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Top 10 must-do side quests in Cyberpunk 2077

In addition to story quests, built around the protagonist and hero Keanu Reeves, Cyberpunk 2077 is able to please with a lot of interesting side quests.

Top 10 must-do side quests in Cyberpunk 2077

If we close our eyes to the abundance of bugs and performance problems (most of which have already been fixed), then in Cyberpunk 2077 you can find a very intriguing story. In addition to Vee and Johnny Silverhand, between whom one of the main conflicts unfolds, the game introduces us to a mass of colorful characters with well-written characters.

In the side quests associated with them, you often have to make difficult decisions without fully realizing their consequences, which, in fact, makes them so memorable. So, here are the best side quests that you should definitely go through.

“Palace coup” and “Let me go, depth”

Judy Alvarez can be found in the early stages of the playthrough, as she is associated with the main story arc. In the first act, the role of the braindance editor is relatively small – she just helps V with the robbery orchestrated by Dexter DeSchon. However, later V can render a reciprocal service to Judy – to achieve the independence of the “Clouds” club from the “Tiger Claws” gang in order to protect all the girls working there.

Meanwhile, Maiko Maeda tries to use Judy’s plan for his own personal gain by going over to the gang’s side. The player in the role of V in these quests will have to make a number of difficult choices (for example, whether to kill the Lumberjack or not, as well as what to do with Maiko). When completing the quest “Let me go, depth” for V-woman, you can start a touching romance with Judy, who will find its echo in one of the endings of Cyberpunk 2077.

Passage of quests:

Riders of the Storm

Riders of the Storm

Panam is another heroine to romance with and, like Judy, is closely intertwined with the game’s main storyline. Moreover, if you complete all the tasks related to her and the Aldecaldo clan, by the end of the game V will become part of a group of nomads

This ending is considered by many players to be one of the best in Cyberpunk 2077.

But before that, you have to plunge into the difficult relationship between the Panamas and the Aldecaldo clan, which has actually become a family for her. V helps her on several exciting missions and, returning to the camp after one of them, witnesses an intense dialogue between her, Sol, the head of the clan, which ends on a tragic but inspiring note.

Walkthrough “Riders of the Storm”

“Queen of the freeways”

Fans were eagerly awaiting the release of Cyberpunk 2077 for many reasons, one of which was the extensive vehicle fleet in the game and the ability to customize the iron horses. Of course, in general, this aspect ultimately disappointed many, but the series of side-quests “Queen of the Highways” slightly corrected the situation. In these missions it was possible to participate in street racing in different areas of Knight City in the company of Claire – the bartender of “Afterlife”, with whom, like Jackie, we meet in the first act.

Upon completing the quest, you can get one of the best cars in the game – the Quadra Type-66 Cthulhu.

Each race is unique due to the characteristics of the tracks and the environment, and it is also worth participating in them for the sake of communicating with Claire, whom fans of the game often call their favorite NPC. But sooner or later, V finds out that she, like most of the residents of Knight City, has her own ulterior motives: in fact, she uses street races to take revenge on corporation Sampson, who was the culprit in the tragedy in her past.

Passage “Queen of the freeways”


The story of Jefferson Perales can be remembered for a long time. At the time of the events of the game, he is running for mayor of Night City, making him a target for a mysterious corporation. After completing a side quest in which River Ward and Jefferson participate, his wife Elizabeth will turn to Vee for help to solve the mysterious case.

The spouses will tell you that they experience blackouts, periodically behave strangely and face unexplained events in their apartment. Having carefully studied the “security service”, which is engaged in the protection of the Perales, V finds out that this is in fact some kind of organization, brainwashing the couple. At the end of the mission, the protagonist will face another difficult choice, where there are no uniquely good and bad options.

Walkthrough “Bunraku”

“In the Footsteps of the Past” and “Old Drama”

From the flashbacks shown in the finale of the first act, it becomes clear that Bestia once worked with Johnny Silverhand. But they could not be called exclusively comrades in arms. She and the rock star were united not only by the raid on the Arasaka tower, but also by mutual romantic feelings, which did not interfere even with the fact that Johnny was dating Alt at that time.

We, in the role of V, have the opportunity to give this couple a well-deserved happy ending.

After the mission “Metamorphosis” the side quest “In the footsteps of the past” becomes available, and here it is advisable to allow Johnny to gain control over V’s body. This side quest is built around Silverhand, so this is a great opportunity to find items that belonged to him in the game. If you choose the necessary lines in the dialogues, Johnny will ask V to invite the Beast on a date on his behalf, which we will see already in the “Old Drama” quest. This path can lead to a unique ending to the game.

“Roller coaster”

Driving around Night City, it is impossible not to drive past Pacifica, where long-abandoned attractions are located. But did you know that the roller coaster needs to be repaired? To do this, you need to talk to Jin and Anel, who are located near the park, and then go to the landing site for the attraction.

To the left of it is the control panel, and to fix the electricity supply, V needs to go downstairs. There may be some problems with finding this panel, and therefore you have the opportunity to simply scan the slides to make it easier for yourself. And as a reward for completing a small side mission, Johnny offers to ride a roller coaster.

In no case do not refuse, because during the trip you will find several interesting remarks from Silverhand.

“Who watches over the watchmen”

Life in Night City is so unpredictable that even casual shopping can smoothly turn into a tense encounter with cyberpsychology. Fortunately, this happens only in an elite clothing store in the Business District of the city. If you look into it and talk to the seller Zane, then after a while, a task marker will appear on the map in this particular store.

As soon as you return to it, the shopping screen will automatically open. As soon as you roll it up, an unfriendly cyber-psycho rushes in. It will not be possible to escape, so it remains either to deal with him on his own, or to watch how he smashes the stands, until in the end he is neutralized by the valiant employees of Max-Tak.

It is noteworthy in this quest that one of the police officers who came to the call is a re-educated psychopath from the first teaser of the game.

“Venus in furs”

Militech’s corporat Meredith Stout plays an important role in the first act of the storyline. One of the first difficult decisions in Cyberpunk 2077 is also associated with her: either to deceive her in a big way, thereby condemning her to an inglorious death, or to take her side, transferring a chip with a virus to members of the Maelstrom group in one of the quests.

In the second case, Meredith will call V after a while and inform her of her intention to leave Night City. For the sake of starting a romantic side mission, you need to answer that you will miss her, and then go to the specified coordinates. The reward for this quest will be a very funny club with an unusual shape.

How to start a relationship with Meredith Stout

“The Hidden Truth”

It is difficult to pass by the prophet Gary, but for some reason many do not complete his line of quests. However, if you listen to all five conspiracy theories eccentric hero and occasionally donate hard-earned cash to him, you can finally get to the side-quest “The Hidden Truth”.

At some point, Gary will ask to protect him from the nomads, and if the task is successfully completed, we will receive a mysterious chip, the data on which is encoded. He needs to be shown to the prophet himself, after which V will have an entertaining conversation with Gary’s student on this topic.

“Romantic from the high road”

Cyberpunk 2077 is packed with unique vehicles and this side quest can be used to unlock a rare motorcycle. It is interesting that it is not displayed in any way on the map, and to complete it you have to focus on Silverhand replicas and seek graffiti with black and white horses

Sooner or later, this hunt will lead to the Northside, namely to the All Foods factory, where V will meet a locked garage with a combination lock. If you carefully collected the clues and listened to Johnny, you can pick up the correct password (0214).

Walkthrough “Romantic from the Highway”

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