsenal of defensive abilities reflects or absorbs a serious proportion of the damage done.

Master Blacksmith (Skyrim, Dawnguard)

Master blacksmith

The addition to the fifth part of the Elder Scrolls will sooner or later lead players to the lost technologies of the Dwemer civilization. The search for the ancient race ends in the forge of ethereum, where you have to meet face to face with the Dwemer centurions and Master Blacksmith – the main defense mechanism of this location.

While not the most difficult opponent in the game, the Master Blacksmith can surprise you both in close combat and at long range. Particular danger represents his fiery breath, dealing severe damage in a certain radius.

In order to defeat the Dwemer Centurion boss without critical health effects, it is wise to enlist the help of a companion. While the companion will distract the Master Blacksmith, there will be a good opportunity for a safe attack.

Umaril the Unfeathered (Oblivion)

Umaril the Unfeathered

By joining the Order of the Knights of the Nine in the eponymous supplement to The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, players could become protectors of the Nine Deities’ faith and their core ideals. Victory over Umaril the Unfeigned, an ancient warrior in golden armor, allowed him to earn honor and respect at the level Divine Crusaders… However, defeat the immortal magician king, enslaved the people of Tamriel in the past, not so easy.

Due to the dynamic increase in complexity in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Umaril the Unfeathered’s power grows with the player’s level. As a Daedric being, he possesses resistances to various spells. His unique ability “Mortal Light” deals damage with magic and electricity, and its rare blade lowers the reserve of strength

Lord Harkon (Skyrim)

Lord Harkon

There are more bloodsuckers in the Elder Scrolls series than meets the eye. IN The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard players will meet with the guardian of the Volkihar fortress Lord Harkon… Everything would be fine, only he is a powerful master of vampires.

Players who choose the path of a bloodsucker hunter will eventually have to fight him. As one of the most powerful vampires in the game, the lord will fight for his life to the end, and you should not count on an easy fight. Throughout the battle, the vampire lord will summon gargoyles and skeletons… Despite the absence of pronounced attacks, his “Vampire Suck” coupled with natural invisibility will fray the nerves of even the most persistent players. It is quite difficult to defeat an opponent who absorbs the reserves of vitality and periodically disappears from sight

Almalexia (Morrowind, Tribunal)


In addition Tribunal to The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind players will get to know the Tribunal – the three god-kings of the Dunmer. Interestingly, the relationship between Almalexia and the player (Nerevarine) will not initially be easy, given their old squabbles and the goddess’s deteriorating condition.

In her final battle with the Nerevarine, Almalexia reveals her true strength… Despite the fact that the goddess is quite vulnerable, she is among the most difficult bosses in the series, quite deservedly. Being a creature Level 100, she has total resistance to most of the known spells and attacks. Her unique ability “Wrath of Almalexia” absorbs the health of the main character, reduces his resistance to fire, and then deals the main damage to them. With his blade, best known as “Fire of Hope”, the goddess attacks with electricity.

Valkin Skoria (Online)

Valkin Skoria

IN TESO players will meet with the personal bodyguard of Mehrunes Dagon – a Daedric lord, familiar to many The Elder Scrolls IV: OblivionValkin Skoria – a dremora in flaming armor, whose attacks and abilities are many times superior to those of ordinary warriors.

Acting as a boss, warrior incredibly strong in battle. The firepower that Valkin Skoria puts into his blows is enough to pierce top-notch armor players. Moreover, her own defense is poorly susceptible to damage inflicted in response.

Rakhat (Online)


Rakhat or Fang of Lorkhaj – the final boss of the Maw of Lorkhaj, serving the Great Darkness. It was once known as Kulan-dro, who became Dro-m’Atra. In its altered state, it is quite formidable adversary with a massive build and demonic wings. In addition, a wide range of his abilities, consisting of spheres and Abyssal bombs, and Burning Shadows, leaves the player with little chance of survival.

Serpent (Online)


Legends say that once Serpent was a whole constellation traveling across the endless sky. Wanting to change Nirn in his own bad image and likeness, he tried to enlist the support of other star clusters, but failed. From now on fallen celestial can be found during the trial “Sanctuary of Ophidia”

As a melee fighter, the Serpent has powerful attacks and deals complex damage over the area around you. Coupled with poisoning his attacks prevent players from being active in combat and force them to heal in deep defenses.

Loss of concentration while fighting this enemy will lead to disastrous results.

Alduin (Skyrim)


The battle with this dragon – destiny bestowed… As a Dragonborn, the protagonist meets Alduin at the very beginning of the game and bravely follows his trail throughout the entire story quest. To defeat the main antagonist of the fifth part of the Elder Scrolls, you need to know his capabilities and weaknesses. Fire resistance and vulnerability to cold – one of those.

The most powerful dragon has several shouts and abilities in the arsenal. He will defend himself with:

  • Frost Breath and Ice Storm;
  • Fire Breath and Fireball;
  • Dragon Thundercall and Dragon Merciless Force.

Even having a loyal companion close at hand won’t always make this fight easier. The world eater is not ready to part with life, for ancient prophecy must be performed and Tamriel – destroyed

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