• May 19, 2024

TOP 10 rarest items and how to get them

The history of computer games so far has only a few decades, but Word of warcraft – a truly epoch-making project, the glory of which will not fade for a very long time.

World of Warcraft.  Rare artifacts

Although the developers are trying their best to simplify and render the beloved game of millions, the fan base of WoW is still extremely wide.

During its existence, the project managed overgrown with a whole ton of diverse content. Moreover, today the price includes not only items that can give the hero power, but also simple but beautiful items for transmogrification. There are also players who collect certain artifacts, wanting to achieve their goals unknown to a wide audience.

Today we’ll talk about where to get rare, original and attractive from an aesthetic point of view itemthat even notorious collectors dream of owning.

10. Harness troublemaker

World of Warcraft.  Trouser's Harness

This armor does not cover the entire body, and what to expect from an item from the starting locations Hordes… Harness allows you to feel like a role barbarianhungry for a good fight! Why is this artifact so rare? Yes, just few people at first can guess to take it with them and carry it through the whole game.

It should be noted the rustic design of the armor, which not everyone will like. However, the brawny orc looks quite authentic in it, proving that the will of his people is a fierce fist that can crush any opponent.

9. Miner’s Hat of the Deep

World of Warcraft.  Miner's Hat of the Deep

Going on research today Uldaman, the player is not counting on good loot. However, mods can knock out miner’s helmet, and even from ordinary mobs. The difficulty lies in the fact that there will be more people with you in the party who want to get this item, so you need to keep your ear open.

What is this wonderful hat? In addition to protecting the head, it provides us with a light source thanks to a candle attached to the front. Wearing this splendor, you can merge with the company of kobolds, although hardly anyone sets himself such a task. Another snag – loot probability… It is unknown in digital terms, but the item is rare, so you can not knock it out even in a hundred runs, which is very sad.

8. Xorothian Firepalp

World of Warcraft.  Xorothian Firefallow

And here is a sad story about a subject that is more cannot be obtained in the game… He appeared in the vanilla version of WoW and fell from a boss summoned only by warlocks on a quest. After the Cataclysm, the mission was removed and the firearms went along with it. However, the sorcerers were not very upset, they still do not know how to use guns. But the hunters were discouraged, because the appearance firefallen brought them into indescribable delight.

But before the warlock could take payment from the poor hunter only for calling the boss, as well as the chance to knock out a firearm. Now it is the window of opportunity for mercantile sorcerers is closed.

7. Zin-Rock, Destroyer of Worlds

World of Warcraft.  Zin-Rock, Destroyer of Worlds

Trolls have always called their artifacts somehow ridiculous, so you can immediately see whose hands this creation was. An elegant sword that every self-respecting melee player dreams of. Getting it is not so much impossible as just lazy.

Although there are guys keen on archeology who want to squeeze all the juice out of the profession. Here they have a chance, while collecting troll tablets, to stumble upon this cute sword. Archeology you need to download to 450 unitsand then run around the map and count on luck.

There are no dangers, any hero can start searching for the sword, but in fact, only a few take possession of it.

6. The pendulum of doom

World of Warcraft.  Pendulum of Doom

Do you prefer axes? No problems. In any unclear situation, go to Uldaman… Regardless of the version of the game, this ax falls extremely rarely and not from all mobs.

Farming Uldaman specifically for this item is just masochism. That’s why when you see someone with this really rare skin, take off your hat as a sign of respect for the gamer’s hard work (or luck).

5. Aristocratic top hat

World of Warcraft.  Aristocratic top hat

Who said, that Wow lacking in elegance? With this item, even the ugliest gnome can go to the ball. The good news is that the cylinder is easy craft… But there is one significant nuance – the recipe only drops from elite mobs and rarnikov Cataclysm. In other words, getting this hat is very difficult.

If you take a look at auction, the cost of the item can be an unpleasant surprise. It will likely cost a fortune to own a cylinder, or at least a hefty purse of gold coins, depending on the server.

4. Sunglasses with rhinestones

World of Warcraft.  Sunglasses with rhinestones

If you are the proud owner of a female character, these glasses – just a find. However, they are also suitable for a harsh draenei, if he is not afraid to look stupid. In any case, these fashionable glasses can craft… Fortunately, the recipe for them drops out of mobs Cataclysm and Pandaria, the new patch won’t change that.

Drop chance0.01%, so get ready to lay down opponents in whole packs to count on success.

3. Multicolored sword

World of Warcraft.  Multicolored sword

The name speaks for itself. This sword is like a rainbow and shines with different colors in your hands. Getting it, frankly, is not easy. The player must go to the location The Cape of Stranglethorn and find an elite there. Basilisk name is Scaled belly, which is quite symbolic, and it is solved in the order of 3 hours real time.

That’s not all. Multi-colored sword falls with probability 0.7%, and with a probability of 99% in place of the basilisk’s respawn there will be a crowd of competitors who also want to get the coveted artifact.

2. Flaming sword Chibu

World of Warcraft.  Chibu's flaming sword

It seems that this sword is immaterial, because instead of a blade we see only a blazing fire. A very beautiful object may fall into Blackwing Lair or Fiery CoreDeathclaw Wyrmguard drops an artifact with a probability 0.05%, and in five species of mobs, the percentage is completely in the region of zero, but there is always a scanty chance.

Even meeting a player with such a sword is a great honor, not to mention seeing it in your own inventory. The item even has an analogue – Chibu’s Searing Swordbut it loses out a lot in terms of visuals.

1. Big rocket of love

World of Warcraft.  Big rocket of love

If you want to find something more infrequently, it will not be easy. Mount not only beautiful, but truly elusive. You can knock it out for only two weeks a year, during eventdedicated to Valentine’s Day

A rocket is dropped from heart-shaped boxes with a chance 0.03%… Comments are superfluous here – the mission is almost impossible, but still worth trying. It will not be an exaggeration to say that the loss of this mount can be the greatest luck of the gamer, not only in the game, but also in life.

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